Vote Information for Wednesday 25 October 2006


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23:52 363??00 80.73.148.* GainOfGold.comI participated in many programs, but GAINofGOLD - the best!
23:27360??6665.12.241.*MoreEarnThey stop paying me...Still owe me $196.80, it's a SCAM
21:20363??0185.237.34.*CetinamazIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
21:18363??0185.237.34.*Uniqin CoIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
21:18355??91 62.252.0.* BOKA Investgot paid 2/3 again! on my re-invgestmjent. Thanks admin! Hope this last! re-investing again!
21:17363??0185.237.34.*DirectEarn IncIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
21:10363??0185.237.34.*BOKA InvestIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
21:02363??0185.237.34.*LifeDollarsIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
20:53363??0185.237.34.*Mutual InvestIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
20:52363??0185.237.34.*OIL FundIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
20:46363??0185.237.34.*Q-InvestmentIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
20:43363??0185.237.34.*AI-FundIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
20:33351??02 196.201.77.* European Investment Uniondon't put your money here
19:29164??8172.232.94.*e-Hourly2day got paid , over and over auto thanksadmin
18:21 364??85 193.41.62.* e-HourlySUPER! SUPER!! SUPER!!! Thanks (#arhil)
18:16101??9981.222.178.*CetinamazExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:15101??9981.222.178.*Uniqin CoExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:15101??9981.222.178.*DirectEarn IncExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:14101??9981.222.178.*BOKA InvestExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:11101??9981.222.178.*LifeDollarsExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:09326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
18:07101??9981.222.178.*Mutual InvestExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:05101??9981.222.178.*OIL FundExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:05101??9981.222.178.*Q-InvestmentExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:0389??51212.110.133.*CetinamazPaying! All ok!
18:0289??51212.110.133.*Uniqin CoPaying! All ok!
18:0089??51212.110.133.*DirectEarn IncPaying! All ok!
17:5989??51212.110.133.*BOKA InvestPaying! All ok!
17:5789??51212.110.133.*LifeDollarsPaying! All ok!
17:56101??9981.222.178.*AI-FundExcellent program!!! GOOD!
17:5589??51212.110.133.*Mutual InvestPaying! All ok!
17:5489??51212.110.133.*OIL FundPaying! All ok!
17:5289??51212.110.133.*Q-InvestmentPaying! All ok!
17:5089??51212.110.133.*AI-FundPaying! All ok!
17:40 371??32 72.232.94.*Perfect ForexThank you admin,Very fast withdrawal received;Received $230 within 1 hour of request.
17:32206??95195.5.51.*Uniqin CoExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:30206??95195.5.51.*DirectEarn IncExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:29206??95195.5.51.*BOKA InvestExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:20206??95195.5.51.*LifeDollarsExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:18206??95195.5.51.*Mutual InvestExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:11206??95195.5.51.*OIL FundExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:07206??95195.5.51.*Q-InvestmentExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:04367??64208.254.22.*Hourly Percentone of the best I've found, paid instant to egold on request each and every time
17:00206??95195.5.51.*AI-FundExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
16:15266??98124.81.250.*IPlan InvestWalah walah koq sudah mulai error... gak bisa login... paling-paling ntar lagi admin nya ngacir... busyet...
15:54135??42217.77.220.*CetinamazPayment received!
15:53135??42217.77.220.*Uniqin CoPayment received!
15:52135??42217.77.220.*DirectEarn IncPayment received!
15:51135??42217.77.220.*BOKA InvestPayment received!
15:50135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsPayment received!
15:48135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestPayment received!
15:47135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundPayment received!
15:46135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentPayment received!
15:45135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundPayment received!
14:10 345??67 61.182.145.*ProfitsExpressthanks admin, got paid! Great pro...
14:09 136??61 61.182.145.*ProfitsExpressgreat plan got paid
14:07333??8962.85.22.*Europe Trade LtdThanks to all Europe Trade people! Admins, you project is the best! I'm recommend Europe Trade to all my friend. Thanks for your hard work and wating new payout!
10:59311??86 60.49.47.* Hourly Percentthank admin for paying me nearly one month. it's a very good instant withdrawal
9:44366??5162.231.179.*Uniqin CoPaid me! Thanks!
8:51281??0981.198.142.*Europe Trade LtdJust have been paid. My parents and I - we thank you kindly! Thanks for your program!
8:22358??57 89.54.68.* PracticalHyipgot paid again,thanks
7:58 371??49 222.217.28.* Metre FundPaid me today
7:48348??28196.201.87.*SavingSeason.comreceived my first payment on time
7:29 329??08 24.136.101.* Metre Fundnot paid two days only paying hyips it seems
7:1280??05 86.211.7.* WorldInvestmentGroupGOT PAID VERY FAST !!!!!!!! Thanks Adming ! ( 221.216.39 STOP TO LIE !!!!)
7:04365??89212.58.160.*e-HourlyBest site! Best programs!!! Thanks admin!
6:14336??6769.88.25.*SwissGoldFundfast withdraw
6:06279??75211.10.95.*e-HourlyMy 1st Paid. thanks admin(#ittochan)
6:04346??4869.88.25.*SwissGoldFundpaid me thanks you
3:57 328??91 80.235.56.* Peridot-Invest
3:21 369??37 219.95.10.* Fast500Fundscam like 800trustbank, don't invest.... top100hyip please close this counter, nowwwwww....!!!! all pament pending not darectly to e-gold.
3:15 355??51 196.1.176.* HIRAhyipThis site did not use instant withdrawal has said before and they did not pay me at all .they are not good at all
3:13251??99 62.221.33.* Money Trading SystemSCAM!!! Do not invest here!
1:55346??53222.124.224.*USA GoldProyes ... this one pay :D thanks admin
1:54 353??71 220.168.69.*Finance-Unitedgot paid very quickly
1:32353??30220.168.69.*Finance-Unitedgot paid,it's a good program,thx,admin!
0:14 326??08 84.16.224.*Human Life ProfitIch recieved Geld zu meinem Egold, nachdem Antrag gerade 3 Stunden lang zur├╝cktreten, Dank