Vote Information for Sunday 9 December 2007


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18:25U270??0474.140.180.*Norvik Gold EmpireI think it's the BEST!!!
18:24U270??0474.140.180.*Swiss Gold Empirevery good
18:24U270??0474.140.180.*egold Profit ClubVery Stable and Professional
18:23U270??0474.140.180.*IFX Gold BankPaid on time as usual!!
18:20U270??0474.140.180.*Private Gold Holdingpaid and rate :) thanks admin
18:12U678??5083.237.236.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid....THANKS!
18:11U678??5083.237.236.*Swiss Gold Empire... INVEST.....!
18:11U678??5083.237.236.*egold Profit ClubGood And Honest.
18:07U678??5083.237.236.*IFX Gold BankVery stable ...
18:05U678??5083.237.236.*Private Gold HoldingThank you Admin!!!
17:35U706??45202.146.241.*Plus-GoldPayment Received...Batch 87168917...Thanks Admin...User: HyipMaster
17:16U205??6083.237.236.*Professional Trade Corp.Always paid! THANKS!!!
15:42U992??43205.209.155.*Trade-FundsAlways pays on time. Highly recommended!
15:36U002??9774.86.222.*World Best InvestGot payment again very fast!
15:25U837??88 79.114.69.* Rorexingot paid
15:07U223??13124.120.57.*Dollar-Profit8 Dec 2007 18:00 U223**13 124.120.46.* pending user forever 5 day ago.If PAID i will update.thank admin
15:01U223??13124.120.57.*OmegaEarningpending user forever 4 day ago ....if get paid.i will update
14:55U373??52 77.41.80.* DDD-8i vote only VERY good, bc got payout over $70
14:51U223??13124.120.57.*LegendEarning8 Dec 2007 18:22 U223**13 124.120.46.* pending user forever 2 day ago ....if get paid.i will update
14:48U223??13124.120.57.*Plus-Goldpending user everyday 3 day ago.....if get paid i will update
14:42U223??13124.120.57.*Fix500pending user hour 2 day ago.....if get paid i will update
13:49U706??45202.146.241.*LegendEarningStill Waiting for payment $2.00 since 30 hours ago..User: HyipMaster