Vote Information for Sunday 22 July 2007


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23:55 453??10 125.163.12.* CapitalManagementsPaid!Thanks
23:31462??0372.232.177.*Diamond Star Profitreceive the second payment.very nice site
22:43437??24212.19.6.*SivaShareNot paid 28 days.Since 25.06.2007
21:45405??5691.112.137.*30x4DidnĀ“t pay 4/4 from my reinvest and website is gone ! What happened ???
21:17405??5691.112.137.*SolidFundTo admin : you have really a funny hyip - it seems like you were always paying !?! hahaha...
21:15405??5691.112.137.*D - ProfitPaid 3/7 and 4/7 without delay ! Thank you !
21:07404??3874.140.43.*InngoldAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
21:05260??7771.63.146.*InngoldPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
21:03272??39 70.245.76.* InngoldRight choice to invest
21:01260??1976.169.91.*InngoldPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
20:59260??69 64.151.33.* InngoldExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
20:53435??9368.200.90.*RefractFundbeen over 2 weeks now & still no pay .. admin wont return emails
20:52314??73 76.235.91.* InngoldPaid right on time!
20:51435??9368.200.90.*Coca Hyippayment still pending after 3 days ... they only pay monitors
20:50314??6572.224.168.*InngoldVery trustworthy a serious investment program
20:49271??40 67.38.255.* InngoldGood program! Make more!
20:46360??4576.18.10.*InngoldPAYING ! This is important !
20:45435??9368.200.90.*FXM Profit Clubbeen over 2 weeks now & still no pay .. admin wont return emails
20:41348??97 76.193.79.* InngoldGood ! One of the best !
20:24280??15 85.140.83.* Oil and Gas InvestmentGood ! One of the best !
19:58 416??95 87.174.1.* MalibuProfitnot paid, no answers to emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:29370??8684.242.216.*DeveloperFundskam!!! Pending?
19:01460??62220.150.235.*Entrust FundThere is no payment 19th Withdrawal request
19:00460??62220.150.235.*Functional InvestThere is no payment 19th Withdrawal request
18:32355??38195.93.60.*Flaxen InvestFirst payment received, thanks admin!
17:55151??54 90.18.113.* StableFundingNot paid Transaction batch is n/a.
17:50439??00 213.140.252.* Maxo InvestToday pay 27$! :) Deposit else 10$ Total deposit 100$. PAYS!
17:14405??5691.112.137.*Danfoll GroupPaid 3/3 perfect ! Thank you !!!
16:53 4577626 PROXY nTrade FTIS Ltd[Program Admin]> ROI Update: From Jul 23, 2007 to Jul 27, 2007 weekly rate is 7%
15:53419??76122.2.237.*Easy Going Profitnever paid instantly fuck you scam site!!!!
15:2848??3772.205.216.*Investment Trade. LtdSCAM ! Never pays you in Compound Plans, then bans you from forum, then makes the posts on your behalf and lies that you were paid. This Ukrainian scumbag has been exposed. Do not lose your money here. He will close soon and take all money. He's a Scumbag
14:20355??38195.93.60.*Gamma SharePayment received x 13, thanks admin!
14:06355??38195.93.60.*GainProspectPayment received x 4, thanks admin!
12:02 447??19 80.81.208.*RUSSO ProjectI call all to support true members of forum Russo Project the project the responses. We trust in it, it the best. Join
11:47390??98 124.82.52.* RUSSO Projectnot paying since July08th...don't make bullshit..pls activated your website..
11:41425??90 89.58.31.* Inngoldpaying again! very good, thanks admin!!!
11:01451??45202.168.113.*Navigator TradePayment stopped after #8. No payment 21/7/2007. Already emailed admin. Hope to hear back soon. Will update this post one way or the other. 4518945
10:37207??5391.121.10.*WorldFXInvestVery good!
10:27252??8381.169.143.*WorldFXInvestStable Program, Always paid on time!
10:27252??8381.169.143.*InngoldRight choice to invest
10:25250??2781.169.187.*WorldFXInvestPays without problems
10:24250??2781.169.187.*InngoldMy favourite invest program
10:21269??3085.214.73.*WorldFXInvestpaid me today, good interests
10:21269??3085.214.73.*InngoldIMHO, it is much better than others!
9:59355??38195.93.60.*Citrus FinancePayment received x 4, thanks admin!
9:51355??38195.93.60.*D - ProfitPayment received 3/7 (second round), thanks admin!
9:23453??7776.173.90.*LightHourlyi got paid instantly my second time rockdell
9:21440??87209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingvery stable and reliable great program !
9:21457??61209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingGood site,paid!!Honest admin.
9:20456??39209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingPaid paid and paid
9:19457??24209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingIT IS THE EXCELLENT PROJECT!!!
9:19 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> All withdrawals received,within 24 hours.
9:18453??20209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingAlways pays on time. Highly recommended
9:17459??35209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingPaid, paid and once more paid. Brilliant paying project. Thank you
9:15459??35209.51.208.*Unique-ForexAll withdrawals received,within 24 hours.
9:13453??20209.51.208.*Unique-ForexI trust this admin First time
9:12440??87209.51.208.*Unique-ForexPaid paid and paid
9:09457??61209.51.208.*Unique-ForexPaid, paid and once more paid. Brilliant paying project. Thank you
9:08456??39209.51.208.*Unique-ForexI trust this admin First time
9:07 4571024 PROXY Unique-Forex[Program Admin]> thanks a lot for your paying got paid.
9:06451??17209.51.208.*Unique-ForexExcellent program! Never misses payment
8:42453??7776.173.90.*Brisk-Investi got paid the thirt time $115 intantly great job admin
8:27387??0385.214.28.*Mix InvestPaying... Best wishes
8:24387??0385.214.28.*WorldFXInvestSerious paying program!
8:23387??0385.214.28.*Gold Voxpaid me without problems!
8:22387??0385.214.28.*InngoldReally the best program online
8:21387??0385.214.28.*Hot Online Hyip... INVEST.....!
8:19387??0385.214.28.*Flux GoldFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
8:18387??0385.214.28.*Billion ProfitI trust this admin
8:17387??0385.214.28.*Entrust FundStable Program, Always paid on time!
8:08388??6491.121.10.*Cool Online ProfitRight choice to invest
8:06388??6491.121.10.*Mix InvestPays without problems
8:02388??6491.121.10.*WorldFXInvestMy favourite invest program
8:01388??6491.121.10.*Flash InvestmentVery good!
7:58388??6491.121.10.*Gold VoxIMHO, it is much better than others!
7:57388??6491.121.10.*Inngoldpaid me today, good interests
7:54388??6491.121.10.*Hot Online HyipAlways got paid
7:46388??6491.121.10.*Flux GoldPaid!
7:42388??6491.121.10.*Billion ProfitAll payments received, Reinvested!
7:39388??6491.121.10.*Entrust FundReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
6:31 158??96 125.164.173.* Future Global InvestmentHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out the site!
5:30444??47218.111.210.*30x4Paid 3/4. Thank you.
4:26370??2067.15.183.*Netherlands-InvestmentPaid. Thanks Admin
3:11165??2324.1.240.*Benefit Island3 days NOT PAYING please check this one admin