Vote Information for Wednesday 11 July 2007


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23:49437??24212.19.6.*SivaShareNot paid 17 days. scam.
23:47 459??60 90.186.110.*Coca Hyipdont invest here they pay you nothing
23:42421??9690.186.110.*Coca Hyipbe careful with this scammer guys Sammy
22:50405??5691.112.137.*LofutaSCAMMER, SCAMMER, nothing but a SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
22:48405??5691.112.137.*FX Line Corp.SCAMMER; SCAMMER, nothing but a SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
22:45405??5691.112.137.*Stable Forex IncomeSCAMMER; SCAMMER nothing but a SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
22:25458??68219.93.175.*SivaShareExcellent! Really paid!
22:21458??76219.93.175.*SivaSharePaid on time as usual!! !! !!
22:16449??5374.86.8.*SivaSharePerfectly works and makes good profit
21:42168??2388.172.212.*Salin OilPaid like a clock. Thanks.
21:42405??5691.112.137.*30x4Paid 1/4, Thanks Admin
21:36 459??65 74.86.8.*SivaShareNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
21:34459??55165.228.128.*SivaSharePaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
21:21456??72165.228.129.*SivaShareReally the best program online!
21:16456??55142.22.16.*SivaSharehyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
21:09455??88213.16.20.*SivaShareGood program! Great support!
21:07455??52195.244.142.*Brisk-Investpaid instantly, thanx !!
21:07451??57219.93.175.*SivaShare:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
21:02405??5691.112.137.*Firm3500To 456**50 : You are the biggest idiot for investing in this SCAM-Program!!! Hahaha....
21:00405??5691.112.137.*NexritiTHEY JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY !!! SCAMMER !!!!!
20:22446??41 72.55.139.* SivaShareVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
20:18458??25142.22.16.*SivaShareWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
20:16293??03195.151.204.*Gamma SharePaid x 7 on time and reinvested. Thank you, Admin!
20:00293??03195.151.204.*Microne InvestmentNext payment x 14 recieved on time. Thank you, Admin!
19:26456??09219.93.175.*SivaSharePaid me as usual fast and as promised. Absolutely great.The best program on the market.
19:01 406??92 24.31.121.* Real-MoneyMakingListed as Paid 7/11. LIE HAVE NOT BEEN PAID!
18:52442??83208.70.6.*Navigator Tradenot paying my money is with them they are not paying..sent no reply!becareful
18:51156??6474.119.161.*Capital Project HYIPInvested july6 received 0 payments to my egold, no response from admin. DO NOT SOEND HERE!
18:47156??6474.119.161.*BucksHeadInvested july6 received 0 payments to my egold, no response from admin. DO NOT SPEND HERE!
18:41355??38195.93.60.*30x4Payment received 1/4, thanks admin!
18:38457??24195.175.37.*SivaShare[SivaShare Admin Notice] Guys are you fucked by crazy swines into ass? I said, DON'T INVEST into sivashare more because WE ARE SCAM! WE DON'T PAY ANYTHING TO OUR FUCKED NEW AND OLD MEMBERS! FUCK YOU ALL HERE ON THE TOP100HYIP AND GOLDPOLL! FUCK YOU!
18:29355??38195.93.60.*ATF SystemFirst payment received, thanks admin!
18:24355??38195.93.60.*GaryfundFirst payment received, thanks admin!
17:53392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundThanks to admins. I'm very satisfied with this project.
17:53 459??45 81.34.133.* BorthyipWell job!paid
16:53446??71219.93.175.*PrivateFinExcellent program! I am inprofit now!
16:51446??71219.93.175.*SivaSharepaid again and again! thanks admin!
16:47459??73219.93.175.*PrivateFinNever miss any payment. good job admin! you are honest!
16:45459??73219.93.175.*SivaShareJust got another payment. waiting the next :D good job admin!
16:32458??60210.176.2.*PrivateFinreal love this one.paid always on time and instantly. thanks honest admin!
16:26458??60210.176.2.*SivaSharepaid on the time! good job admin!
16:15445??26122.167.203.*RUSSO Projectv good, admin. got payment.
16:13445??26122.167.203.*World Forexvery good admin. got payment every day
16:08 390??79 189.151.56.* Hourly-DollarIts very good!
16:08444??4760.48.117.*DDC MogulReinvest. Paid 1/2. Thanks.
16:05 423??53 60.49.103.* Reasonable Investmentsreceive 14 Payment,Thanks admin Reason inv
15:56444??4760.48.117.*My Gold FinancePaid 3/30. Thanks.
15:53444??4760.48.117.*30x4Paid 2/4. Thanks.
15:48386??92203.218.52.*Paramount VistaGet paid!
15:27317??93212.110.133.*Is4everGood job Admin!
15:23458??50202.21.176.*PrivateFinpaid today again...
15:22458??50202.21.176.*SivaShareVery-very good. I really like it !
15:21396??55 62.47.52.* Real-MoneyMakingDear Programm Admin ! Why they not paid to me. I have pending withdrawals for more than 10 days!!!!! You can check my account. I think all the good votings are friends from the programm admin.
15:11457??33165.228.128.*PrivateFinIt is really great program!!!
15:09457??33165.228.128.*SivaSharePaid by schedule, thanks admin.
15:07386??92203.218.52.*American-ManagerSuper fast payment!
15:04457??88165.228.129.*PrivateFindon't forget invest here
15:03457??88165.228.129.*SivaSharePaid. Excellent customer support
14:57457??60213.16.20.*SivaSharenot bad but nothing new
14:56457??60213.16.20.*PrivateFinAnother Payment Earned :D
14:51457??6912.110.133.*PrivateFinpaid very fast!!! thanks.
14:50457??6912.110.133.*SivaSharePaid!! good program!!
14:48457??0063.200.198.*PrivateFinpaid me never miss-THANKS
14:45457??0063.200.198.*SivaSharegreat program! paying well
14:13367??1988.220.101.*Hourly-DollarIt is very good program :) regards from user xsarq
14:03183??07125.161.241.*MetalBankingpaid again. thx
13:57183??07125.161.241.*ATF Systemreceived my 1st payment today
13:08 459??23 83.40.114.* BorthyipHonest Admin!
13:08451??17209.51.208.*Unique-ForexReceived $480 within 6 hours of request.
13:08 4571024 PROXY Unique-Forex[Program Admin]> Right choice to invest! !
13:07456??39209.51.208.*Unique-ForexExcellent program! Never misses payment
13:07457??61209.51.208.*Unique-ForexThe best investment project! Stable and always pays!
13:06440??87209.51.208.*Unique-ForexGOT PAID AGAIN VERY FAST Excellent program
13:05453??20209.51.208.*Unique-ForexThanks admin! Paid over and over!
13:04453??20209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingReally the best program online Serious paying program
13:03440??87209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingWhat can I say? This site very good. Go invest here.
13:02457??61209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks for payment! Excellent work, admin!
13:00456??39209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks for payment! Excellent work, admin!
12:59457??24209.51.208.*Real-MoneyMakingExcellent program! Never misses payment
12:58 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> All withdrawals received,within 24 hours.
12:11228??94 84.159.189.* Firm3500SCAM!!! Do not invest, they take your money, after investing send you to a site saying it did not reach their account
11:20409??24 172.183.119.* Hourly-Dollarpaid again !! rolfi61
11:02360??65 201.68.89.* RUSSO Projectexcelent
10:59456??9967.159.46.*PrivateFingood interests
10:58456??9967.159.46.*SivaSharethe best hyip!
10:55452??9364.56.70.*PrivateFinalways got paid!
10:54452??9364.56.70.*SivaShareThis program paid me again! I'll invest more!
10:49456??0264.56.70.*PrivateFinPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
10:45456??0264.56.70.*SivaShareExcellent program! Never misses payment.
10:20391??1960.51.118.*GoldTruxnot paid - before ok, now big scam - Don't invest anymore
9:51441??80217.201.17.*PrivateFinIS OLD SCAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!USE FRIENDLY VOTE!!!!!!!!ADMIN GO TO CLEAN WINDOWS CARS!!!!!!PEOPLE LOOK GOLD POLL |||||||||||||||||||||||ADMIN FUCK YOU!!!!!!
9:48441??80217.201.17.*SivaShareNOW IS A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENCTION NOT PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEOPL E LOOK GOLDPOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!ADMIN FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO CLEAN WINDOWS CARS!!!!!!!!
9:24407??73 124.121.91.* NexritiWaiting for 16 days, not paid , no reply
9:15398??9275.126.210.*Growth Forex Ltd.paying again. for after 1 day program, Growth-FX should be the best.
9:13398??9275.126.210.*Navigator TradeVery nice looking site. Always pays on time everyday for 10 days. Good!!
9:02 375??97 64.62.138.* Hourly-Dollar,just invest looks very nice! ID:goodgold
8:57136??42195.151.159.*Is4everGood job Admins! 7/10/2007 Payment Received 82741692 Gold +0.062178 1349945 41.00 USD 659.40 From: Memo: Profit withdrawal
8:44356??3583.222.14.*Hyip-PlatinumPaid me 3$. Good Project! Thanks Admin!
8:39446??37 80.131.78.* SivaShareFuck Scam!All positive Votes are Admins friends!Don`t invest in this shit Programm!!
8:32458??73 87.103.134.* SivaSharepaid as a clock! thanks admin!
8:32 457??59 202.59.152.* Hourly-DollarPaid. id:toney
7:59325??3491.121.13.*ATF SystemGreat invest program
7:58325??3491.121.13.*LofutaExcellent program! Never misses payment.
7:56325??3491.121.13.*NexritiExcellent program! Never misses payment.
7:35137??9681.169.187.*JT3000Paying... Best wishes
7:33137??9681.169.187.*LofutaPaying... Best wishes
7:33405??5691.112.137.*RUSSO ProjectI can`t open your website since 3 days ! Whats the matter ?
7:33137??9681.169.187.*NexritiPaying... Best wishes
7:30270??63213.135.138.*Is4everMy deposit became larger and larger every day.
7:27443??5791.121.10.*ATF SystemSerious paying program!
7:26443??5791.121.10.*JT3000Serious paying program!
7:24359??74222.124.65.*PremiumPro LtdThis invest place very very good for you please you signup 1
7:24443??5791.121.10.*LofutaSerious paying program!
7:23443??5791.121.10.*NexritiSerious paying program!
7:18389??2267.159.5.*ATF Systempays
7:18396??55 62.47.37.* SivaShareDear Top100 Monitor. You rate sivashare with 5 stars. By me and 4 friends they never payout over one week. No answer from admin. Only pending withdrawals. It seems this is a big swindle.You can check this by my account.
7:17389??2267.159.5.*JT3000made a profit
7:15389??2267.159.5.*Lofutamade a profit
7:12413??1785.25.148.*Forex Trading Groupscam
7:12389??2267.159.5.*Nexritimade a profit
7:05359??74222.124.65.*SivaShareThis invest place very very good for you please you signup
6:57443??95193.37.152.*JT3000First time I ever made profit from any program!
6:50388??3191.121.9.*ATF Systempaid me without problems!
6:48388??3191.121.9.*LofutaFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
6:48388??3191.121.9.*NexritiFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
6:41389??5481.169.143.*JT3000paid me without problems!
6:40389??5481.169.143.*Lofutapaid me without problems!
6:39389??5481.169.143.*Nexritipaid me without problems!
6:29389??7585.214.28.*Auto Money HyipReally the best program online
6:28389??7585.214.28.*JT3000Really the best program online
6:28389??7585.214.28.*LofutaReally the best program online
6:26389??7585.214.28.*NexritiReally the best program online
5:59 459??99 193.153.66.* BorthyipGot paid
5:58388??90219.83.97.*World ForexStable and reliable program. Always pays on time.
5:55 458??59 193.153.66.* BorthyipPaid me ok!
5:55388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdStable and reliable program. Always pays on time.
5:52388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundStable and reliable program. Always pays on time.
5:51388??2591.121.10.*Blow ProfitI trust this admin
5:50388??2591.121.10.*JT3000I trust this admin
5:46388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamIt's make my dream come true. Always on time.
5:46388??2591.121.10.*LofutaI trust this admin
5:45388??2591.121.10.*NexritiI trust this admin
5:44388??90219.83.97.*30x4Paid 1 of 4. Good start.
5:17317??6985.214.73.*ATF SystemStable Program, Always paid on time!
5:16317??6985.214.73.*Auto Money HyipStable Program, Always paid on time!
5:15317??6985.214.73.*Blow ProfitStable Program, Always paid on time!
5:14317??6985.214.73.*JT3000Stable Program, Always paid on time!
5:13317??6985.214.73.*LofutaStable Program, Always paid on time!
5:12317??6985.214.73.*NexritiStable Program, Always paid on time!
3:57347??10211.196.186.*Garyfundpaid me again!paying and paying
3:44423??84206.248.81.*Zurich Gold Ltd.VERY BAD!! NOT PAYING
3:15295??4877.45.131.*DayTradeProsGot payment! Excellent site with honest admin...
2:44386??92203.218.52.*Open-Forex-MarketGet paid again, thx admin~!
2:43 424??86 190.10.211.* Online Capitalestoy super feliz, online-capital es simplemente es el mejor
0:41 427??54 219.89.132.* Open Tradeexcellent paid thanks