Vote Information for Tuesday 24 July 2007

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23:45 406??05 125.60.248.* Easy Going ProfitSCAM SITE!!! NEVER PAID BACK!! YOUR E-GOLD ACCT WILL BE BANNED!
23:27424??9690.186.190.*Offshore-Tradingah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:25424??9690.186.190.*JoyFul HyipGlory Halleluja beware dont invest here Sammy30.10.1996
23:23424??9690.186.190.*MyHyip21ah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:22424??9690.186.190.*BarkaProfitsah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:20424??9690.186.190.*GainEarningah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:17424??9690.186.190.*DeveloperFundbeware dont invest
23:15424??9690.186.190.*GoldOnlineTraderdont invest trust me you lose your money
23:11424??9690.186.190.*BlestInvestmentlol always the same scammer here :-)
23:09424??9690.186.190.*USD Profitah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:07424??9690.186.190.*YourGetProfitah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:06424??9690.186.190.*Flash Investmentah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:04424??9690.186.190.*Forex-DailyProah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:03424??9690.186.190.*Cool Online Profitah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
23:01424??9690.186.190.*2400Dailyah my friend have new programm beware lol dont invest here
22:58424??9690.186.190.*Mix Investdont invest here they pay you nothing
22:57408??5980.80.128.*6For18realy nice program it's paying
22:54424??9690.186.190.*Times Investmenthe shit scammer admin i am right with you asshole
22:49424??9690.186.190.*Inngoldhe guys say it again if i vote bad, here on 20.07.07, why you pay this shit scammer admin ? trust me if i vote !!!
22:35405??5691.112.137.*2500ProfitAnd I believe still in santa claus !!!! hahahahahaha.....
22:16168??2388.172.212.*Easy Going ProfitFake paid out !! The egold's account of this website will be blocked in a few hours by authority. Don't connect to this website, admin will try to hack your e-gold account !!
22:13168??2388.172.212.*Hot Online HyipFake paid out !! The egold's account of this website will be blocked in a few hours by authority. Don't connect to this website, admin will try to hack your e-gold account !!
22:05168??2388.172.212.*InngoldThe egold's account of this website will be blocked in a few hours by authority. Don't connect to this website, admin will try to hack your e-gold account !!
22:04405??5691.112.137.*CavemanProfitsThey are since several days in the "Forced Matrix Mode" ! Maybe they have no money left to pay out the promised returns !!!
21:42392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundPays me again and again. Serious and stable.
21:37405??5691.112.137.*InngoldDidnĀ“t pay in time ! The expected and usual SCAM !!!!!
20:10455??15 88.205.5.* Hourly-DollarPaid me 4 times correct and quick. Userid: wolfhd
19:46 4577626 PROXY nTrade FTIS Ltd[Program Admin]> Dear members, payouts for Jul 24, 2007 has been complete. Please rate us always after you get paid! Thank you. Richard.
19:34 247??70 71.204.217.*Gold Voxhad a 75.00 pending payout that went 48 hours with nothing to my egold, I cancelled that and requested 10.00 and reinvested the 65.00 , lets see if that works, Look for my posts threw the monitors, Im a nonsponsored monitor, ( The Hyipwtchr )
19:31317??93212.110.133.*Is4everSo happy with this program. Honest and reliable!
19:11367??1988.220.101.*Hourly-DollarIt is very good program :) regards from user xsarq
18:39448??88 83.217.63.* Kale Trading LTDAutomatic payment. The excellent program. Thanks the admin!!!
18:36 354??60 209.190.35.*InvestCreditvery good , instant withdraw, thanks admin !
18:2848??3772.205.214.*Investment Trade. LtdSCAM!Still Not Paid.Still banned just for asking for my overdue payout in Compound Plan.Now that this Ukrainian Scumbag has been exposed, he will not pay even small payouts much longer.Take your money and run. Do not invest now, it's just about over. SCAM
18:2024??42 76.212.194.* D - ProfitSerious Program PAID my Referral INSTANTLY, THANKS
18:18388??1191.121.13.*BbshyipVery Stable and Professional
18:17388??1191.121.13.*Legal-InvestmentPaid on time as usual!!
18:17383??6269.59.28.*InvestCreditStable Program, Always paid on time Good program! Very nice design!!
18:16388??1191.121.13.*Mix InvestMy favorit HYIP
18:16388??1191.121.13.*Gold Voxgot paid on 1st investment!
18:09207??5391.121.10.*BbshyipSerious paying program!
18:07207??5391.121.10.*Legal-InvestmentPaying... Best wishes
18:06207??5391.121.10.*Cool Online ProfitGreat invest program
18:04207??5391.121.10.*Mix InvestPaid. Thanks Admin
18:03207??5391.121.10.*Flash InvestmentExcellent program! Never misses payment.
18:02207??5391.121.10.*Gold VoxReceived your payment
17:47455??13217.118.91.*2000Percent4UProblems with reinvesting/withdraw. May be scam-program such as 2400Daily, 2500 Daily profit
17:43455??13217.118.91.*2400DailyProblems with reinvesting/withdraw. May be scam-program
17:41461??27125.164.201.*Hourly-PaymentsKeep it good
17:41455??13217.118.91.*2500ProfitProblems with reinvesting/withdraw. May be scam-program
17:18 459??19 65.183.2.* 2000Percent4UDisgusting shitheads!!! Why does top100hyip still have them down as paying???? Has anyone been paid?
17:07445??26 122.167.159.* World Forexpaid again .
16:29 163??76 91.122.100.* Hourly-Dollarpaid again !! hyips
15:58442??68203.144.143.*Inngoldtoday no recieve money . not paid ..
15:25338??28 91.76.7.* InngoldHaven't recieved payouts today!! Be careful!! I hate scammers!!
15:19 264??51 220.242.91.* Hourly-Dollargot $3.2,the program can increase our profits and you can earn more money!ID:zjlhy2005
15:16462??0372.232.177.*Hourly-Dollarpaid faster.thanks very
15:10435??15218.191.123.*Hourly-DollarIt's so great!I got payment day after day!!!ID: CHEla111
14:45 344??16 83.76.189.* Hourly-Dollarpayments received on time, great admin. mario75
14:24 457??02 124.217.42.* NewProHyipI'll just invested $5.00 but it doesn't appear to my account. I've contact the admin but until now there's no reply.i'll hope they fix it...
14:18 459??16 58.69.93.* Earning Spacenot paid
14:10364??80 88.27.0.* PetroforexPagando. El mejor programa que he conocido.
13:53405??5691.112.137.*FXM Profit ClubFULLY UGLY SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
13:46347??26213.168.9.*Suprema Trade Fundnext payment received! Thanks Admin!
13:10377??8160.53.90.*InngoldGot paid 4/4. Reinveted again.
12:44 421??15 59.159.113.* World ForexDudes! this program is paying me again and again. Gonna be rich soon :D
12:30 426??52 89.149.230.* Gold Voxno paying really scam ponzi also the voted ip is from same ip!
12:28 421??62 61.86.36.*World ForexI'm a member practically since start of WorldForex. All payments received. WF is reliable. IMHO. Recomend to everybody!
12:23377??8160.53.90.*Key-FundGot paid 6/8,5/8,1/8. Thanks.
12:14 427??10 217.141.106.* World ForexAlways getting paid on time! I'm sure that my investitions work in a right way.
11:57444??4760.53.90.*D - ProfitPaid 7/7, 1/7. Thank you.
11:39 421??11 123.215.22.* World ForexAt last I found serious solution to get stable income. Excellent program, safe investment! Always paying very fast.
10:36355??38195.93.60.*GainProspectPayment received x 6, thanks admin!
10:28355??38195.93.60.*Key-FundPayment received 5/8, thanks admin!
10:20375??1372.28.56.*InngoldGood HYIP! paid all time!
10:17296??6274.140.43.*InngoldIt is really great program!!!
10:14326??1070.134.206.*InngoldGreat invest program!
10:14326??1070.134.206.*DiveFinanceVery-very good program.
10:12260??5465.29.178.*InngoldPaid honest HYIP really
10:12 427??72 74.138.215.* World ForexI've no problems with WorldForex. No payments missed. Paying me always fast and correctly. My HYIP experience telling me this one will rock! ;)
10:12260??5465.29.178.*DiveFinancePaid me again
10:10348??1068.51.172.*InngoldAlways paying, no problem!
10:10348??1068.51.172.*DiveFinancePerfectly works and makes good profit
10:00 429??12 210.49.51.* World ForexPaying me non-stop everyday! I've got +1 more referral payment yesterday. :D
9:54460??62220.150.235.*MillionFundsSCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT PAID!!!!!!!!!!
9:51460??62220.150.235.*Entrust FundThere is no payment 19th Withdrawal request
9:50456??0169.92.13.*InngoldYou just keep on paying!!!! Thanks!! I have reinvested!! keep up the good work!!!
9:47272??5272.224.168.*InngoldThank you for good profit!
9:47272??5272.224.168.*DiveFinanceReally the best
9:45280??5474.131.33.*InngoldThanks for payment!
9:45280??5474.131.33.*DiveFinanceExcellent program!!! GOOD!
9:44272??9768.250.128.*InngoldPaid like clock.
9:44271??4268.250.128.*DiveFinancePaid, pay and continue to pay
9:44 429??41 71.14.117.* World ForexOn monday of Jule 23rd I received my 67th payment from WorldForex. And I'm sure I'll get my 68th payment from WF today. Good Luck to all!
9:43270??6368.174.81.*InngoldSerious paying program!
9:42270??6368.174.81.*DiveFinanceI am glad indeed
9:28 428??73 198.53.49.* World ForexI've got 2 daily payments($2 and $4) from my 2 deposit in WF. Thanks admin! So far so good
9:00 426??24 66.90.74.* World ForexSite is up and paying without miss to me. So what's the problem guys?(I'm in with $1030)
8:24 459??64 125.5.33.* Hourly-Dollarvery good, paying and very supportive
7:31 413??59 85.71.90.* AliativaGreat programm. Paying allways.Fake voters will burn in hell.
7:16 440??40 84.185.88.* Marwin CapitalMy transaction to account wasn't booked. No answer to a lot of questions to support. SCAM!!!!
7:08416??81 58.167.206.* Investment Trade. LtdYeah that's right! Its a Ponzi Scheme. Don't help admin scam other people, don't re-invest after you daily plan expires. Take any small profit you may have and run. SCAM ADMIN is paying your profit from other investors money, that's not right. SCAMMMMMMM
6:57388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamPaid 49 of 365. It still pays. Recomended program for long term investment.
6:40270??63213.135.138.*Is4everYes, received payment. Good job!
5:57461??03125.161.241.*Diamond Star Profitgreat, paying me!
5:00439??27212.124.167.*World Forexbe careful! be careful! scammed my 400$! scammmmm! fuck you, admin!
2:48388??90219.83.97.*Danfoll GroupAlways pays on time. Recomended place for short term investment.
0:04462??0372.232.177.*Diamond Star Profitreceive the third payment.thanks admin