Vote Information for Tuesday 27 November 2007


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0:58 487??54 200.23.91.*ProInvestmentWas PAYING great for over twenty five days, ????????Worried no response from admin
21:45280??1524.82.150.*Swiss Gold EmpireNo problems with payouts. Thanks
21:45280??1524.82.150.*egold Profit ClubPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
21:45280??1524.82.150.*IFX Gold BankPaid without problems
21:45280??1524.82.150.*Private Gold HoldingGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
21:44280??1524.82.150.*Expert Gold GroupReally the best
21:44280??1524.82.150.*Professional Trade Corp.Good program, Paid regularly
21:42339??46207.253.160.*Swiss Gold EmpireGreat project, paid! Join!
21:42339??46207.253.160.*egold Profit ClubI got paid today. Thanks admin.
21:41339??46207.253.160.*IFX Gold Banktest spend
21:41339??46207.253.160.*Private Gold HoldingGood work!
21:41339??46207.253.160.*Expert Gold GroupI got paid.
21:40339??46207.253.160.*Professional Trade Corp.paid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
21:37375??4469.51.206.*IFX Gold BankGood work!
21:36375??4469.51.206.*Swiss Gold EmpireVery good HYIP, paid!
21:36375??4469.51.206.*egold Profit ClubPaid! Give me two! :)
21:36375??4469.51.206.*Private Gold HoldingAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
21:35375??4469.51.206.*Expert Gold GroupPaid No problems!
21:35375??4469.51.206.*Professional Trade Corp.The Best Invest Program. paid!!
21:33360??63206.45.181.*Swiss Gold EmpireMy favourite invest program
21:33360??63206.45.181.*egold Profit ClubFor now - no problems.
21:32360??63206.45.181.*IFX Gold BankStiil geting paid... Goood :)
21:32360??63206.45.181.*Private Gold HoldingPaid all the time!
21:32360??63206.45.181.*Expert Gold Grouplast payment recieved today
21:32360??63206.45.181.*Professional Trade Corp.Admin thank! HYIP paid!
21:29480??41217.20.122.*FireHyipThey Paid To Me and All Of My Friends , Best And Hot Hyip Fot Invest
21:28335??4624.226.35.*IFX Gold BankGood program! Make more!
21:27335??4670.220.241.*Swiss Gold EmpirePAYING ! This is important !
21:26335??4670.220.241.*egold Profit ClubGood ! One of the best !
21:25423??14 209.51.223.* FireHyipPaid , Very Good hyip
21:21335??4670.220.241.*Private Gold HoldingWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
21:21335??4670.220.241.*Expert Gold GroupGOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
21:21335??4670.220.241.*Professional Trade Corp.Good support.
21:14375??1376.186.31.*Swiss Gold EmpireGood site. Good admin... ;)
21:14375??1376.186.31.*egold Profit Clubgood paying!!!
21:14375??1376.186.31.*IFX Gold BankGood, i got paid
21:13375??1376.186.31.*Private Gold HoldingGood workind hyip!
21:13375??1376.186.31.*Expert Gold GroupI got paid !!
21:12375??1376.186.31.*Professional Trade Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
21:09296??6270.220.241.*Swiss Gold EmpireGot my money!
21:09296??6270.220.241.*egold Profit Clubhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
21:09296??6270.220.241.*IFX Gold BankGot paid for several times
21:09296??6270.220.241.*Private Gold Holding... INVEST.....!
21:08296??6270.220.241.*Expert Gold GroupHad no problems for now !
21:08296??6270.220.241.*Professional Trade Corp.Paid. Excellent customer support.
21:03326??1076.186.31.*Swiss Gold Empiregot paid ... I will try again ! :)
21:03326??1076.186.31.*egold Profit Clubamazing hyip!!!
21:02326??1076.186.31.*IFX Gold BankNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
21:02326??1076.186.31.*Private Gold HoldingNice program ...
21:02326??1076.186.31.*Expert Gold Group+ another payment got right to my egold acc.
21:01326??1076.186.31.*Professional Trade Corp.Great invest program!
20:58260??5471.132.203.*Swiss Gold EmpireReliable investment.
20:57260??5471.132.203.*egold Profit ClubExcellent programm ! I like it ...
20:57260??5471.132.203.*IFX Gold BankThis one is in my list !
20:56260??5471.132.203.*Private Gold HoldingReally the best program online!
20:56260??5471.132.203.*Expert Gold Grouppaid cool! =) nice hyip!!!
20:56260??5471.132.203.*Professional Trade Corp.Already tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
20:52348??1066.30.98.*Swiss Gold EmpireGood programm... Had no problems !
20:51348??1066.30.98.*egold Profit ClubRight choice to invest...
20:51348??1066.30.98.*IFX Gold BankPayment received. Thanks.
20:51348??1066.30.98.*Private Gold Holdingsuper hyip!
20:50348??1066.30.98.*Expert Gold Groupkeep up the good work
20:49348??1066.30.98.*Professional Trade Corp.Reliable investment.
20:45272??5266.19.17.*Swiss Gold EmpireExcellent! Really paid!
20:45272??5266.19.17.*egold Profit Clubpay!pay!pay!
20:45272??5266.19.17.*IFX Gold BankExcellent! Really paid!
20:44272??5266.19.17.*Private Gold Holdingpay!pay!pay!
20:44272??5266.19.17.*Expert Gold Grouppay me again
20:44272??5266.19.17.*Professional Trade Corp.Very trustworthy a serious investment program
20:39280??5469.153.17.*Swiss Gold Empiregood HYIP! paid me today!
20:38280??5469.153.17.*egold Profit ClubGood programm! Try it
20:38280??5469.153.17.*IFX Gold Bankpay me again
20:38280??5469.153.17.*Private Gold HoldingVery good HYIP! Paid again!
20:37280??5469.153.17.*Expert Gold GroupMy favourite invest program
20:37280??5469.153.17.*Professional Trade Corp.Good HYIP! paid all time!
20:33272??9775.111.160.*Swiss Gold EmpireVery-very good HYIP!
20:32272??9775.111.160.*egold Profit ClubExcellent!!!
20:32272??9775.111.160.*IFX Gold BankGreat invest program!
20:32272??9775.111.160.*Private Gold HoldingPaid honest HYIP really
20:31272??9775.111.160.*Expert Gold GroupAlways paying, no problem!
20:31272??9775.111.160.*Professional Trade Corp.Paid once again...
20:21271??4269.61.219.*Swiss Gold EmpireReally the best
20:21271??4269.61.219.*egold Profit ClubPaid without problems
20:21271??4269.61.219.*IFX Gold BankWell paying system
20:20271??4269.61.219.*Private Gold HoldingThank you for good profit!
20:20271??4269.61.219.*Expert Gold GroupExcellent program!!! GOOD!
20:19271??4269.61.219.*Professional Trade Corp.Thanks for payment!
20:15270??6385.140.81.*Swiss Gold EmpirePaid, pay and continue to pay
20:14270??6385.140.81.*egold Profit ClubPaid like clock.
20:14270??6385.140.81.*IFX Gold BankI am glad indeed
20:14270??6385.140.81.*Private Gold HoldingSerious paying program!
20:13270??6385.140.81.*Expert Gold GroupBest, they are really the BEST
20:12270??6385.140.81.*Professional Trade Corp.Paying on time, very good system
19:15293??0391.189.234.*MoneyHeightNext fast payment received today. Thank you, Admin! #interwork
18:49485??54 190.64.32.* Dollar-ProfitPAYMENT RECEIVED INSTANTLY ... BATCH 86902973 ... THANKS ADMIN ... monitoruy
17:09 486??99 208.252.179.* ProInvestmentWas paying great for over twenty days, and now I have not been paid in two days. Worried no response from admin.
16:49458??03 91.14.98.* Dollar-Profitwaiting for payment ... user: blackwater ....i will vote here, if paid
15:29497??18208.77.46.*World Best InvestCommunicative support. They always answer my stupid questions.
15:22497??18208.77.46.*House Property WebPaid today! Thanks.
14:40 492??31 83.22.67.* HeyGoldWaiting for cash since Nov-24-2007 02:45:10 AM... still nothing (User: tomksoft)
12:16490??29205.209.184.*1DailyFundsWELL MANAGED HYIP. PAYS AS PROMISED.
12:12458??03 91.14.126.* Win250Waiting for payment over 24 h .... User: blackwater
11:55485??54 190.64.29.* WealthyFundPAYMENT RECEIVED AGAIN ... BATCH 86889222 ... THANKS ADMIN ... monitoruy
11:48485??54 190.64.25.* Win250I got paid everyday from my investment here .... Today┬┤s Batch 86889416 .... Thanks Admin .... monitoruy
10:37458??0391.14.99.*HeyGoldPayment received ... Batch: 86890823 ...Thanks admin, i hope it goes on .... User: blackwater
9:59458??0391.14.99.*WealthyFundPaid again ... Batch: 86889284 ... Thanks admin ... User: blackwater
9:04372??14 124.157.236.* Auto-ExportInvesmentgot paid again, very fast payment
7:51 491??18 121.158.24.* Pay250no -good
6:24472??95203.144.160.*WealthyFundpending user investeveryday 93 hour ago.if PAID i will update
6:01138??00212.42.64.*MoneyHeightPaid every day. Best program.
5:29497??13218.188.146.*World Best InvestVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time!
5:26497??13218.188.146.*House Property WebPaid me again!! Great one! No problems at all!
4:33482??05204.13.71.*1DailyFundsI am not anxious any more,since I am sure you are always here to help me!