Vote Information for Monday 23 July 2007


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22:13436??60 86.42.32.* EminentHYIPPaid yet again!
21:52231??38 217.244.248.* Easy Going ProfitSCAM !!!
21:31 428??57 69.148.85.* DiveFinancePaid!!! Thanks Admin!
21:27 459??88 209.51.199.*RefractFundbaddal baze heyroe safai
20:58405??5691.112.137.*2000Percent4Uand I believe still in santa claus !!!! hahahahahaha.....
20:57405??5691.112.137.*Functional InvestHey, you ugly SCAMMER, when do you go away from here ??????????????
20:52405??5691.112.137.*Brisk-InvestDon`t invest here ! They are bad robbers !!!!!
20:52411??36 221.134.221.* Flux GoldFuc***g Scammers! They are Fuc***s who never ever pay!.. Pending withdraw for 5 days!
20:51 3842704 PROXY Hyip-PW[Program Admin]> Paid me today 23rd july $2000
18:57415??11 60.48.82.* D - ProfitPaid 1/7, 2/7, & 3/7,ThanksD-profit
18:35392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundGood program thank you!
18:24 453??26 91.149.131.* Benefit IslandThis is absolutely a scam. NOT PAYING pending for over 4 days now
18:13355??38195.93.60.*Flaxen InvestPayment received x 2, thanks admin!
18:13 4577626 PROXY nTrade FTIS Ltd[Program Admin]> Dear members, payouts for Jul 23, 2007 has been complete. Please rate us always after you get paid! Thank you for your trust to nTrade. Richard.
17:33317??93212.110.133.*Is4everGot payment! Always pays without problems
17:26445??26 122.167.231.* World Forexpaid again, although there is some problem in page loading
17:15429??21 91.124.0.* Is4everFantastic project.You never find so professional program.
16:5148??3772.205.216.*Investment Trade. LtdSCAM! As I said, you are unwittingly part of his scam. He uses you and few others with small payouts to lure larger investors into his web of deceit - his compound plans which he never pays out to. When asked for payment, you are banned-several have been!
16:42456??0169.92.13.*Danfoll GroupFully paid for my 2nd investment--I reinvested!!! keep up the good work admin
16:36 423??03 196.200.118.*AtlanticProfitI have been paid again = majorwils
15:52388??9267.159.5.*BbshyipExcellent program! Never misses payment.
15:52388??9267.159.5.*Legal-InvestmentPaid. Thanks Admin
15:47387??0391.121.10.*BbshyipGreat invest program
15:47387??0391.121.10.*Legal-InvestmentPaying... Best wishes
15:44269??3085.214.28.*Legal-InvestmentSerious paying program!
15:44269??3085.214.28.*Bbshyippaid me without problems!
15:41262??9585.214.73.*Legal-InvestmentPaid! Good!
15:41262??9585.214.73.*BbshyipVery good!
15:38 430??96 60.253.112.* World ForexDon't be panic. WorldForex still pay althought the page can not be opened. Thanks Admin
15:38250??2781.169.187.*Legal-Investment... INVEST.....!
15:37250??2781.169.187.*BbshyipReally the best program online
15:35 413??04 68.60.217.* DiveFinanceThey are the best !
15:35252??8381.169.143.*Legal-InvestmentI trust this admin
15:34252??8381.169.143.*BbshyipFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
15:33 404??50 88.170.141.*DiveFinancePaying all the time !
15:31142??5987.228.113.*Is4everit's my favorite invest project. Paid as ussual
15:29388??1191.121.13.*BbshyipStable Program, Always paid on time!
15:29388??1191.121.13.*Legal-InvestmentRight choice to invest
15:28388??1191.121.13.*Mix InvestPays without problems
15:28 410??80 88.151.107.* Paramount VistaVery,very GOOD!!!!!
15:27388??1191.121.13.*Gold VoxMy favourite invest program
15:26388??1191.121.13.*Hot Online HyipIMHO, it is much better than others!
15:26388??1191.121.13.*Flux Goldpaid me today, good interests
15:21207??5391.121.10.*Bbshyipgot paid on 1st investment!
14:57207??5391.121.10.*Cool Online ProfitAll payments received, Reinvested!
14:56207??5391.121.10.*Mix InvestReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
14:56207??5391.121.10.*Flash InvestmentPaid on time as usual!!
14:55207??5391.121.10.*Gold VoxMy favorit HYIP
14:54207??5391.121.10.*Hot Online HyipVery Stable and Professional
14:53207??5391.121.10.*Flux GoldOne of the best
14:47 369??93 220.226.85.*
14:32359??74 222.124.119.* World ForexThis program SCAM not paid again don't invest again
13:31231??6770.161.219.*7-ForeverJust got paid!!!
12:41456??33 195.58.37.* WMZ-InvestVery Good
12:39 425??99 88.170.141.*DiveFinancepaid always on time !
12:26460??1061.6.163.*Aliativavery good. pay me ontime. i like this HYIP
12:13451??45202.168.113.*Navigator TradeNo payment or reply since 21/7/07. Possilbe SCAM. AVOID, or use small test amount and diversification.
11:40460??62220.150.235.*2000Percent4UThere is no payment 19th Withdrawal request
10:40355??38195.93.60.*Harvest FundPayment received x 3, thanks admin!
10:24455??52195.244.142.*Brisk-InvestI hav been paid 7 times instantly and no pending withdrawals !
9:33454??45 41.205.188.* PetroforexALWAYS PAYING. GREAT ADMIN
9:08438??42195.36.75.*Benefit IslandWarte seit 2 Tagen auf mein Geld
9:07323??04 71.41.50.* Cash TrassePAYING Cash Trasse! Received all payments! batch#83266210. Fully automatic paying! Thanks!
8:35421??8524.222.42.*DiveFinancePAID EVERY DAY :)
7:12442??08 212.124.167.* RUSSO Projectif anybody know cindy's email address or an alternative, pls post here!
7:11405??5691.112.137.*Microne InvestmentPaid as usual ! Thank you !
7:09384??58206.222.10.*DeveloperFundPaid instant
6:40377??8160.53.92.*Key-FundPaid 5/8, 4/8. Thank you. Invest again.
6:09347??26213.168.9.*Suprema Trade FundYeah!! 8/10 payment received!! Thank you Admin! Seems we will have a new leader here soon! Good luck!
6:08444??4760.53.92.*D - ProfitPaid 7/7. Thank you. Reinvested.
5:32191??0272.52.66.*goden-worldpaid driectly to my e-gold ! great ! thank you admin
5:04457??6083.151.19.*SivaSharePerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
5:02457??88216.40.204.*SivaShareBeen paid today
5:00457??3363.223.78.*SivaShareThis program paid me again! I'l invest more!
4:58458??7666.186.63.*SivaShareGood ! One of the best !
4:54457??6583.170.87.*SivaShareIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
4:51456??0289.149.234.*SivaSharepaid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
4:47456??5589.149.234.*SivaShareExsellent! Paid! super program!
4:37456??0963.223.78.*SivaShareAlways paying, no problem!
4:23 424??27 218.111.178.* Benefit IslandFUCK OFF!! SCAM!! WITHDRAWAL STILL IN PENDING! NOT PAYING.
4:21455??88 70.61.192.* SivaShareVery-very good. I really like it !
4:19449??5383.151.19.*SivaShareGreat invest program
4:15 459??09 202.52.162.* Earning Spacealways pays my interest
2:27388??90219.83.97.*World ForexLast paymend received on 19 July 2007. Where r U admin ??
2:22388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdI just said the truth. It pays me on daily profit.
2:18388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamThe right place to make your dream come true. Always pays.
2:16388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundStable and reliable program. Always pays.
2:14388??90219.83.97.*Danfoll GroupFully paid 2nd investment. Good program.
2:12388??90219.83.97.*30x4Last paymend received on 21 July 2007. You said it pays 7 days a week. Where r U admin ??
2:10388??90219.83.97.*SolidFundTotally SCAM !
2:08388??90219.83.97.*InngoldPaid 2 of 4. Good program.
1:51452??93221.252.151.*SivaShareGood And Honest.
1:47446??71202.41.10.*SivaSharepaid and rate :) thanks admin
1:30456??0169.92.13.*SolidFundAgain I ask why are you yet shown on the monitor as paying!! I now must doubt anything that is on the monitor 'cause I can't tell what is paying now!!!. You have never paid yet on the monitor you are paying everyday!!! What's upwith that?
0:57377??8160.48.117.*InngoldPaid 3/4. Thank you. Very good.
0:26432??78 90.187.24.* Coca Hyiphe guys i dont know what i must do that you not invest here i think i say it for last time because you learn nothing DONT INVEST HERE and dont have tears in your eyes if you get no money back i warn you
0:19377??8160.48.117.*Danfoll GroupPaid 3/3. Thanks. Reinvested again.
23:55 453??10 125.163.12.* CapitalManagementsPaid!Thanks
23:31462??0372.232.177.*Diamond Star Profitreceive the second payment.very nice site