Vote Information for Monday 9 July 2007


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23:59260??19206.163.242.*EarnProjectVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
23:57339??70 74.101.7.* EarnProject:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
23:55260??6969.51.206.*EarnProjectStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
23:34400??6283.46.227.*7-ForeverVery Good.Alwaya paid on time 7-forever !!
23:29400??6283.46.227.*LofutaNot paid/5 jul Invest. 15 $
23:27456??99165.228.128.*SivaShareI am glad and happy with this program!
23:25400??6283.46.227.*NexritiNot paid/5 jul Invest. 15 $
23:20314??7374.99.77.*EarnProjectWhat a great project!
23:17314??6524.222.42.*EarnProjectExcellent program! Never misses payment.
23:12271??40 70.55.162.* EarnProjectGreat invest program
23:08457??65165.228.133.*SivaShareA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
23:02457??69165.228.131.*SivaSharei've been paid here too well done
22:58457??88165.228.129.*SivaShareVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
22:58348??9774.98.86.*EarnProjectpaid! SuperHYIP!!!
22:52339??4624.65.81.*EarnProjectpaid today again...
22:32360??6324.226.83.*EarnProjectrealy paid !!!
22:32360??6324.226.83.*GoldTruxgot paid
22:30452??9389.149.234.*SivaShareTo my mind this programm is the best of all ever seen!
22:29335??4670.80.76.*GoldTruxBest! best..
22:29335??4670.80.76.*EarnProjectvery good and fast. Thanks
22:27458??60219.93.175.*SivaShareGot paid!!! Very good program.
22:26296??6274.117.56.*EarnProjectpaid, thanks. Good program!
22:25296??6274.117.56.*GoldTruxalways paid, today too
22:24458??54203.10.110.*SivaSharePayments are received once again. Excellent program!
22:22457??33 82.103.71.* SivaShareSerious paying program!
22:13458??50 81.168.116.* SivaSharepaid again! thanks!
22:07458??68 200.190.194.* SivaShareDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date
21:49458??7661.7.156.*SivaShareVery satisfied with this program. Always paid me fast. Great investment.
21:37260??5424.121.159.*EarnProjectgreat program, good paid!
21:37260??5424.121.159.*GoldTruxVery good program
21:35348??1024.200.80.*EarnProjectThis program is the best of all
21:35348??1024.200.80.*GoldTruxThanks Admin ...Paid!
21:33272??5268.20.214.*GoldTruxMy favorit HYIP
21:32280??5467.84.63.*EarnProjectGood Admin Response.
21:32280??5467.84.63.*GoldTruxGood hyip...paid!
21:22272??9771.11.215.*EarnProjectPaying well
21:21272??9771.11.215.*GoldTruxGreat Hyip!!!
21:20271??4224.197.149.*EarnProjectI got my 1st interest
21:20271??4224.197.149.*GoldTruxThank you admin
21:19270??6324.188.248.*GoldTruxbeen paid today!
21:19270??6324.188.248.*EarnProjectVery Stable and Professional
21:18405??5691.112.137.*Express Trade Inc.Paid 2/5 like promised ! Still go on Admin !
20:55449??5374.86.8.*SivaShareGreat HYIP! The best terms around the net!!!
20:49396??55 62.47.53.* SivaShareI don`t understand the good votings. By me and 4 friends they stopped payouts for more than one week. No answer from admin- nothing!!!
20:33405??5691.112.137.*Firm3500The badest program from all ! They took the money from my e-gold-account and did`┬┤nt invest it ! Fully SCAM !!!
20:16405??5691.112.137.*NexritiFULLY UGLY SCAM !!!!!!!!!!
20:08232??64195.131.172.*Cash TrasseIt's scam. They paid only one time.
19:13 453??44 41.205.164.* Fright Profitpaid me instantly, very good waiting for my withdrawal to be concluded
19:07359??74222.124.75.*NY-FinanceI loss $5 this program my invest but my account not activated they liar or SCAM
18:52168??43 217.112.38.* Invest4EarnNOT PAID!!!
17:55280??54 83.237.238.* LargeSUMThanks for paid!
17:44359??74222.124.75.*SivaShareThis program very good for invest withdrawal instantly not pending please you signup
16:22317??93212.110.133.*Is4eversupport is very friendly!
15:44444??4760.48.117.*My Gold FinancePaid 1/30. Thanks
15:37444??4760.48.117.*DDC MogulPaid1/2. Thanks.
15:31192??7784.53.193.*Is4everGreat HYIP! The best terms around the net!!!
14:59451??42211.72.233.*USA TradeNo paid. Scam
14:05391??1960.53.28.*Salin Oilpaid very fast -Thanks admin
14:03391??1960.53.28.*DDC Mogulpaid very fast -Thanks admin
13:57391??1960.53.28.*Investment Trade. Ltdpaid thanks admins -7stars
13:49441??81 172.183.17.* Time Investmentdid not send money to egold account after waiting period no support
13:39405??5691.112.137.*Stable Forex IncomeThey don`t pay anything and admin never answered !!! I think it`s a big SCAM
13:34386??92203.218.52.*Open-Forex-MarketGet paid again, thx admin
13:16386??92203.218.52.*Paramount VistaGet paid again, thx admin
12:22438??42195.36.75.*LSH Clubzahlt seit 2 Tage nicht mehr
11:43405??5691.112.137.*Strength Profitwithdraw request since nearly 2 days, nothing happened and admin don`t answer !!!
11:28444??4760.48.117.*Salin OilPaid 3/5. Thanks
9:51396??5562.47.40.*EGold Profit ClubNo paid. No answer from admin becouse e-mail box is full! This show me it is not professional.
9:49323??04 41.207.225.* Cash TrassePAYING daily! No problems. Bonus $10 received. Thanks.
9:16396??5562.47.40.*Real-MoneyMakingA big cheat. Believe sammy30. They never payout.
6:22400??7385.114.87.*8th MonopolyGood HYIP. Paying well.
5:34386??92203.218.52.*MetalBankingGet paid again, thx admin
4:28388??2591.121.10.*4 Gold HyipA very satisfied investor indeed
4:26388??2591.121.10.*LofutaA very satisfied investor indeed
4:25388??2591.121.10.*NexritiA very satisfied investor indeed
4:20389??7585.214.28.*4 Gold HyipOne of the best
4:18389??7585.214.28.*Lofutagot paid
4:17389??7585.214.28.*Nexritigot paid
4:09389??5481.169.143.*Quake Profitmade a profit!
4:08389??5481.169.143.*Lofutamade a profit!
4:07389??5481.169.143.*Nexritimade a profit!
3:55388??3191.121.9.*Quake ProfitVery Stable and Professional
3:54388??3191.121.9.*LofutaGreat HYIP!
3:53388??3191.121.9.*NexritiGreat HYIP!
3:52136??42195.151.159.*Is4everStable paying program! Highly recommended to all investors!!!
3:48443??95193.37.152.*Superior EarningHonest admin !!!
3:47443??95193.37.152.*LofutaHonest admin !!!
3:46443??95193.37.152.*NexritiHonest admin !!!
3:41388??7991.121.2.*Superior EarningVery Stable and Professional
3:40388??7991.121.2.*Lofutagood HYIP!
3:39388??7991.121.2.*Nexritigood HYIP!
3:34389??2267.159.5.*Time Investmentgot my money
3:32389??2267.159.5.*Fright Profitgot my money
3:31389??2267.159.5.*Lofutagot my money
3:30389??2267.159.5.*Nexritigot my money
3:25443??5791.121.10.*Fright ProfitOne of the best
3:24443??5791.121.10.*Time InvestmentVery Stable and Professional
3:22443??5791.121.10.*LofutaPaid on time as usual!
3:21386??92203.218.52.*London-Invest-HouseSuper fast payment again
3:21443??5791.121.10.*NexritiPaid on time as usual!
3:11445??26122.167.229.*World Forexalways paid. very good
3:08137??9681.169.187.*Strength ProfitOne of the best
3:07445??26122.167.229.*RUSSO Projectpaid every day perfectly.
3:00137??9681.169.187.*LofutaVery Stable and Professional
2:56137??9681.169.187.*NexritiVery Stable and Professional
2:38325??3491.121.13.*Quake ProfitOne of the best
2:36325??3491.121.13.*Superior EarningOne of the best
2:35325??3491.121.13.*Time InvestmentOne of the best
2:34325??3491.121.13.*LofutaOne of the best
2:33325??3485.214.73.*NexritiOne of the best
2:24 269??15 70.55.177.* Rebel FinancingThe most stable program on the net
2:22295??4877.45.139.*DayTradeProsReally site is very good and works for a long time!
2:02317??6985.214.73.*Giga GoldVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
2:01317??6985.214.73.*Spark InvestmentVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
2:00317??6985.214.73.*Strength ProfitVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:59317??6985.214.73.*Fright ProfitVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:57317??6985.214.73.*4 Gold HyipVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:57317??6985.214.73.*Quake ProfitVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:55317??6985.214.73.*Superior EarningVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:54317??6985.214.73.*Time InvestmentVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:54317??6985.214.73.*LofutaVery trustworthy, a serious investment program
1:53317??6985.214.73.*NexritiVery trustworthy, a serious investment program