Vote Information for Wednesday 8 August 2007


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20:24 4577626 PROXY nTrade FTIS Ltd[Program Admin]> Dear members, payouts for Aug 07, 2007 has been complete. Please rate us always after you get paid! Thank you. Richard. nTrade FTIS LTD.
19:22458??2062.63.189.*CapitalManagementsdo not invest scam!!!!! after finished of deposit account is 0.000
17:44260??1974.99.77.*180PercentMy favorite HYIP! Paid!
17:42260??69 74.12.37.* 180PercentGood programm! Try it
17:40314??7366.131.144.*180PercentGood paying program.
17:38271??4074.113.168.*180PercentVery good HYIP! Paid again!
17:36360??45 70.55.61.* 180PercentGood HYIP! paid all time!
17:33348??97 24.122.54.* 180PercentIt is really great program!!!
17:31339??46 70.52.222.* 180PercentVery-very good HYIP!
17:29375??4470.72.10.*180PercentAlways paying, no problem!
17:24335??46 85.140.83.* 180PercentReally the best
17:07455??0183.222.14.*WMZ-InvestAesha. Paid! Recommended to all investors.
17:02 393??28 83.222.14.*WMZ-InvestGot paid, login rm666
16:19348??5885.254.187.*Kale Trading LTDPaid automatically!
14:49346??8783.222.14.*WMZ-InvestAndre75. Very Good
14:21456??33 195.58.37.* WMZ-Invest(login-Cantina) Proekt super.
14:08 452??00 82.34.253.* Real-MoneyMakingI am still neutral at this point as i await response from admin. I got an email from them that they have paid me but then i never got the money in my e-gold and i contacted them since over 24hrs ago but they are yet to respond to me.
14:02231??6770.161.219.*7-ForeverExcellent. Timely! Reliable. Highly recommended.
13:49338??85 200.88.42.* 180Percentpaid 2/4 thanks admin very good program
13:10 230??47 83.20.40.* DiveFinancepaying! very good! TQ Admin! HOPE! it will be long!
13:03 465??00 212.52.156.* GoldFundPoll
12:23410??9185.114.243.*WMZ-InvestCool invest !!! user datka
12:05 234??34 83.131.40.* DiveFinanceI have been paid instantly... It's the most reliable prog of my portfolio. A real pleasure to post a very good vote
11:19 322??40 91.106.22.* EminentHYIPNO PAID
10:35305??6389.187.39.*WMZ-InvestAisik. Paid !!!
10:04388??90219.83.97.*AphexGoldPaid 2 of 4 for 1st investment (USD 5) and 1 of 4 for 2nd investments (USD3)
9:45 238??16 66.8.138.* DiveFinanceI'm very very happy for invest here... My profit is given to me instantly !!! acc 23847** $14.19 batch: 839046**
9:11454??8567.159.5.*RealFXTradepaid again, very good program. Reinvest more
3:45 80??34 218.250.84.* GoldFundPollgot paid!!! id:dbjstar
1:51 214??40 82.201.237.* GoldFundPollpaid .thanks admin
1:39388??90219.83.97.*6For18Fully paid for 2nd investment. Good program.
0:58303??7072.232.177.*Diamond Star ProfitReally well done site, got paid again.
0:54248??2064.22.116.*Diamond Star ProfitPaid me again. So happy with this one.