Vote Information for Monday 10 December 2007


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16:54C6??9924.83.118.*Hyip4Investnot paid, no reply and did not crdit my account with deposit
16:09U837??88 91.77.113.* DDD-8got paid super
15:54U373??52 87.64.222.* RorexinExcellent, I've never more reliable program!
13:19U992??43204.13.71.*Trade-FundsNext payment received today. Thank you, Admin!
13:12U002??97208.77.46.*World Best InvestGreat site!!! Always pays quickly and without problems!
12:56U693??70 84.9.40.* LegendEarningWaiting for payment since Dec-06-2007 to user Rodinoo.... Will update when payment is received
12:09U223??13124.120.57.*Dollar-Profitpending user forever 7 day ago.If PAID i will update
8:50U532??37216.40.204.*Ricc Tradericctrade paid me instantly, thanks admin
4:06U223??13124.120.57.*Plus-Goldpaid to user everyday thank admin
4:04U223??13124.120.57.*LegendEarningpaid to user forever thank admin
4:02U223??13124.120.57.*OmegaEarningCool Cool Very Cool paid to user forever thank admin