Vote Information for Wednesday 25 July 2007


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23:27456??99 203.131.66.* Stock-XP62 th payment receive! good job admin!
23:25457??00 125.243.159.* Stock-XPpaid again and again in 2month, great program... honest admin...
23:05329??44193.110.113.*KiFundit strong!
22:43392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundPaid once more, good!
22:23416??81 139.168.206.* Investment Trade. LtdADMIN IS A SCAMMER. Big criminal scumbag is exposed well and truly. Bad Karma will be coming his way in due time. NOT PAID in compound plan. ADMIN owes me $1850+... YOU SUCK ADMIN!!!
22:07432??7890.186.84.*DreamEarninghe i cant vote so fast as you open hyips lol you steal my time lol dont invest here
22:06432??7890.186.84.*MillionFundshe i cant vote so fast as you open hyips lol you steal my time lol dont invest here
22:05432??7890.186.84.*SaturdayClixhe i cant vote so fast as you open hyips lol you steal my time lol dont invest here
22:03432??7890.186.84.*Me Hyipah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
22:02432??7890.186.84.*Do Big Profitsah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
22:01432??7890.186.84.*Stars Capitalah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
22:00215??8491.124.209.*KiFundPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
21:59432??7890.186.84.*Moto Incomebeware dont invest
21:58432??7890.186.84.*Carhyipah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
21:57432??7890.186.84.*Eurogold-Investsmile again dont invest here
21:50432??7890.186.84.*Auto Hyip Internationalah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
21:48432??7890.186.84.*Inngoldi vote here on 20.07.07 WHY you invest ??????
21:42432??7890.186.84.*EminentHYIPah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
21:37432??7890.186.84.*VITA Bankah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
21:36432??7890.186.84.* Poolbe careful with this scammer guys
21:35432??7890.186.84.*GroupInvestFinanceah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
21:20260??7765.95.116.*InngoldSuper Program! Thanks admin!
21:18272??39 76.64.61.* InngoldAlways paying, no problem!
21:16260??19 76.65.15.* Inngoldgot paid just in time, very good program
21:12296??6274.98.86.*InngoldGreat project, paid! Join!
21:12326??1024.65.81.*InngoldVery-very good program.
21:11260??5474.113.168.*Inngoldreceived ... payment. very good and stable program.!
21:10348??10 70.55.67.* InngoldMy favorite prog! Thanks admin!
21:09272??52 206.45.186.* Inngoldpaid again. All right. The best invest program
20:56396??55 212.183.118.* Real-MoneyMakingI can`t believe that this big scam-program is on paying status bei Top100. Everybody knows that only friends from the admin are put positiv votings.They pay also to the monitors. He guy`s not invest here!!!!
20:50293??03195.151.204.*Microne InvestmentPaid x 26 today. Always on time! Thank you, Admin!
20:41272??9770.72.10.*InngoldExcellent program! Fast support!
20:40270??6370.80.76.*InngoldPaying on time, very good system
20:34458??6085.18.242.*Stock-XPGood paying program!!!!!!!!! I love the instant withdraw!!!!!!!!!!!
20:12458??25125.242.9.*Stock-XPCool! instantly payment receive again!
20:05458??42195.175.37.*Stock-XPpaid again and again! i am in profit now! THX admin
20:05451??41 71.35.52.* RefractFundInvested on 7/19/07. Nothing whatsoever is happeing. E-mails to admin keep on geeting returned.
19:56458??73202.152.4.*Stock-XPPaid again and still instant! great!
19:47 334??99 89.27.241.* Flux GoldWarte schon 2 Tage auf 1$ !! SCAM-!!!!!!!!!!
19:16257??42213.181.83.*Hot Online HyipInvestors,be wary wherever you see IP Nos.91.121.13 & 91.121.10 WITH "VERY GOOD" ratinr on any hyip site.Same dubious web fraudsters that dupe innocent investors!They are the owners of the scam sites!
18:46459??34 77.123.160.* Open Tradecongratulation programm. I'm happy
17:5648??3772.205.216.*Investment Trade. LtdDOES NOT PAY TO COMPOUND PLAN!Me and several others have NOT been paid as of yet.And we have all been banned for asking for our payout when it was overdue.The SCUMBAG will leave with everyone's money.No one is stupid enough to invest in his Compound plans
17:29456??72202.152.4.*SivaSharevery fast support! good job admin!
17:25457??00203.135.39.*SivaShareVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
17:21431??78212.25.60.*ProFig InvestI've been paid in time
17:15446??7174.86.10.*SivaShareYou are the best
17:12456??0169.92.13.*DJClubzSorry guys YOU ARE NOT PAYING!!!!! DO NOT INVEST HERE
17:07456??55189.39.85.*SivaShareInprofit! great program!!!
17:04456??0169.92.13.*InngoldSorry guys YOU ARE NOT PAYING!!!!! DO NOT INVEST HERE
16:59456??02125.242.9.*SivaSharegreat! paid me again!
16:53391??19 60.51.115.* Inngoldnot paid - Big Problem
16:52456??09189.39.85.*SivaShareWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
16:49429??21 82.207.55.* Is4everVery Good! Thanks for paying admin!
16:48457??33216.40.204.*SivaShareMy favourite invest program
16:45458??42195.175.37.*SivaShareIt is really great program!!!
16:33458??73 142.22.16.* SivaShareA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
16:30306??05 90.32.220.* Advertising-SurfThe best ! I got paid #52]
16:29296??62 76.187.182.* DiveFinanceVery trustworthy a serious investment program
16:28375??1368.50.192.*DiveFinanceI've been paid in time
16:28375??1368.50.192.*InngoldThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
16:27360??6364.53.171.*DiveFinanceGood support.
16:26360??6364.53.171.*InngoldAre you well and happy with this program!
16:25375??4475.62.198.*DiveFinanceFor now - no problems.
16:25375??4475.62.198.*InngoldMy favourite invest program
16:24339??46208.1.29.*DiveFinanceVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
16:24339??46208.1.29.*InngoldGood program.
16:23280??1574.140.43.*DiveFinancePaid all the time!
16:23280??1574.140.43.*InngoldStiil geting paid... Goood :)
16:21348??9775.73.194.*DiveFinancelast payment recieved today
16:21348??9775.73.194.*InngoldIn profit !
16:19360??4576.18.10.*DiveFinanceVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
16:18360??4576.18.10.*Inngoldgood HYIP !
16:16271??4072.230.25.*DiveFinanceAlways paid on time!
16:15271??4072.230.25.*InngoldPaid right on time!
16:11314??7324.222.42.*DiveFinanceAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
16:10314??7324.222.42.*InngoldRight choice to invest
15:10460??62220.150.235.*MillionFundsMay be scam-program such as 2400Daily, 2500 Daily profit
15:08460??62220.150.235.*Functional InvestThere is no payment 19th Withdrawal request
15:05260??6965.95.116.*DiveFinancePAYING ! This is important !
14:59460??62220.150.235.*Entrust FundThere is no payment 19th Withdrawal request
14:44355??38 195.93.60.* Goal TradeFirst payment received, thanks admin!
14:38339??70 206.45.183.* DiveFinanceI've been paid in time
14:22462??0372.232.177.*Diamond Star Profitgot paid again.thanks!
14:19260??1970.80.76.*DiveFinanceWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
14:14405??5691.112.137.*D - ProfitPaid also 7/7, perfect ! thanks admin !!!
14:07260??7724.74.138.*DiveFinanceReceived payment again!
13:58404??38 83.237.228.* DiveFinanceCool!
12:21458??5074.86.10.*SivaShareGood HYIP! paid all time!
12:20452??9374.86.10.*Stock-XPVery-very good. I really like it !
12:17458??25 74.86.40.* SivaShareReceived your payment Admin
12:07 421??88 219.104.241.* World ForexWorld Forex you're the best! I already received 60th payments & I'm in profit here with my $1500 deposit and now I thinking to compound for a few weeks to move to 2,5% daily plan :D
12:06449??53 74.86.40.* Stock-XPPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
11:56405??5691.112.137.*Maxo InvestFUCKING SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
11:33388??90219.83.97.*D - ProfitPaid 1 of 7. Good start.
11:32 324??78 87.12.155.* Legal-Investmentwhy is this still in PAYING status???? maybe the admin pays every monitor to do that???? SCAM
10:50446??86216.40.204.*Stock-XPVery good HYIP! Paid again!
10:24197??39 81.192.35.* Forex-DailyPropaying immediatly !!!! many thanks ...
9:50440??99209.190.35.*NetMoneyCentralpaid me very fast best hyip program
9:27 459??35 209.51.199.*RefractFundgood site,got paid in plan B ,THANKS ADMIN
9:18355??38195.93.60.*Gamma ShareNot paid!
9:06355??38195.93.60.*Citrus FinancePayment received x 5, thanks admin!
8:58355??38195.93.60.*goden-worldFirst payment received, thanks admin!
8:56270??63213.135.138.*Is4everThanks for another payout. Stay here for a long time!
8:54 438??09 212.241.193.*Paramadina Fundpaid again
8:37388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamPaid 50 of 365. Good program for long term investment.
7:47384??58206.222.10.*DeveloperFundwell seriouse program! Honest
7:46405??5691.112.137.*Gamma ShareHave not received payment for my invest from 07/24 ($ 260,--)!!! Be aware !
7:18 451??08 80.89.176.* Hot Online HyipSCAMMERS !!!!!
7:17449??95 84.157.73.* NetMoneyCentralNOT PAID within 12 hours!!! SCAM!!! I lost my money!
6:20180??51 80.121.11.* NewProHyipNOT PAYING !!!!!!!!!
5:46 447??72 203.177.109.* 7-Forever
5:43250??2781.169.187.*Mix InvestPaying!
5:41250??2781.169.187.*BbshyipVery good!
5:37252??8381.169.187.*BbshyipPaid on time as usual!!
5:35252??8381.169.187.*Mix InvestMy favorit HYIP
5:25388??1181.169.143.*Cool Online ProfitVery Stable and Professional
5:24388??1181.169.143.*Flash InvestmentVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
5:18382??52 125.160.65.* Aliativapaid.tks
5:00388??90219.83.97.*Key-FundPaid 1 of 8. Good start.
4:28 394??82 74.213.100.* Stock-XPnever was paying
3:46295??48 77.45.162.* DayTradeProsGreat site!!! Always pays quickly and without problems!!!
3:46420??52203.115.171.*InvestCreditinstant payment today!
2:12388??90219.83.97.*World ForexSorry for misunderstood. I forgot this program only pays 5 days a week (NOT ON THE WEEKEND) Please ignore my previous vote for this site. Today still received the payment.
2:05388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundPaid 21 of 30. Always pays on time. Good program.
2:04 461??82 210.4.103.* Hourly-Dollar
2:01388??90219.83.97.*Danfoll Group3rd Invest. Paid 2 of 3. Always pays on time.
1:59388??90219.83.97.*InngoldSCAMER ! Not paid for the 1st payment. BAD START !!
1:34457??88216.40.204.*SivaSharepaid again, thanks admin
1:11437??24212.19.6.*SivaShareNot paid since 25.06.2007
0:39 457??70 58.71.208.*Hourly-DollarBest admin that I've came across keep on paying didn't miss! SOF 007
0:31 391??19 58.71.208.*Hourly-DollarPAID AND PAID AGAIN EXCELLENT! superjet 007