Vote Information for Saturday 4 August 2007


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20:21326??4587.248.165.*Enterprise Investpaid
19:37396??55 212.183.112.* SivaShareYes, this is the same by me and my friends. I write again SivaShare is a very clever scam-program. They pay only to monitors and some people. The most of good votings are from the own mafia-friends. Not invest here.
19:16442??80160.218.198.*Is4everPaying regularly within a few hours after request
19:10442??80160.218.198.*SivaShareI got just 2 paymens-then SivaShare stopped paying.SCAM!!!
18:55215??84 91.124.212.* Enterprise InvestPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
16:50 4365378 PROXY WMZ-Invest[Program Admin]> the best(aisik)
16:48 3907888 PROXY WMZ-Invest[Program Admin]> the best(rm666)
13:31360??63 75.3.93.* LargeSUMGot paid for several times
13:27375??13 83.237.229.* LargeSUMHad no problems for now !
13:24419??27 77.182.53.* NewProHyipthey only pay monitors !!! in withdraw they list the payout but they don`t pay !!! big scam!!!!!
11:22324??84125.162.120.*Hyip For ForexPaid ref bonus today. Thanks
11:21438??05125.162.120.*Hyip For ForexThank you for paying me today. I will reinvest to you.
11:20330??00125.162.120.*Hyip For ForexPaid and paid again.. Thanks
9:43135??4280.252.250.*Enterprise InvestGot paid!
8:45456??33 195.58.37.* WMZ-Invest(login-Cantina) Very Good
8:21458??2062.63.189.*WayToProfitdo not invest scam!!! you receive 0.0000003% but not up to3%
8:04305??6389.187.39.*WMZ-InvestAisik. Paid!!!
7:04 360??13 121.172.9.* Diamond Star Profitgreat paying hyip,good job
6:46 350??15 205.209.129.* Diamond Star Profitget may 1st payment
5:51348??5885.254.187.*Kale Trading LTDPaid as usual!
0:53410??9185.114.243.*WMZ-InvestPaid !!! datka
23:44346??8783.222.14.*WMZ-InvestAndre75. Very Good
23:03375??13 76.65.15.* SteadyIncomeHYIPin profit! great)
23:02296??6266.131.144.*SteadyIncomeHYIPPaid w/o problems.
23:01326??1024.65.81.*SteadyIncomeHYIPVery-very good. I really like it !
23:01260??5474.113.168.*SteadyIncomeHYIPAlways paid - no problem Thanks Admin!