Vote Information for Saturday 12 January 2008


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23:12170??10 172.204.13.* Ricc TradeSCAM ! Don't invest here ! No payment and no answer to emails since 3 days.
22:41 488??25 81.29.28.* Unique-ForexNot paying!! Always Batch No n/a
21:54U046??2484.237.129.*418ZiZStill do not pay. pending forever
21:50U046??2484.237.129.*KlondDo not trust this site. you will loose your money. - Singapore, Riga (LATVIA) are SCAMMERS.
21:31 495??87 87.236.197.*Dollar-FundDoes not pay I wait payment 12 days!!! User:bosk
21:00U063??35 75.31.91.* KlondI recomend this HYIP!
20:55U919??71 76.103.81.* KlondTotally satisfied with the program
20:52U247??3567.180.56.*KlondYes. Be patient. Its paying.
20:37U376??4070.235.226.*e-bullibnice site, receive the payment
20:35U376??4070.235.226.*Klondnice site, receive the payment
20:22326??4589.28.23.*Xmas Capitalpaid
20:22326??4589.28.23.*Spice Profitpaid
20:21U667??5268.127.107.*KlondStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
20:17U373??52 69.4.202.* 300Moneynot bad
20:16326??4589.28.23.*Rich Forex Fundpaid
20:11418??88 91.77.115.* 418ZiZpaid
20:11U549??02 69.228.15.* IntadollarStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
20:08U609??5879.120.57.*300MoneyI invested $25 yesterday. Today's payout just have come: $37,5, e-golc batch 85469217. I'm gonna invest once again, i hope it will pay again.
20:05U019??6379.120.57.*418ZiZGood! I confirm my payout
19:31U920??92195.128.182.*Xmas CapitalExcellent program! Never misses payment.
19:27U920??92195.128.182.*Spice ProfitPerfect program! Fast payout! Good support!
19:20U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundVery trusted admin and his command.
17:55U683??47 83.117.74.* 418ZiZthey really pay bacause many people say that
17:52U740??56 91.124.95.* 300MoneyNice! I got paid
17:40U609??58 71.60.157.* 418ZiZpaying
17:30U683??47 24.66.5.* 300Moneypaid
17:24503??1981.199.40.*Macro Depositpending user tobie 1 day ago, if paid i will update
17:05U385??38 83.217.47.* 418ZiZI got paid more then 100 dollars for all the time! And you say it's bad? No, i won't believe you, because I GOT PAID! Isn't that a good reason for this?
17:03 487??72 41.219.213.* Fix500This is first class scam, i invested $100 with no returns
16:56458??0391.14.123.*Strong300Next payment received ... Batch: 87867286 ... thanks admin ... User: blackwater
16:55462??47202.146.241.*JujufundStill Waiting for payment $5.00 since 1 days ago..If paid, i will update...User: HyipMaster
16:52462??47202.146.241.*Strong300Still Waiting for payment $3.00 since 1 days ago..If paid, i will update...User: HyipMaster
16:51458??0391.14.123.*JujufundAnother payment received ... Batch: 87867163 ... Thanks admin ... user: blackwater
16:50U019??6379.113.248.*300MoneyGood hyip! Received payout!
16:48U740??5679.113.248.*418ZiZPaid again! Thanx!
16:20U656??72 205.188.189.* 500After1DayWell-paid programm!!
15:45U506??4565.49.14.*500After1Dayexcellent program,paying
15:36509??12 208.77.43.* 500After1DayExcellent work, admin! Thanks for payment!
15:32 U832??14 205.209.155.* 500After1DayPaid again and again. Thanks admin.
15:25U875??6589.113.75.*e-bullibThe excellent hyip! Constant payments
15:24U875??6589.113.75.*IntadollarThe excellent hyip! Constant payments
15:23U009??19 66.79.172.* 500After1DayThanks!!! GOT PAYMENT today
15:22U875??6589.113.75.*KlondThe excellent hyip! Constant payments
15:18U030??46 205.209.138.* 500After1DayIt's good site,i got $50 payment.
15:13499??88 204.16.198.* 500After1DayNever any PROBLEMS with me,thanks .
15:09U484??5976.102.173.*KlondWoosshh!! Got paid again!!Thanks alot
14:57U749??6961.28.1.*500After1Dayi have receive $45's very good.
14:43U265??44 221.1.244.* 500After1Dayi have deposited $10 test,get first paid $25,thanks admin
14:37500??2364.62.138.*500After1Daypaid me very fast .thx admin
14:36502??35195.5.117.*e-bullibI've been paid there. No problems. Thank you.
14:36502??35195.5.117.*IntadollarI've been paid there. No problems. Thank you.
14:35502??35195.5.117.*KlondI've been paid there. No problems. Thank you.
14:34499??0065.49.14.*500After1Dayi have get paid,very good.
14:07U223??13124.120.57.*Hot350Paid to user forever Withdraw processed Batch id = 1258775 and 1258809 Thank admin.
13:57U263??2491.14.123.*Macro DepositNext payment received ... Batch: 87863747 ... Thanks admin ... user: blackwater
13:46U548??5776.102.240.*IntadollarGot my withdrawal
13:33U022??22 220.226.6.* Fly-Goldnot paid $ 250 US D lost. SCAM!!!
13:25U548??5776.102.240.*e-bullibIn profit here
13:22U223??13124.120.57.*Macro DepositThank admin paid to user forever.
13:12U548??5776.102.240.*KlondI got paid, don't have any problems.
13:07U108??79 69.232.222.* KlondTHIS IS THE BEST IN ALL WORLD!!! I AM HAPPY :)
13:05U223??13124.120.57.*GreatPayingpending user everyday 20 day ago ....if get paid.i will update
11:30U298??66209.190.51.*IntadollarVery good and it has become instant it paid me instantly today thanks admin I am very happy
11:22U298??66209.190.51.*e-bullibVery good and it has become instant it paid me instantly today thanks admin I am very happy
11:20U223??13124.120.57.*Fly-Goldthank admin Paid to user forever
11:18U223??13124.120.57.*Paying300pending user forever 8 day ago ....if paid.i will update
11:15U223??13124.120.57.*300 PointPaid to user forever Thank admin
11:15U298??66209.190.51.*KlondBest program, Payouts on time all the time , Thank you admin!
11:13U223??13124.120.57.*Strong300thank admin paid to user forever
11:11U223??13124.120.57.*JujufundPAID to user forever Thank admin
11:02U487??89208.77.102.*Melior Investpaid again today, never problem with my liberty investment here
10:35458??0391.14.123.*Hot350Spend not added to my account ... User blackwater
10:03D5??46 78.129.152.* 500After1DayStarted to receive PROFIT from the next day after INVESTING money and continue to get it till today
9:51 282??14 209.51.220.*500After1DayPayment received very fast ... Batch: 87852145 ... Thanks admin ... User: gold2003
9:45206??27209.51.220.*500After1Daygot back 600$;Auto Withdrawal
9:36U569??6181.198.15.*IntadollarI got paid, don't have any problems
9:33 489??98 58.105.224.* Melior InvestPaid once but no more :( wont answer emails
9:25U569??6181.198.15.*e-bullibSteady but always there.Thanks John.
9:15244??12 89.182.75.* Macro DepositWithdrawal pending USD 850, will update as soon as I received
9:14U569??6181.198.15.*KlondVery Honest admin. Fastest replies.
7:55 507??60 91.76.58.* Fly-GoldWTF?.....................NOT paying........admin delete it from here....arrrgggg
7:10U920??92195.128.182.*Xmas CapitalVery trusted admin and his command.
7:07U920??92195.128.182.*Spice ProfitGot paid very fast again, best hyip!!
6:58U920??92195.128.182.*Rich Forex FundThe best program for sure!
6:20U223??13124.120.57.*Macro DepositPayment received.....(((( USER FOREVER ))))) Thank admin
4:41U223??13124.120.57.*300 PointThank admin.Paid to user forever
4:37U223??13124.120.57.*Fly-GoldPaid to user forever thank admin
4:34U223??13124.120.57.*Paying300pending user forever 7 day ago ....if paid.i will update
0:59U298??6765.49.14.*1DailyFundsgood and reliable. I have got all payments
0:56U368??34 221.210.123.* 1DailyFundsWonderful MONEY making program. Thanks alot
0:52U097??68 221.208.187.* 1DailyFundsHONEST admin
0:48U327??4564.62.138.*1DailyFundsGood !!! Always paing!!!
0:43U532??51 221.208.187.* 1DailyFundsI am thankful for all the helps which you have done.
0:03 510??25 78.129.152.*Finance-AreaBest and honourest online INVESTMENT project I've ever seen. I've been PAID again.
0:02509??1678.129.152.*Finance-AreaThis one been PAYING for a while and going to be PAYING long time!