Vote Information for Thursday 12 July 2007


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23:26408??7161.6.214.*Open TradeYessssssssssssss. Keep up the good work. Thanks Admin
23:23405??5691.112.137.*JT3000I can`t invest here, they have always data base problems !!!
23:20405??5691.112.137.*Firm3500THEY JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY !!!
23:18405??5691.112.137.*LofutaFULLY UGLY SCAM !!!!!!!!!!
23:17405??5691.112.137.*NexritiFULLY UGLY SCAM !!!!!!!!!!
22:08392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundReally excellent project! Thanks to Admins.
22:05458??2062.63.189.*Brisk-Investthanks for great program
21:41405??5691.112.137.*30x4Paid 2/4 like promised, Thanks Admin
20:43423??84206.248.81.*Zurich Gold Ltd.NO SE AQUIEN LE ESTA PAGANDO PERO AMI NO ME PAGA!!!!
19:58355??38195.93.60.*30x4Payment received 2/4, thanks admin!
19:46415??98 69.108.88.* Is4everEasy money! Pleasure working with Is4ever. Get paid again!
19:38278??65 194.158.219.* Is4everGet payout! Without any problems. Very good as usually.
19:14229??5569.226.236.*Is4everPaid. Thanks admin for your hard work.
19:03405??5691.112.137.*DreamInvestProfitsA really fantastic HYIP, very, very fast paying, Thanks a lot, Admin
18:54415??00 75.37.106.* Is4everGot payment. =)
18:07 453??44 203.170.226.* Brisk-Investour program very gfood and auto Yes
17:57355??38195.93.60.*Citrus FinanceFirst payment received, thanks admin!
17:48355??38195.93.60.*Microne InvestmentPayment received x 10, thanks admin!
17:43355??38195.93.60.*AFXINVPayment received 23/40, thanks admin!
17:08437??70 70.254.8.* CavemanProfitsI am into my 3rd week w/o any missed payments. VERY GOOD!
17:05459??73217.65.117.*SivaSharePaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:02444??33202.63.62.*Guaranteed HYIPGreat program =]
17:01444??33202.63.62.*Firm3500PAYING AGAIN :)))))))))))))))))))
16:55458??60220.227.148.*SivaSharegood paid !! good program!!!
16:48228??94 84.159.188.* RUSSO Projecti got paid after 30 days period, i recomend this program,
16:34445??26122.167.233.*RUSSO Projectpaid every day perfectly.
16:34445??26122.167.233.*World Forexpaid again. very good
16:34 447??81 88.214.105.* Firm3500SCAM!!!!!! FUCKING Firm3500!
16:09444??47 60.48.119.* My Gold FinancePaid 4/30. Thanks.
16:07386??92203.218.52.*American-ManagerSuper fast payment again!
15:38458??50142.22.16.*SivaSharekeep up the good work!
15:31457??33165.228.128.*SivaShareIt is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
15:28457??8889.149.234.*SivaSharePaid since started
15:24457??60 211.157.100.* SivaSharePaid since started
15:24454??8567.159.5.*SignFreedompaid!!! very good program, thank you admin.
15:18457??6964.56.70.*SivaShareVery Good
15:07457??0061.7.156.*SivaShareReally the best program online!
15:03142??5987.228.113.*Is4everLong-range program,and min spend is only $1
14:56456??9974.86.8.*SivaSharelast payment recieved today
14:55456??02165.228.129.*SivaSharePerfectly works and makes good profit
14:48426??15 218.111.169.* Legal-InvestmentI got paid... thanks admin -flyguy-
14:47431??77 89.110.61.* DualStrikesDid not pay me for 6 weeks. Going to close very soon.
14:47452??9364.56.70.*SivaSharePaid by schedule, thanks admin.
14:20 4477878 PROXY e-Monopoly[Program Admin]> e-Monopoly. Vote posted by "458**76 66.79.187.*" is 100% FAKE. It's made by unhonest competitors. You can simply check this person by reviewing his votes history: how he can post up to 5 "Good" votes for one program (maybe his own) per day?!
14:18 417??95 203.144.143.*Firm3500REAL SCAM, DO NOT INVEST!!!
14:14391??1960.51.118.*DDC Mogulpaid- Thanks admin
14:14408??7161.6.214.*GoldBizHyipNot paying. Scam.
14:05 4492493 PROXY Global Investing Club LTD[Program Admin]> Special note : "BAD VOTER GROUP" all payment settled already
13:56405??5691.112.137.*ATF SystemIt was not possible to invest here. There is a problem in data processing !
13:46405??5691.112.137.*My Gold FinancePaid 1/30 like promised !
13:43396??5562.47.52.*Salin OilPaid nothing also by me. A big scam same haler invest.
13:19458??7389.149.234.*SivaSharehyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
13:07 426??15 91.65.137.* Hourly-Dollarpaid again !! #dsl63
12:48405??5691.112.137.*MetalBankingVery fast payment ! Still go on !
12:29405??5691.112.137.*DDC MogulPaid 1/2 very fast ! It seems good looking !
11:51386??92203.218.52.*MetalBankingGet paid!
11:48404??3876.174.125.*Oil and Gas InvestmentGood hyip...paid!
11:24440??94 77.51.3.* Is4everIt keeps paying. Good program!
10:49455??52195.244.142.*Profit-Keypaid instantly
10:23396??5562.47.52.*NexritiBy other monitors is Nexriti by the black list. They never paid me. It`s a big scam. Not invest you loose all your money.
10:18396??5562.47.52.*SivaShareA big scam program. They work very clever. Good votings from friends. Do not invest. You loose all your money.
10:01391??1960.51.118.*Investment Trade. Ltdpaid - hopefully can mantain for long time
9:55413??1785.25.148.*Forex Trading Groupscam
9:41138??83193.40.10.*Profit-KeyPaid - batch 82828080, instant. Thanks, user: hyip-sense
9:33 448??11 158.169.131.*FX Trade SharesI recieved my first payment today. Excellent customer support.
9:11346??87 195.10.212.* Build BankПлатит
8:57428??31 60.53.69.* Oil and Gas Investmenttop one scammer...never pay 3month now still pending.don invest not pay
8:52388??7966.96.216.*NexritiExcellent program
8:52455??52195.244.142.*EminentHYIPPaid, thanx
8:46388??7966.96.216.*LofutaExcellent program
8:37443??9591.121.10.*LofutaThis program is the best of all
8:36443??95193.164.133.*NexritiThis program is the best of all
8:04405??5691.112.137.*Salin OilPAID NOTHING ! FULLY SCAMMER !!!
8:02405??5691.112.137.*Express Trade Inc.Paid till 3/5 by the first invest, reinvest paid nothing ! Admin never answered ! Probably SCAM !
7:49 3737558 PROXY Hyip-Platinum[Program Admin]> All payments are got
7:47413??1785.25.148.*Garyfundpaid me again
7:11325??3491.121.13.*JT3000Definitely one of the very best hyips till date
7:11325??3491.121.13.*LofutaDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date
7:10325??3491.121.13.*NexritiDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date
6:55 459??94 81.37.254.* BorthyipGreat!Thanks
6:48137??9681.169.187.*JT3000Been paid today
6:47137??9681.169.187.*LofutaBeen paid today
6:46137??9681.169.187.*NexritiBeen paid today
6:42443??5791.121.10.*JT3000High recomend! super HYIP!!!
6:41443??5791.121.10.*LofutaHigh recomend! super HYIP!!!
6:40443??5791.121.10.*NexritiHigh recomend! super HYIP!!!
6:38295??4877.45.131.*DayTradeProsI recommend this program. Have paid!
6:36389??2267.159.5.*JT3000Always paid! THANKS!!!
6:32389??2267.159.5.*LofutaAlways paid! THANKS!!!
6:32389??2267.159.5.*NexritiAlways paid! THANKS!!!
6:30 459??78 83.43.151.* BorthyipExcellent!
6:22388??3191.121.9.*JT3000the best invest program
6:20388??3191.121.9.*Lofutathe best invest program
6:19388??3191.121.9.*Nexritithe best invest program
6:09389??7585.214.28.*JT3000good admin response
6:08389??7585.214.28.*LofutaGreat HYIP
6:06389??7585.214.28.*NexritiGreat HYIP
6:02388??2591.121.10.*Auto Money Hyipgood admin response
6:01388??2591.121.10.*Blow Profitgood admin response
6:00388??2591.121.10.*Lofutagood admin response
5:59388??2591.121.10.*Nexritigood admin response
5:51317??6985.214.73.*Auto Money HyipReceived your payment
5:50317??6985.214.73.*Blow ProfitReceived your payment
5:49317??6985.214.73.*JT3000Received your payment
5:48317??6985.214.73.*LofutaReceived your payment
5:47317??6985.214.73.*NexritiReceived your payment
5:42388??90219.83.97.*World ForexThe most recomended place for invest. Always pays on time.
5:41388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdThe most recomended place for invest. Always pays on time.
5:39388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamThe most recomended place for invest. Always pays on time.
5:37388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundThe most recomended place for invest. Always pays on time.
5:34388??90219.83.97.*30x4Paid 2 of 4. Good program.
5:31377??81 60.53.0.* ATF SystemPrompt payment. Paid 1/7. Thanks.
4:16 444??59 218.191.123.*Hourly-DollarGet paid with$0.42 again~ ID: CHEla111
4:02353??63 222.124.120.* Global Investing Club LTDPAID.... THANK YOU ADMIN....!!!!!
3:53347??10211.196.186.*Garyfundgreat hyip program!Invested $500,paid me everyday.
2:37351??3667.15.183.*Hourly-DollarI received payment again!Thank you admin!id:fandonga
2:25 241??39 125.160.98.* Hourly-DollarIt's really paid. User: katak
2:24 456??06 66.79.182.* 5
2:18 433??38 64.136.27.* 7-ForeverPays promptly with superb support.
2:16386??92203.218.52.*London-Invest-HouseGet paid!
2:15408??71202.152.79.*30x4Paid 1/4. Thanks
2:03388??90219.83.97.*DDC MogulPaid 1 of 2. Good start.
2:02457??6589.149.234.*SivaSharePaid, long time in profit !
1:58458??4274.86.8.*SivaSharePaying... Best wishes
1:55458??5474.86.8.*SivaSharePaid instantly just now, reinvest as always. Thank you, Admin!