Vote Information for Wednesday 9 January 2008


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22:20U919??71 68.127.83.* Klondgreat program ! on-time paying, and trustworthy. got paid again !
22:10U373??52 83.237.127.* 418ZiZI GOT PAID!! PEOPE, don't listen to that sh*t! It's a REAL program!! RECEIVED 100$!!!
21:56U046??2484.237.129.*418ZiZAs I see for now it is NOT WORKING! I will update if I get my money, but I still cannot login to my account and get nothing!
21:31U837??88 91.77.52.* 418ZiZStill working good. I invest for 1 week and never got any problems with it. It always pays me different sums of money - from $5 to $70! If don't believe, so you may keep going that way, but you have to know - you can lose a chance to earn real money!
21:28U263??24 91.14.91.* Macro DepositNext payment received ... Batch: 87794924 ... thanks admin ... user: blackwater
10:55U247??35 69.227.84.* KlondAdmins, thanks for your wonderful work!!! Your program is the best!!
10:34U376??4067.180.56.*KlondGood job admin!Thanks!!!
10:16U046??2484.237.129.*KlondAnother SCAM program! they just delete your account after requesting the withdraw! People do not be fooled anymore!!!
10:14U046??2484.237.129.*Fly-GoldSCAM!!! not paying for simple users, just yo monitors!!! People do not be fooled!
10:14U915??9767.43.144.*Invest1Dayalways paid. and instantly...thank you NLI admin.your are the best.
10:10U046??2484.237.129.*418ZiZAnother SCAM program! they just delete your account after requesting the withdraw! People do not be fooled anymore!!!
10:04U994??47 75.126.238.* Trade-Investmentpaid very fast to my EG and EB acc. BEST PROGRAMME EVER.
9:58U995??99 145.254.131.* Virabond Investment LTDNOT PAID!!! No answer and no reaction to rating from last week!!!
9:56U215??44 67.43.156.* Trademoney4uso far so good. still paying to me and admin is honest
9:48U706??45202.146.241.*Macro DepositPayment Received $3.75...Honest admin...Batch: 1221832 and 1221768 ...Thanks admin...User: HyipMaster
9:36U282??9467.43.144.*Trade-FundsStable payment every day
6:00U667??52 75.28.74.* KlondHonest. Paid many times!
5:14U223??13124.120.49.*Fly-GoldPerfect hyip Paid to user forever Thank u admin.
5:10U223??13124.120.49.*300 Pointpending user forever 3 day ago ....if paid.i will update
1:37U368??34 221.210.68.* 1DailyFundsget PAID 37/40 ! never miss PAYMENT ! excellent admin
1:29U298??6764.62.138.*1DailyFundsNice,received my EGOLD 500usd ,best HYIP program,thank you admin
1:25U532??51 221.210.123.* 1DailyFundsyehey! PAID once again on time! great admin and program!highly
1:01 U810??76 203.83.24.* 1DailyFunds1DailyFunds was stop pay me since January 3rd, 2008 (payment 18/40)