Vote Information for Saturday 22 December 2007


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0:49 D88763 PROXY Commerce Barter[Program Admin]> got back again 365$
0:42U730??8678.129.152.*Commerce Barterreal paying thx admin
0:39U505??6978.129.152.*Commerce Barterpaid me 50$ today
21:45U11??9380.242.120.*LAXOPaid again...
20:11U706??45202.146.241.*Xmas CapitalPayment Received...Batch: 87459707...Reinvest...Thanks Admin...User: HyipMaster
19:50U706??45202.146.241.*Fly EarningPayment Received...Batch: 87459358...Thanks Admin...User: HyipMaster
19:34U706??45202.146.241.*DollarBenefitWaiting payment $2.00 since 2 days ago. If paid, I will update...User: HyipMaster
19:22U706??45202.146.241.*WealthyGoldWaiting payment $2.50 since 2 days ago. If paid, I will update...User: HyipMaster
19:03U263??2491.14.121.*Fly EarningNext PAYMENT received ... Batch: 87459373 ...great admin thanks ... User: blackwater
18:59U263??2491.14.121.*Get600Next payment received ... Batch: 87460308 ...great admin thanks ... User: blackwater
17:05U992??43116.212.122.*Trade-Fundspaid and reinvested.
15:51U837??88 84.3.118.* DDD-8This hyip is paying, a lot of people are already paid
15:47U263??2491.14.121.*Dollar-FundPayment received very fast ... 2.00 $ ... Batch: 87457880 ... super admin thanks ... User: blackwater
14:17U205??6024.220.118.*SAM Gold Inv.Good programm... Had no problems !
14:17U205??6024.220.118.*Platinum Trade Inc.Payment received. Thanks.
14:14D1??97 83.64.118.* LAXOI have join here 7 days ago and this is probably the best HYIP I have found in all these years I'm active as investor. I will probably invest $5000 more next month, after Christmas. :)
14:13U910??42 69.221.139.* Express Trade Inc.super hyip!
14:12U217??1224.220.118.*Express Trade Inc.keep up the good work
14:09U570??0466.56.171.*Global Market SolutionsExcellent program! Never misses payment.
14:08U570??0466.56.171.*Norvik Gold EmpireExcellent! Really paid!
14:08U570??0466.56.171.*SAM Gold me again
14:07U570??0466.56.171.*Expert Gold GroupExcellent! Really paid!
14:07U570??0466.56.171.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good program.
14:06U570??0466.56.171.*Express Trade Inc.It is really great program!!!
14:04U240??8068.42.172.*Global Market Solutionsgood HYIP! paid me today!
14:03U11??9380.242.120.*LAXOAnother payment received.
14:03U240??8068.42.172.*Norvik Gold EmpireReliable investment
14:02U240??8068.42.172.*SAM Gold Inv.Good programm! Try it
14:01U240??8068.42.172.*Expert Gold GroupGood paying program.
14:01U240??8068.42.172.*Platinum Trade Inc.Very good HYIP! Paid again!
14:00U240??8068.42.172.*Express Trade Inc.My favourite invest program
13:58U065??2276.211.218.*Global Market SolutionsGood HYIP! paid all time!
13:57U065??2276.211.218.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid honest HYIP really
13:56U065??2276.211.218.*SAM Gold Inv.Always paying, no problem!
13:56U065??2276.211.218.*Expert Gold GroupReally the best
13:55U065??2276.211.218.*Platinum Trade Inc.Well paying system
13:55U065??2276.211.218.*Express Trade Inc.Thank you for good profit!
13:53U610??1576.183.173.*Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
13:52U610??1576.183.173.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaying on time, very good system
13:51U610??1576.183.173.*SAM Gold Inv.No problems .. Hope for long ;))
13:51U610??1576.183.173.*Expert Gold Group***PAID & PAID***
13:50U610??1576.183.173.*Platinum Trade Inc.Nice program... ;)
13:49U610??1576.183.173.*Express Trade!pay!pay!
13:47U046??9571.159.53.*Global Market SolutionsWorks every day.
13:46U046??9571.159.53.*Norvik Gold EmpireGreat invest program!
13:46U046??9571.159.53.*SAM Gold Inv.Thanks for payment!
13:45U046??9571.159.53.*Expert Gold GroupPaid like clock.
13:45U046??9571.159.53.*Platinum Trade Inc.I am glad indeed
13:44U046??9571.159.53.*Express Trade Inc.Serious paying program!
13:42U830??6367.169.90.*Global Market SolutionsPaying on time, very good system
13:41U830??6367.169.90.*Norvik Gold EmpireThank you for good profit!
13:40U830??6367.169.90.*SAM Gold Inv.Very-very good program.
13:39U830??6367.169.90.*Expert Gold GroupPaid me again
13:39U830??6367.169.90.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid honest HYIP really
13:38U830??6367.169.90.*Express Trade Inc.Always paying, no problem!
13:33U239??9471.204.120.*Global Market SolutionsPaid once again...
13:31U239??9471.204.120.*SAM Gold Inv.Paid without problems
13:30U239??9471.204.120.*Expert Gold GroupWell paying system
13:29U239??9471.204.120.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid on time as usual!! !!
13:29U239??9471.204.120.*Express Trade Inc.No problems .. Hope for long ;))
13:27U622??6169.105.232.*Global Market SolutionsGreat invest program!
13:26U622??6169.105.232.*Norvik Gold EmpireOne of the best
13:25U622??6169.105.232.*SAM Gold Inv.great program
13:25U622??6169.105.232.*Expert Gold GroupPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
13:24U622??6169.105.232.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid well, indeed
13:24U622??6169.105.232.*Express Trade!pay!pay!
13:21U182??5376.20.67.*Global Market SolutionsNice program... ;)
13:21U182??5376.20.67.*Norvik Gold EmpireGreat invest program!
13:20U182??5376.20.67.*SAM Gold Inv.***PAID & PAID***
13:19U182??5376.20.67.*Expert Gold GroupWas paid today
13:19U182??5376.20.67.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid like clock.
13:18U182??5376.20.67.*Express Trade Inc.Payment received thanks!
13:16U634??9665.184.40.*Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
13:15U634??9665.184.40.*Norvik Gold EmpireNever misses payment.
13:15U634??9665.184.40.*SAM Gold Inv.Successful HYIP
13:14U634??9665.184.40.*Expert Gold GroupReally Good program online
13:13U634??9665.184.40.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid and withdrew.
13:12U634??9665.184.40.*Express Trade Inc.Paid all time. Thanks admin!
13:10U618??1424.15.48.*Global Market SolutionsPaying all the time!
13:09U618??1424.15.48.*Norvik Gold EmpireVery Good and was paid every time.
13:08U618??1424.15.48.*SAM Gold Inv.Paid like clock.
13:08U618??1424.15.48.*Expert Gold GroupPaid all time.
13:07U618??1424.15.48.*Platinum Trade Inc.Got another paid
13:06U618??1424.15.48.*Express Trade Inc.Never Misses Payment.
13:03U524??5971.148.59.*Global Market SolutionsPaid today
13:03U524??5971.148.59.*Norvik Gold EmpireVery good Hyip
13:02U524??5971.148.59.*SAM Gold Inv.Works every day.
13:02U524??5971.148.59.*Expert Gold GroupReceived money! Thanks!
13:01U524??5971.148.59.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good!! Paying me every day!
13:00U524??5971.148.59.*Express Trade Inc.Successful HYIP
12:49U569??1469.153.51.*Global Market SolutionsSerious paying program!
12:48U569??1469.153.51.*Norvik Gold EmpireExcellent program!!! GOOD!
12:47U569??1469.153.51.*SAM Gold Inv.Great invest program!
12:46U569??1469.153.51.*Expert Gold GroupThanks for payment!
12:46U569??1469.153.51.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid, pay and continue to pay
12:45U569??1469.153.51.*Express Trade Inc.Paid like clock.
12:43U917??4066.25.44.*Global Market SolutionsI am glad indeed
12:43U917??4066.25.44.*Norvik Gold EmpireSerious paying program!
12:42U917??4066.25.44.*SAM Gold Inv.Paying on time, very good system
12:41U917??4066.25.44.*Expert Gold GroupWhat a great project!
12:41U917??4066.25.44.*Platinum Trade!pay!pay!
12:40U917??4066.25.44.*Express Trade Inc.Stay in program. Keep thy good work going!
12:38U335??6975.36.202.*Global Market SolutionsGreat customer support, super!
12:37U335??6975.36.202.*Norvik Gold EmpireExcellent program !
12:37U335??6975.36.202.*SAM Gold Inv.Amazing program!
12:36U335??6975.36.202.*Expert Gold GroupWell-paid programm!!
12:36U335??6975.36.202.*Platinum Trade Inc.I recomend this HYIP!
12:35U335??6975.36.202.*Express Trade Inc.paid me today, the admin!
12:32U121??7924.3.48.*Global Market SolutionsMy favourite invest program
12:32U121??7924.3.48.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
12:30U121??7924.3.48.*Expert Gold Groupi've been paid here too well done
12:29U121??7924.3.48.*Express Trade Inc.Reliable hyip. Let's make money!
12:26U864??3569.148.205.*Global Market Solutionsin profit! great)
12:26U864??3569.148.205.*Norvik Gold EmpireReceived your payment Admin
12:25U864??3569.148.205.*SAM Gold Inv.Paid w/o problems.
12:24U864??3569.148.205.*Expert Gold GroupVery-very good. I really like it !
12:24U864??3569.148.205.*Platinum Trade Inc.Always paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
12:23U864??3569.148.205.*Express Trade Inc.It is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
12:20U728??8571.224.220.*Global Market SolutionsNice HYIp
12:19U728??8571.224.220.*Norvik Gold EmpireAll time paid!
12:18U728??8571.224.220.*SAM Gold Inv.keep up the good work!
12:18U728??8571.224.220.*Expert Gold GroupPays without problems
12:17U728??8571.224.220.*Platinum Trade Inc.What a great project!
12:16U728??8571.224.220.*Express Trade Inc.Paid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
12:12U368??0066.69.240.*Express Trade Inc.The best program! I'm in profit!
12:11U368??0066.69.240.*Global Market SolutionsYou are the best
12:10U368??0066.69.240.*Norvik Gold EmpireAll in time. Super project!
12:10U368??0066.69.240.*Expert Gold GroupExsellent! Paid! super program!
12:09U368??0066.69.240.*Platinum Trade Inc.Great program! Great admin, fast payments
12:08U368??0066.69.240.*SAM Gold Inv.Paying on time and great e-mail support.
12:06U934??6871.65.115.*Global Market SolutionsNise hyip. Paid!
12:05U934??6871.65.115.*SAM Gold Inv.All right. The best invest program
12:04U934??6871.65.115.*Norvik Gold EmpireThanks for paid!
12:04U934??6871.65.115.*Expert Gold Groupgot paid again
12:03U934??6871.65.115.*Platinum Trade Inc.received the second payment. very good and stable program.
12:03U934??6871.65.115.*Express Trade Inc.I got paid today. Thanks admin.
12:01U526??2197.100.32.*Global Market Solutionsalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
12:00U526??2197.100.32.*Norvik Gold EmpireExcellent program !
11:56U526??2197.100.32.*Expert Gold GroupPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
11:55U526??2197.100.32.*Express Trade Inc.Payment received, very good :-)
11:55U526??2197.100.32.*SAM Gold Inv.Got paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
11:54U526??2197.100.32.*Platinum Trade Inc.You are the best
11:49U910??4275.42.159.*SAM Gold Inv.Very stable ...
11:49U910??4275.42.159.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaying... Best wishes
11:48U910??4275.42.159.*Expert Gold Grouppaid and rate :) thanks admin
11:48U910??4275.42.159.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid on time as usual!!
11:47U910??4275.42.159.*Global Market SolutionsI recomend this HYIP!
11:43U217??1272.229.147.*SAM Gold Inv.Paid every day. Nice.
11:43U217??1272.229.147.*Norvik Gold EmpireI recomend this HYIP!
11:42U217??1272.229.147.*Expert Gold GroupReceived your paiment
11:41U217??1272.229.147.*Platinum Trade Inc.Good program! Great support!
11:40U217??1272.229.147.*Global Market SolutionsNo problems with payouts. Thanks
11:36U270??0424.9.44.*Global Market Solutionsthe best HYIP!nice!
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11:33U270??0424.9.44.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paying on time and great e-mail support.
11:32U270??0424.9.44.*Express Trade Inc.Paid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
11:29U678??5067.175.179.*Express Trade Inc.Thanks for good program.
11:27U678??5067.175.179.*SAM Gold Inv.paid today again...
11:27U678??5067.175.179.*Norvik Gold Empirerealy paid !!!
11:26U678??5067.175.179.*Expert Gold Groupvery good and fast. Thanks
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11:24U678??5067.175.179.*Global Market SolutionsVery-very good. I really like it !
9:22U179??52209.51.214.*Best online tradethanks admin.I recieved my profit instantly
8:34U984??25 91.77.30.* Atomic Incomenot PAY !
3:15D1??97212.42.236.*LAXOI got paid again!