Vote Information for Tuesday 17 July 2007


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23:30 436??03 87.221.39.* ProFig InvestTop Investment program, top support, top plans. Thank you ProFig !
23:16 436??11 198.24.6.* Open Tradehi, I from colombia the program paid on time, i think i will receive excellent money at the end of my 240 trading days.
23:10460??35216.40.204.*SivaSharepaid again and again!!!
23:04 450??58 202.63.62.*Coffee HYIPIt's best HYIP :)
22:14404??3865.94.216.*Express Trade Inc.Well-paid programm!!
22:14404??3865.94.216.*Forex Trading GroupI recomend this HYIP!
22:14404??3865.94.216.*Expert Gold Grouppaid me today, the admin!
22:14404??3865.94.216.*Professional Trade Corp.My favourite invest program
22:13404??3865.94.216.*Private Gold HoldingPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
22:13404??3865.94.216.*FXM Profit Clubpaid me all the week
22:13404??3865.94.216.*FX Line Corp.A very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
22:13404??3865.94.216.*Elite gold Groupi've been paid here too well done
22:12404??3865.94.216.*United Gold EmpireVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
22:12404??3865.94.216.*AFX Trading CenterReliable hyip. Let's make money!
22:12404??3865.94.216.*Stable Forex Incomein profit! great)
22:11404??3865.94.216.*IFX Gold BankReceived your payment Admin
22:11404??3865.94.216.*500 Forex ClubPaid w/o problems.
22:11404??3865.94.216.*VIP Profit ClubVery-very good. I really like it !
22:11404??3865.94.216.*EGold Profit ClubAlways paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
22:07260??7768.146.212.*Express Trade Inc.It is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
22:06260??7768.146.212.*Forex Trading GroupNice HYIp
22:06260??7768.146.212.*Expert Gold GroupAll time paid!
22:06260??7768.146.212.*Professional Trade Corp.keep up the good work!
22:06458??5074.86.40.*SivaSharei see this HYIP pay longtime
22:06260??7768.146.212.*Private Gold HoldingPays without problems
22:05260??7768.146.212.*FXM Profit ClubWhat a great project!
22:05260??7768.146.212.*FX Line Corp.Paid everyday, directly into my e-gold accoun
22:05260??7768.146.212.*Elite gold GroupThe best program! I'm in profit!
22:04260??7768.146.212.*United Gold EmpireYou are the best
22:04260??7768.146.212.*AFX Trading CenterMy favourite invest program
22:04455??52195.244.142.*Real-MoneyMakingBig SCAM !!! Witdrawals without money in my egold !
22:04260??7768.146.212.*Stable Forex IncomePaying on time and great e-mail support.
22:04260??7768.146.212.*IFX Gold BankAll in time. Super project!
22:03260??7768.146.212.*500 Forex ClubExsellent! Paid! super program!
22:03260??7768.146.212.*VIP Profit ClubThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
22:03260??7768.146.212.*EGold Profit ClubGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
21:56414??73 87.163.73.* ProFig InvestVery solid investment! Steady all the way.THENK YOU!!!
21:54416??81 124.182.98.* Investment Trade. LtdThe voter below meant forum acct. This site is a scam. Pays in daily plan and scams in the compounded plan. Monitors have been removed from the rate page and replaced with a link back to admin scam forum. FUCKING SCAM ADMIN ROTT IN HELL!!!
21:53458??5489.174.8.*SivaSharePay without problems
21:53272??3974.102.213.*Express Trade Inc.Got my withdrawal
21:52272??3974.102.213.*Forex Trading Grouppaid and reinvested.
21:52272??3974.102.213.*Expert Gold GroupNise hyip. Paid!
21:52272??3974.102.213.*Professional Trade Corp.Thanks for paid!
21:52272??3974.102.213.*Private Gold HoldingExcellent program !
21:51272??3974.102.213.*FXM Profit Clubalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
21:51272??3974.102.213.*FX Line Corp.All right. The best invest program
21:51272??3974.102.213.*Elite gold Groupgot paid again
21:50272??3974.102.213.*United Gold Empirereceived the second payment. very good and stable program.
21:49458??76200.137.6.*SivaShareThis program paid me again! I'l invest more!
21:48405??5691.112.137.*ATF SystemPaid only 1/7, than it was finished !
21:47272??3974.102.213.*AFX Trading CenterI got paid today. Thanks admin.
21:46272??3974.102.213.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received, very good :-)
21:46457??33219.93.175.*SivaSharePaying program! Think this project will work else long!
21:46272??3974.102.213.*IFX Gold Bankgot paid just in time, very good program.
21:46272??3974.102.213.*500 Forex ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
21:44272??3974.102.213.*VIP Profit ClubPayment received
21:43272??3974.102.213.*EGold Profit ClubGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
21:42457??60213.16.20.*SivaSharePAYING daily! Very Good! Thanks!
21:39457??88 81.199.171.* SivaSharePaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work !
21:38405??5691.112.137.*CapitalManagementsAdmin, what do you mean with instantly witdraw ? Hours, Days or Month !!!
21:18260??1924.200.80.*Express Trade Inc.very fast payment. Thanks Admin.
21:18260??1924.200.80.*Forex Trading GroupPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
21:17260??1924.200.80.*Expert Gold GroupGreat invest program
21:17260??1924.200.80.*Professional Trade Corp.You are the best
21:17260??1924.200.80.*Private Gold HoldingPaid, long time in profit !
21:16260??1924.200.80.*FXM Profit Clubstill paying!!!
21:16260??1924.200.80.*FX Line Corp.Good And Honest.
21:16260??1924.200.80.*Elite gold GroupThank you Admin!!
21:15260??1924.200.80.*United Gold EmpireVery stable ...
21:15260??1924.200.80.*AFX Trading CenterPaying... Best wishes
21:14260??1924.200.80.*Stable Forex Incomepaid and rate :) thanks admin
21:11260??1924.200.80.*IFX Gold BankVery Stable and Professional
21:11260??1924.200.80.*500 Forex ClubI recomend this HYIP!
21:11260??1924.200.80.*VIP Profit ClubNo problems with payouts. Thanks
21:08260??1924.200.80.*EGold Profit ClubPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
21:03339??7070.80.76.*Express Trade Inc.Paid every day. Nice.
21:03339??7070.80.76.*Forex Trading GroupI recomend this HYIP!
21:02339??7070.80.76.*Expert Gold GroupReceived your paiment
21:02339??7070.80.76.*Professional Trade Corp.Good program! Great support!
21:02339??7070.80.76.*Private Gold HoldingVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
21:01339??7070.80.76.*FXM Profit Club:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
21:01339??7070.80.76.*FX Line Corp.Yes... it paid me
21:01339??7070.80.76.*Elite gold Groupthe best HYIP!nice!
21:00339??7070.80.76.*United Gold EmpireStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
20:59339??7070.80.76.*AFX Trading CenterWhat a great project!
20:59339??7070.80.76.*Stable Forex IncomeExcellent program! Never misses payment.
20:59339??7070.80.76.*IFX Gold BankGreat invest program
20:57339??7070.80.76.*500 Forex Clubpaid! SuperHYIP!!!
20:56339??7070.80.76.*VIP Profit ClubPaying on time and great e-mail support.
20:56339??7070.80.76.*EGold Profit ClubPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
20:51260??6970.92.175.*Express Trade Inc.Good hyip...paid!
20:51260??6970.92.175.*Forex Trading GroupGood Admin Response.
20:50260??6970.92.175.*Expert Gold GroupGreat Hyip!!!
20:50260??6970.92.175.*Professional Trade Corp.Paying well
20:50260??6970.92.175.*Private Gold HoldingThank you admin
20:50260??6970.92.175.*FXM Profit ClubI got my 1st interest
20:49260??6970.92.175.*FX Line Corp.been paid today!
20:49260??6970.92.175.*Elite gold GroupI think it's the BEST!!!
20:49260??6970.92.175.*United Gold EmpireVery Stable and Professional
20:48260??6970.92.175.*AFX Trading Center... INVEST.....!
20:48260??6970.92.175.*Stable Forex IncomePaid me again
20:47260??6970.92.175.*IFX Gold BankVery stable ...
20:47260??6970.92.175.*500 Forex ClubThank you Admin!!!
20:47260??6970.92.175.*VIP Profit ClubAlways paid! THANKS!!!
20:46260??6970.92.175.*EGold Profit ClubGood And Honest.
20:34456??02 80.201.38.* FX Trade SharesPaid instantly. Ranked very high on ALL top monitoring sites (see
19:35396??5562.47.35.*SivaShareNot paid by me and my friends. Not invest here you loose your money. They pays only to few investors. This is a very clever scam-program.
18:43314??7324.37.91.*Oil and Gas InvestmentThanks for good program.
18:27440??64 67.81.220.* Coffee HYIPscam stay away when you go to make a spend it says USD on the site but wants you to spend in grams AVOID!!!
18:07314??7371.59.223.*Express Trade Inc.Great invest program
18:07314??7371.59.223.*Forex Trading GroupNo problems with payouts. Thanks
18:07314??7371.59.223.*Expert Gold GroupPaid well and always in time
18:06314??7371.59.223.*Professional Trade Corp.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
18:06314??7371.59.223.*Private Gold HoldingVery cool programm! Paid me.
18:05314??7371.59.223.*FXM Profit ClubPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
18:05314??7371.59.223.*FX Line Corp.very fast payment. Thanks Admin.
18:05314??7371.59.223.*Elite gold GroupPaid without problems
18:05314??7371.59.223.*United Gold EmpireGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
18:04314??7371.59.223.*AFX Trading CenterPaid my interest. Very honest admin. Will re-invest !!!
18:04314??7371.59.223.*Stable Forex IncomeReally the best
18:04314??7371.59.223.*IFX Gold BankPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
18:03314??7371.59.223.*500 Forex ClubGood program, Paid regularly
18:03314??7371.59.223.*VIP Profit ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
18:02314??7371.59.223.*EGold Profit ClubSuper Program! Thanks admin!
17:56314??6564.53.171.*Express Trade Inc.always paid on time, thanks admin !!!
17:56314??6564.53.171.*Forex Trading GroupAlways paying, no problem!
17:54314??6564.53.171.*Expert Gold Groupgot paid just in time, very good program.
17:54314??6564.53.171.*Professional Trade Corp.Perfectly works and makes good profit
17:53314??6564.53.171.*Private Gold HoldingPayment received, very good
17:53314??6564.53.171.*FXM Profit ClubGreat project, paid! Join!
17:53314??6564.53.171.*FX Line Corp.Paid me again
17:52314??6564.53.171.*Elite gold GroupI got paid today. Thanks admin.
17:52314??6564.53.171.*United Gold EmpireVery-very good program.
17:52314??6564.53.171.*AFX Trading Centerreceived ... payment. very good and stable program.!
17:42314??6564.53.171.*Stable Forex IncomeMy favorite prog! Thanks admin!
17:41314??6564.53.171.*IFX Gold BankAlways paying, thank you guys
17:41314??6564.53.171.*500 Forex Clubpaid again. All right. The best invest program
17:40314??6564.53.171.*VIP Profit ClubExcellent program! Fast support!
17:38314??6564.53.171.*EGold Profit ClubPaying on time, very good system
17:35455??67125.161.241.*Paramount Vistapaid again
16:39271??4076.192.247.*Express Trade Inc.Serious paying program!
16:39271??4076.192.247.*Forex Trading GroupGreat invest program!
16:39271??4076.192.247.*Expert Gold GroupI am glad indeed
16:39396??5562.47.35.*DreamInvestProfitsPaid out all the time. Thanks admin.
16:39271??4076.192.247.*Professional Trade Corp.Thanks paid!
16:38271??4076.192.247.*Private Gold HoldingPaid like clock.
16:38271??4076.192.247.*FXM Profit ClubPaid, pay and continue to pay
16:38271??4076.192.247.*FX Line Corp.paid and reinvested.
16:37271??4076.192.247.*Elite gold GroupThanks for payment!
16:36271??4076.192.247.*United Gold EmpireThanks for payment! invest program!
15:56360??65 201.95.188.* RUSSO Projectexcellent, paid every day
15:55271??4076.192.247.*AFX Trading CenterExsellent! Paid! super program!
15:55271??4076.192.247.*Stable Forex IncomePaying... Best wishes
15:54271??4076.192.247.*IFX Gold BankCoo1-Coo1
15:54271??4076.192.247.*500 Forex ClubRight choice to invest
15:50455??15 88.205.2.* Hourly-DollarPaid me correct. Userid: wolfhd
15:50271??4076.192.247.*VIP Profit ClubPaid on time as usual!!
15:49271??4076.192.247.*EGold Profit ClubReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
15:22197??39 196.206.15.* Life Profit Uspaying immediatly !!!! many thanks ...
14:49360??4569.221.157.*Express Trade Inc.paid me today, good interests
14:49360??4569.221.157.*Forex Trading GroupCoo1 HYIp
14:49360??4569.221.157.*Expert Gold GroupNice-Nice
14:48360??4569.221.157.*Professional Trade paid on 1st investment!
14:48360??4569.221.157.*Private Gold Holdinggood admin response
14:48360??4569.221.157.*FXM Profit ClubOne of the best
14:47360??4569.221.157.*FX Line Corp.Get profit! nice fond)
14:47360??4569.221.157.*Elite gold GroupWas paid today
14:46360??4569.221.157.*United Gold Empire***PAID & PAID***
14:46360??4569.221.157.*AFX Trading CenterPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
14:46360??4569.221.157.*Stable Forex IncomeBest, they are really the BEST
14:46360??4569.221.157.*IFX Gold BankSerious paying program!
14:45360??4569.221.157.*500 Forex ClubI am glad indeed
14:45360??4569.221.157.*VIP Profit ClubPaid like clock.
14:45142??5987.228.113.*Is4everfully satisfy, keep up good work!
14:45360??4569.221.157.*EGold Profit ClubPaid, pay and continue to pay
14:39348??9768.51.172.*Express Trade Inc.Well managed hyip. Pays as promised.
14:38348??9768.51.172.*Forex Trading GroupGood work!
14:38348??9768.51.172.*Expert Gold GroupGreat invest program!
14:38348??9768.51.172.*Professional Trade Corp.I got paid.
14:38348??9768.51.172.*Private Gold HoldingAlways got paid
14:37348??9768.51.172.*FXM Profit ClubPaid since started
14:37348??9768.51.172.*FX Line Corp.i like iT !
14:36348??9768.51.172.*Elite gold GroupGood program.
14:36348??9768.51.172.*United Gold EmpireVery good HYIP, paid!
14:36348??9768.51.172.*AFX Trading CenterGood hyip!
14:35348??9768.51.172.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received. Thanks.
14:35348??9768.51.172.*IFX Gold BankGood work!
14:35348??9768.51.172.*500 Forex ClubI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
14:34348??9768.51.172.*VIP Profit ClubAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
14:34348??9768.51.172.*EGold Profit ClubGood support.
14:27280??1572.188.131.*Express Trade Inc.Paid right on time!
14:26280??1572.188.131.*Forex Trading GroupThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
14:26280??1572.188.131.*Expert Gold GroupPayment received. Thanks.
14:26280??1572.188.131.*Professional Trade Corp.I've been paid in time
14:25 4577626 PROXY nTrade FTIS Ltd[Program Admin]> Dear members, payouts for Jul 16, 2007 has been complete. Please rate us always after you get paid! Thank you. Richard.
14:25280??1572.188.131.*Private Gold HoldingPaid No problems!
14:25280??1572.188.131.*FXM Profit ClubAre you well and happy with this program!
14:24280??1572.188.131.*FX Line Corp.My favourite invest program
14:24280??1572.188.131.*Elite gold GroupGood! Make more!
14:24280??1572.188.131.*United Gold EmpireFor now - no problems.
14:24280??1572.188.131.*AFX Trading Centerpaid today
14:23280??1572.188.131.*Stable Forex IncomeGood program.
14:23280??1572.188.131.*IFX Gold BankVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
14:23280??1572.188.131.*500 Forex ClubStiil geting paid... Goood :)
14:22280??1572.188.131.*VIP Profit ClubIn profit !
14:22280??1572.188.131.*EGold Profit Clublast payment recieved today
14:18339??4669.143.160.*Express Trade Inc.Admin thank! HYIP paid!
14:17339??4669.143.160.*Forex Trading GroupVery good HYIP!
14:17339??4669.143.160.*Expert Gold GroupPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
14:17339??4669.143.160.*Professional Trade Corp.Right choice to invest
14:16339??4669.143.160.*Private Gold HoldingPaid today!Excellent!
14:16339??4669.143.160.*FXM Profit ClubExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
14:16339??4669.143.160.*FX Line Corp.payment received very fast
14:15339??4669.143.160.*Elite gold GroupVery trustworthy a serious investment program
14:15339??4669.143.160.*United Gold EmpireReliable investment.
14:14339??4669.143.160.*AFX Trading CenterGood program! Make more!
14:14339??4669.143.160.*Stable Forex IncomePAYING ! This is important !
14:14339??4669.143.160.*IFX Gold BankGood program.
14:13339??4669.143.160.*500 Forex ClubGood ! One of the best !
14:13339??4669.143.160.*VIP Profit ClubPaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
14:12339??4669.143.160.*EGold Profit ClubWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
14:08375??4476.18.10.*Express Trade Inc.GOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
14:07375??4476.18.10.*Forex Trading GroupGood support.
14:07375??4476.18.10.*Expert Gold GroupGood spon! You shoul try it !
14:06375??4476.18.10.*Professional Trade Corp.Paid today!Excellent!
14:06375??4476.18.10.*Private Gold HoldingGood site. Good admin... ;)
14:06375??4476.18.10.*FXM Profit ClubGood workind hyip!
14:05375??4476.18.10.*FX Line Corp.Good, i got paid
14:05375??4476.18.10.*Elite gold GroupI got paid !!
14:05375??4476.18.10.*United Gold EmpireGot my money!
14:04375??4476.18.10.*AFX Trading CenterAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
14:04375??4476.18.10.*Stable Forex IncomeGot paid for several times
14:04375??4476.18.10.*IFX Gold BankVery good..paid!
14:04444??47 60.53.94.* D - ProfitPaid 1/7. Thanks.
14:03375??4476.18.10.*500 Forex ClubPaid. Excellent customer support.
14:03375??4476.18.10.*VIP Profit Clubgot paid ... I will try again ! :)
14:02375??4476.18.10.*EGold Profit Clubhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
13:0481??23194.242.62.*CoastLineFundThey paid me 8 times then dead, be carefully with invest there <Drax>
12:14 220??76 193.2.237.* Earning SpacePaid again! Thanks!
11:27421??0262.225.112.*ATF SystemI did my first deposit yesterday, but i don´t received any amound as yet !
10:54405??5691.112.137.*FX Line Corp.THEY JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY !!!
9:56456??43 155.234.240.* Secure Invest NowWithdrawals are just pending
9:43405??5691.112.137.*RUSSO ProjectPaid every day like promised ! What a wonderful HYIP! Thanks Admin !!!
9:41377??81 60.48.114.* Danfoll GroupJust invested USD 2. Ref: 3777381. I hope this is a good investment program.
9:25392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundAbsolutely one of the best hyips right now - very proffessional!
8:36451??45202.168.113.*Navigator TradeBeen paid 5Xs already. Fast payment each time. Already reinvested. Hope to see them around a long time.
8:12405??5691.112.137.*Express Trade Inc.BIG SCAMMERS ! Don´t pay and don´t answer !
8:03355??39 213.184.252.* USD-FundsSCAM AND CHETAERS !!!! NOT PAID SINCE OPENED!
7:06457??6966.186.63.*SivaSharereceived the payment. very good and stable program.
7:03457??0066.186.63.*SivaSharehyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
7:02455??52195.244.142.*GaryfundGary run away !
6:59457??65 222.122.12.* SivaShareVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
6:47252??8381.169.143.*CapitalManagementsPaid! Good!
6:47456??72219.93.175.*SivaShareExsellent! Paid! super program!
6:42259??4791.121.13.*Finance EarningRight choice to invest
6:41259??4791.121.13.*Fund GeneratorPays without problems
6:41259??4791.121.13.*CapitalManagementsMy favourite invest program
6:40259??4791.121.13.*Secure Invest NowPaid!
6:38259??4791.121.13.*Functional InvestPayment received!
6:37 460??83 216.40.204.*SivaShareExsellent! Paid! super program!
6:36207??5391.121.10.*Finance EarningPaying!
6:35207??5391.121.10.*Fund GeneratorHonest admin!
6:34207??5391.121.10.*CapitalManagementsVery good!
6:33207??5391.121.10.*Secure Invest NowGood!
6:32207??5391.121.10.*Functional InvestPaid!
6:29456??5589.174.8.*SivaShareThe Best Paying program!
6:22456??02200.137.6.*SivaSharePaid to my e-gold! Very good and honest. Thanks!
6:09456??0974.86.40.*SivaShareAlways got paid from this site. Thanks Admin.
5:56421??85 75.65.40.* DiveFinanceInvested $ 10... Then $ 500... Paid, Thanks Admin!!!
5:53455??88194.244.9.*SivaSharepaid again thanks 10.5$
5:49452??93219.93.175.*SivaShareThe most recomended place for invest. Always pays on time.
5:46449??53200.137.6.*SivaShareIf you want get the real money, sivashare is the right place for you.
5:21 415??40 194.150.138.* Life Profit Us
4:55419??76 122.2.228.* Life Profit Usnot paying me another scam site!!! beware investors of evil program
4:49359??74 222.124.75.* PremiumPro LtdMy withdraw not paid this program SCAM
4:40456??0169.92.13.*ATF SystemHEY GUYS! What's up you forgot me today!!! I see you paid others right? Yet looking for my 2/7! Thanks for your response
4:23378??0872.232.177.*London-Invest-HouseGot paid again , good
3:30456??0169.92.13.*Firm3500I would love to give you a good vote if only I was paid!!! Wishful thinking huh? You say you paid agian on the 16th who did you pay?
2:02388??90219.83.97.*My Gold FinancePaid 2 of 30. Good program.
1:59388??90219.83.97.*World ForexAlways pays on time. Recomended place for long term investment.
1:57388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdDear Sir. Which account U mean that have been banned ? Since this program pays directly to our eGold account, not through their website account. Maybe you talk about other program. Until today, I received my payments.
1:51388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamNever miss to pay. Recomended place for long term investment.
1:49388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundPaid 16 of 30. Always pays on time. Recomended place for invest.
1:46388??90219.83.97.*30x4Always pays on time. Good place for invest.
1:44388??90219.83.97.*Danfoll GroupPaid 1 of 3. Good start.
1:27440??33 219.93.10.* Secure Invest NowWithdrawals Request PENDING... Start Withdrawals Jul-14-2007
0:49360??63206.163.242.*Express Trade Inc.Paid like clock.
0:49360??63206.163.242.*Forex Trading GroupPaid like clock.
0:49360??63206.163.242.*Expert Gold GroupPayment received thanks!
0:49360??63206.163.242.*Professional Trade Corp.Thanks for payment!
0:48360??63206.163.242.*Private Gold HoldingNever misses payment.
0:48360??63206.163.242.*FXM Profit ClubSuccessful HYIP
0:48360??63206.163.242.*FX Line Corp.Nice program... ;)
0:48360??63206.163.242.*Elite gold GroupWorks every day.
0:48360??63206.163.242.*United Gold EmpireOne of the best
0:47360??63206.163.242.*AFX Trading CenterExcellent program!!! GOOD!
0:47360??63206.163.242.*Stable Forex IncomeThanks for payment!
0:47360??63206.163.242.*IFX Gold BankPaid, pay and continue to pay
0:47360??63206.163.242.*500 Forex ClubPaid like clock.
0:47360??63206.163.242.*VIP Profit ClubI am glad indeed
0:46360??63206.163.242.*EGold Profit ClubSerious paying program!
0:24335??4670.55.64.*Express Trade Inc.Works every day.
0:24335??4670.55.64.*Forex Trading GroupOne of the best
0:24335??4670.55.64.*Expert Gold GroupPaid 8/20. Thanks!
0:23335??4670.55.64.*Professional Trade Corp.Was paid today
0:23335??4670.55.64.*Private Gold HoldingPaid like clock.
0:23335??4670.55.64.*FXM Profit ClubPayment received thanks!
0:22335??4670.55.64.*FX Line Corp.Thanks for payment!
0:22335??4670.55.64.*Elite gold GroupNever misses payment.
0:22335??4670.55.64.*United Gold EmpireReally Good program online
0:21335??4670.55.64.*AFX Trading CenterPaid and withdrew.
0:21335??4670.55.64.*Stable Forex IncomePaid all time. Thanks admin!
0:21335??4670.55.64.*IFX Gold BankPaying all the time!
0:20335??4670.55.64.*500 Forex ClubGot another paid
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