Vote Information for Monday 16 July 2007


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21:30459??5574.86.8.*SivaSharevery good admin. got payment every day
21:10 396??96 89.149.230.* Logical-Profitpaid me $ 7. batch is 83001849. very good site. thanks admin
21:00242??79 151.37.137.* 7-ForeverPaid again !!! Thank you Admin !!! goldfile
20:2074??63 72.82.98.* Hyip-PWHave requested withdrawal of account balance each day since 13 July. Still not received. NOT a GOOD sign!
19:5414??41 76.230.147.* StableFundingWhat I recived not money no Batch #s
19:20445??26122.167.151.*World Forexpaid again. very good
19:19445??26122.167.151.*RUSSO Projectvery good admin. got payment every day
18:51 299??11 89.239.131.* SivaShareNot Paid on Plan C from 19 June. Admin not answer
18:48448??8883.217.54.*PrivateFinHave paid instantly! Jul-16-2007 11:32:41 AM $2.64 Withdraw to account 4485xxx. Batch is 83001315 Thanks the admin!!!
18:48355??38195.93.60.*SignFreedomFirst payment received, thanks admin!
18:44355??38195.93.60.*30x4Payment received 4/4, thanks admin!
18:42355??38195.93.60.*D - ProfitPayment received 4/7, thanks admin!
18:40448??8883.217.54.*SivaShareHave paid instantly! Thanks the admin!!!
18:39355??38195.93.60.*ATF SystemPayment received 6/7, thanks admin!
18:35355??38195.93.60.*Microne InvestmentPayment received x 13, thanks admin!
18:31355??38195.93.60.*Gamma SharePayment received x 8, thanks admin!
18:28355??38195.93.60.*Citrus FinanceSecond payment received, thanks admin!
11:19444??47 60.53.0.* e-Xplode HYIPInvested USD 1. On trial. Got no payments at all. Contact support, no reply.
11:13455??52195.244.142.*Brisk-Investpaid instantly 4 times, Thanx ;)
10:09402??7484.252.140.*Reasonable InvestmentsReceived the next daily autopayment $3.8 and ref bonus $5.05 That's all right!
9:34455??67125.161.241.*O2-Investpaid as usual
9:30455??67125.161.241.*ATF Systempaid 6/7
9:12413??1785.25.148.*ATF SystemPaid 2/7. Thanks.
9:11 380??17 195.138.218.* FX Trade SharesPaid instantly! #amon
8:57405??5691.112.137.*ATF SystemPaid 1/7 like promised !
8:47385??3788.198.107.*PremiumPro LtdNot paid for 3 days and account #483 suspended without any reason (I don't have multi accounts!). Many people with the same problem. Do not invest here! Have a llo to TG and MMG before! gp_cos
8:44214??1467.159.5.*CapitalManagementsPayment received!
8:39387??0391.121.10.*CapitalManagementsPayment received!
8:35400??62 83.36.91.* 500 Forex ClubSorry,Amd. no rep. e-mail
8:34 187??30 202.143.98.*Hourly-DollarID : centric , Can not Login, my email :
8:28351??98 213.160.137.* Is4everI have received next payment! Very nice site!
8:17 455??11 193.219.244.*Brisk-InvestGot paid
8:13353??63 203.130.222.* Global Investing Club LTDPAID AGAIN....ALWAYS......
8:09440??2380.80.111.*Profit-Keynot paid!!!
7:47421??30 124.82.13.* RUSSO Projectthe best so far..thanks!
6:52444??4760.48.114.*30x4Pays without fail after reinvest. Latest payment 2/4. Thanks.
6:38444??4760.48.114.*My Gold FinancePays without fail. Latest payment 6/30. Thanks.
6:33136??42195.151.159.*Is4everThis project is right choice!!! 7/15/2007 Payment Received 82941829 Gold +0.061534 1349945 41.00 USD 666.30 From: Memo: Profit withdrawal
6:08455??67125.161.241.*Paramount Vistareceived my 3rd payment
6:02187??09125.161.241.*YourGetProfitgot paid 2/2, 60-80% Daily for 2 days
5:18250??2781.169.187.*CapitalManagementsPaying hyip!
5:14252??8381.169.143.*Invest FortuneGood!
5:11259??4791.121.13.*Invest FortunePaid!
5:05259??4791.121.13.*Finance EarningGood program!
5:04259??4791.121.13.*Fund GeneratorPaid!!!!
5:04377??81 60.53.88.* ATF SystemPays without fail. Latest payment 5/7. Thanks.
5:01259??4791.121.13.*Secure Invest NowGood!
5:00259??4791.121.13.*Functional InvestPaying!
4:59259??4791.121.13.*Island ProfitsPaid! Good hyip!
4:55456??0169.92.13.*ATF System
4:53207??5391.121.10.*Finance EarningRealy paid!
4:53207??5391.121.10.*Fund GeneratorHonest admin!
4:51207??5391.121.10.*CapitalManagementsPayment received!
4:51456??0169.92.13.*30x4received 1st payout 07/15/07 thanks!!!!!
4:49207??5391.121.10.*Secure Invest NowHonest admin!
4:48207??5391.121.10.*Functional Investgood!
4:47207??5391.121.10.*Island ProfitsPaid!
4:20295??4877.45.135.*DayTradeProsReliable place for investments...
2:41 448??10 203.87.186.* Benefit Islandi haven't got paid yet. still in pending for more than a day. i invested 700usd. not even my first withdrawal was honored...
2:11388??90219.83.97.*DDC MogulSCAMMER ! It paid my for my first investment, but not my second one. SCAMMER ! SCAMMER !!
2:09388??90219.83.97.*My Gold FinancePaid 1/30. Good start.
2:05388??90219.83.97.*World ForexAlways pays on time. Good program.
2:02388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdWho said this is SCAM ?? I got paid until July 13. Please take a note, this program pays 5 days a week.
1:56388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamGood place for invest. Pays on time.
1:55388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundIt pays 5 days a week. Pays on time. Recomended place for invest.
1:49388??90219.83.97.*30x4If you want the real money, is the right place for you. It pays on the weekend too.
1:48437??24212.19.6.*Kale Trading LTDpaid
1:15460??35 83.206.17.* SivaShareThe most recomended place for invest. Always pays on time.
0:55460??09 12.193.197.* SivaSharePAYING daily! Very Good! Thanks!
0:17228??85 66.175.214.* MarfesProfitgot payment, thanks!