Vote Information for Thursday 13 December 2007


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21:02U205??60216.36.148.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid, pay and continue to pay
20:57U065??2268.150.177.*Platinum Trade Inc.Thank you for good profit!
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20:46U046??9599.250.133.*Expert Gold GroupWorks every day.
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20:43U830??6399.245.149.*Expert Gold GroupOne of the best
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20:35U182??5324.65.94.*Platinum Trade Inc.***PAID & PAID***
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18:34U618??1472.185.33.*Platinum Trade Inc.Thanks for payment!
18:32U618??1472.185.33.*Expert Gold GroupNever misses payment.
18:29U524??5966.19.17.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid all time. Thanks admin!
18:28U524??5966.19.17.*Expert Gold GroupPaid and withdrew.
18:26U569??1469.246.216.*Expert Gold GroupGot another paid
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18:09U728??8576.223.92.*Platinum Trade Inc.Never Misses Payment.
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18:03U526??2176.247.110.*Expert Gold GroupSuccessful HYIP
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17:49U837??88 76.189.44.* RorexinGOT PAID!
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16:49U706??45202.146.241.*Matual500Request Withdraw $2.00, Hope succesful Withdraw. If Paid, I Will Update, User id: HyipMaster
16:36U002??97 209.11.242.* World Best InvestPays in time!
14:05 U767??44 80.68.93.* Merchant-Ltd
11:42U496??85 81.30.81.* SafetorPayment recieved 1/10. Thanks Admin