Vote Information for Saturday 14 October 2006


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23:10 358??94 68.228.146.* Pizartii agree why does it say paying? i didn't get paid!
22:26355??80 61.94.135.* Aviva HYIPNot paying, my withdraw still pending.
21:07 365??65 85.185.4.*Perfect ForexAlways paid! THANKS!!!
20:3017??44 202.165.196.* Basic-InvJesus Christ! I cannot believe this! Just about 6 hours after I invested I got my 1st payout! THIS PROGRAM IS GOOD! Basic-Inv, I give you 15 out of 10! GREAT PROGRAM!
19:34200??57217.119.146.*3Days2ProfitsPaid INSTANTLY, reinvested, thx! xibit
19:03 362??21 83.133.125.*Sure Hyipthats goood
19:02365??1983.133.125.*Sure HyipPaying again tanks Admin
18:55 359??34 193.0.228.* DoublemyfundsDidn't pay for me
18:42 313??57 61.6.54.* Doublemyfundsgot paid for the first time...this hyip rockzzz
18:14 279??67 66.220.11.* ActomyinHyipthanks admin !! I received payment 1/15
17:54 330??17 68.239.42.* Sure Hyipscam not paying!!!! Only paying pennies!
17:24301??8783.14.133.*3Days2ProfitsI received the payment and am very satisfied , the programme develops very well . kr0pka
16:51 366??94 82.201.252.* Super800Luxi realy miss paying Sites ((PAID))
16:27135??42217.77.220.*PizartiGood paying site
16:26135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentGood paying site
16:25135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundGood paying site
16:24135??42217.77.220.*Fresh-SightGood paying site
16:10329??27213.136.101.*Basic-InvNice Hyip
16:09304??21213.136.101.*Basic-InvI earned 1/4 investment ($125) + $20 of bonus. Very Good
15:45354??60 212.200.219.* DoublemyfundsGot my first payment.great.thanx admin
15:40325??51 213.189.225.* Instantly Withdrawalinstant payment
15:30 305??67 60.52.59.*DoublemyfundsCome join me Invest in Programe.Paying on time, TQ Admin. Hyipdragon.
15:2818??3368.101.178.*Pizartithis is a SCAM, never Paid after 7 days NEVER REFUNDED my $105 USD after request NEVER answered to e0mails HOW come Top 100 is tolerating this BIG SCAM by RATING it PAYING ???
15:16 305??61 60.52.59.*DoublemyfundsI got pay again. Greet program, TQ Admin..... sartina
14:30200??57217.119.146.*DoublemyfundsPaid & rated, excellent, thx! swissinv
14:26200??57217.119.146.*PizartiNever paid, never reply my email...SCAM !!
14:26351??02196.201.86.*Money Trading Systemi don't have my money since i invest
14:21351??02196.201.86.*FX Golden Unioni don't have my money since i invest
13:51343??05219.95.123.*Hex Hyipdidnt pays even a single cent...dont invest
13:49343??05219.95.123.*GoGoldProdidnt let me down yet,always paid when requested
13:36343??05219.95.123.*ToppingFundsnice,pay me not less 12hours
12:05 203??22 83.154.1.* Pizartidont invest, never paid !!! signed by
9:21 356??49 60.52.234.* GlobalBusinessHYiP (R2)fucking scam. pending withdraw. never reply my email. scam sccam scam
6:03317??41 203.177.14.* 3Days2Profitsgot paid 1/3 and ref commission INSTANTLY!! nice program!! - mc2x
3:13 269??24 218.216.160.* GangstaBagI got 1st paid ! today 10/14 e-gold $40 Thankyou Admin. user=edymax
2:42287??19219.99.246.*Capital On LineExcellent program !! Thanks admin.
2:36332??24202.152.162.*MaxProfitHYIPPaid instantly without delay anytime you want!! Great program!
2:31332??24202.152.162.*VIPHourlyInvestAlways paid instantly... great program!! Good job admin!
2:29332??24202.152.162.*SavanaCashAll paid all paid... I hope still longer, reinvest the big one!
2:01363??58 124.130.139.* Gold4Provery hot site!paid me on time
0:27249??47202.208.132.*800 Trust Bankyour e-gold account n/a.Transaction batch is n/a. lie pays.
0:11 138??73 66.219.178.* Eris HyipI have over $2500 in there and it will not let me make any more Deposits and I can't get any withdraws. I see others making deposits and withdraws, but I can’t. I have sent 5 emails to them, with no answer!!!