Vote Information for Friday 4 January 2008


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23:43D9??28217.119.145.*LAXOBest Swiss Private Investment Program, always paying!
19:10U063??35 69.236.49.* PisfondPaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
18:44U919??71 66.122.77.* PisfondPaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
17:31U247??35 76.212.12.* PisfondIt is the interesting project!Wonderful job admins!!!
15:56U898??70 221.236.181.* Trademoney4ugood.
14:52U046??2484.237.129.*Trade-FundsSCAM!!! 4 times tried to withdraw my money but after some hrs of pending it is back to my active balance!!!
14:41U373??52 62.179.68.* 418ZiZit's paying
14:35U046??2484.237.129.*Paying300I will update my message if I will ever get paid but I do not believe neither paying300 (SCAM) nor anymore! Pending since Dec 30 and admin is not answering e-mails.
10:59U004??66 92.112.13.* EarnQuicklyPaid! Thanks Admin!
9:08 U947??23 84.221.35.* Paying300pending WHITDRAW forever 4 day ago ....SCAM !!!!!!! THANK YOU ADMIN FOR BAD MONITOR, HOW MANY PAY PAYING 300 TO YOU???
8:49U263??24 91.14.123.* Paying300Received next payment ... Batch: 87685575 ...thanks admin and a happy new year ... User: blackwater
6:48U376??4081.198.15.*PisfondStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
2:28 U955??05 124.157.180.* LargeSUMnot paying. DON'T INVEST!!! It is a scam.I am loss $100