Vote Information for Friday 13 July 2007


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23:21458??6074.86.8.*SivaShareGood invest program and good percent plan
23:16458??50 81.199.171.* SivaSharePaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work !
23:00272??75 66.175.215.* InvstmentStockClubWithdrawal Requests today,Fast time.Thanks admin!
22:56457??3368.183.163.*SivaSharePaid me right on time. Will invest more soon
22:50457??60213.16.20.*SivaSharePaid. Thanks for the great job
22:46457??88165.228.129.*SivaSharei have been paid promptly... Good for me too.
22:42457??69220.227.148.*SivaSharePaid without problem and site is ok no problem so far...Tks.
22:38457??00217.65.117.*SivaShareVery good ! Stable, paid me as usual.I´m happy with this program. Good work :)
22:06376??48 88.147.178.* NY-FinancePaid everyday!
20:29456??02213.16.20.*SivaSharepaid and rate!!!
18:28413??1785.25.148.*Forex Trading Groupscam
18:07413??1785.25.148.*CoastLineFundpaid on time.thank you
17:56355??38195.93.60.*D - ProfitFirst payment received, thanks admin!
16:53445??26122.167.225.*World Forexgot payment. very good
16:52445??26122.167.225.*RUSSO Projectgot payment. very good
16:04386??92203.218.52.*American-ManagerSuper fast payment
15:49391??1960.51.118.*Investment Trade. Ltdpaid - Thanks Admin
15:26395??16201.245.187.*Open TradeEl mejor programa que existe, siempre paga a tiempo. Gracias Open Trade
15:25391??1960.51.118.*DDC Mogulpaid - Thanks Admin
15:09386??92203.218.52.*London-Invest-HouseGet paid!
15:02419??76122.2.237.*EminentHYIPgreat program never missed to pay!!!!
14:55419??76122.2.237.*Profit-Keynever paid instantly fuck you scam site!!!!
14:51444??4760.49.69.*30x4Paid 4/4. Thanks. Reinvest.
14:49365??67125.162.42.*Paramadina FundGot first paid. Thanks Admin
14:43415??68125.162.42.*Paramadina Fundpaid thx
14:41 4577626 PROXY nTrade FTIS Ltd[Program Admin]> Dear members, please do not make bad votes with no reasons! If you have talents and free time, please support us and earn REAL money with our referral program. Thank you. Richard Showfety (Support and Service Owner)
14:11 441??46 66.79.167.* Cojo InvestNot paying.Invest $1 lose $1
13:23386??92203.218.52.*MetalBankingGet paid!
13:00457??24209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingGood site,paid!!Honest admin.
12:59 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> I trust this admin First time
12:59456??39209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks admin! Paid over and over!
12:57453??20209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingBest HYUP! Always pays correctly and on time.
12:56457??61209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingAll withdrawals received,within 24 hours.
12:56440??87209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingReally the best program online Serious paying program
12:55459??35209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingStable and professional program.
12:42 459??11 88.1.167.* BorthyipPaid!
12:35408??7161.6.214.*30x4Paid 3/4, Thanks Admin.
12:17458??6864.56.70.*SivaShareget paid many times,it is really paying site!
12:15458??76 203.186.92.* SivaShareGreat program, paying and paying! Cool!
12:12449??5364.56.70.*SivaSharealways paying me without delaying
12:03459??5574.86.8.*SivaSharePaid. Excellent customer support
11:52400??7385.114.87.*8th MonopolyNice HYIP. Paying well.
11:48322??4484.32.200.*GoldenRedsPayment Received 82879001 Gold +0.000225 4580323 0.15 USD 667.90
11:30405??5691.112.137.*Express Trade Inc.Didn`t pay any longer ! Big SCAM !!!!!
11:21452??34 74.208.14.* SignFreedomPaying program!!! very good.
10:41323??04218.7.48.*Cash PAYING automatic daily! Thanks admins!
10:38455??52195.244.142.*CoastLineFundpaid 5/30 tahnks
10:26457??24195.175.37.*SivaShare[SivaShare Admin Notice] Hey, SCAMMED investors! Our HYIP CLOSEED!!! PLEASE DON'T INVEST MORE!!! Read proofs here-> WE DON'T PAY TO OUR FUCKED INVESTORS!!! DON'T INVEST MORE AND DON'T DISTURB US ABOUT PAYOUTS!!!
9:50444??4760.49.69.*ATF SystemPaid 2/7. Thanks.
8:27270??63213.135.138.*Is4everAmaizing paying program. Get stable payouts every day
8:22 455??36 82.181.195.* Cojo Investnot paying for a few days now!!!
8:11455??52195.244.142.*BreezeInvestmentVery fast withdrawals, thanx ;)
7:51388??90219.83.97.*World ForexAlways pays on time. Good place for invest.
7:25295??48 77.45.150.* DayTradeProsThanks! I have again received fast payment.
7:15388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdGood porgram for invest. Thanks Admin.
7:13388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamPays on time. Good program for invest.
7:11388??90219.83.97.*30x4Paid 3 of 4. Recomended place for invest.
7:09388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundAlways pays on time. Good place for invest.
7:07388??90219.83.97.*DDC MogulFully paid 2 of 2. Recomended place for invest.
6:41441??80213.230.130.*SivaShareNOW IS A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENCTION NOT PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEOPL E LOOK GOLDPOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!ADMIN FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO CLEAN WINDOWS CARS!!!!!!!!
5:42344??69202.43.172.*Neotrade GlobalPaid me 7 times for Normal plan. Thanks admin
5:39440??2380.80.111.*ExactInvestnot paid!!!
4:25353??63 219.83.5.* Global Investing Club LTDYOU ARE THE BEST HYIP....PAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:59 446??77 80.92.26.*GoldBizHyipSCAM! Do not spend money in this program. Pays only to monitorings!
3:46388??3191.121.9.*Diamond Fund LLCSerious paying program!
3:42389??5481.169.143.*Blow ProfitGreat invest program!!!
3:41389??5481.169.143.*Auto Money HyipGreat invest program!!!
3:40389??5481.169.143.*Diamond Fund LLCGreat invest program!!!
3:37389??7585.214.28.*Blow ProfitVery good company! All OK!
3:36389??7585.214.28.*Auto Money HyipVery good company! All OK!
3:35389??7585.214.28.*Diamond Fund LLCVery good company! All OK!
3:35427??03 219.89.104.* Investment Trade. LtdTypical cheat program, if you invest a little money they withdraw a few times, but if you invest more don't paid and ignore you letter. Don’t be silly and invest
3:30388??2591.121.10.*Diamond Fund LLCgood interests
3:29388??2591.121.10.*Functional Investgood interests
3:28388??2591.121.10.*Invest Fortunegood interests
3:25317??6985.214.73.*Diamond Fund LLCExcellent program
3:23317??6985.214.73.*Functional InvestExcellent program
3:19317??6985.214.73.*Invest FortuneExcellent program
2:56456??7274.86.8.*SivaShareThis is a very good site it pays on time everyday. Keep up the good job.
2:54456??5589.149.234.*SivaShareBest program ever !! Never miss a single payment
2:46455??88217.65.117.*SivaShareVery stable. Fast support. I'm in profit.
2:42451??57165.228.128.*SivaShareThe most stable program on the net
2:40404??3824.19.127.*ATF SystemThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
2:39446??41220.227.148.*SivaShareyou are honest.I got paid alway.thanks
2:39339??70 72.134.96.* ATF SystemGreat invest program
2:37272??9769.226.236.*ATF SystemYou are the best
2:36271??42 83.237.238.* ATF SystemPaid, long time in profit !
2:36458??25165.228.129.*SivaSharethanks you for your payment you are honest.
2:34270??6324.19.127.*ATF Systempaid and rate :) thanks admin
2:33456??0961.7.156.*SivaShareThey are always paying
2:30446??7174.86.8.*SivaSharepaid instantly thank you
2:02187??09125.161.241.*ATF Systemreceived my 3rd payment
2:00386??92203.218.52.*Open-Forex-MarketGet paid again!
1:26432??7890.187.122.*Coca Hyipdont invest say it again and again
1:24421??9690.187.122.*Coca Hyipdont invest trust me you lose your money sammy
1:21437??24212.19.6.*SivaShareNot paid 18 days. scam.
1:12 14??32 74.129.1.* Gip2007Scam - just ripped off my egold account!
0:07437??24212.19.6.*Offshore Tradepaid