Vote Information for Monday 9 July 2007


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22:31458??42219.93.175.*SivaShareVery goog program, Automatic payment paid everyday
22:27458??54203.10.110.*SivaSharegot paid instantly! thanks!!!
22:22458??68217.65.117.*SivaSharepaid again
21:57458??7661.7.156.*SivaSharePayment received. Thanks.
21:52449??5374.86.8.*SivaSharegot paid just in time, very good program.
21:21456??50202.63.62.*4000-PercentGREAT! PAID ME! :D
21:21456??50202.63.62.*Firm3500GREAT PROGRAM!! Going to be big :D Other voter is idiot.
20:5681??23194.242.62.*RUSSO ProjectThey paid me everyday since 06/03/07. Good program <Drax>
20:46429??22 124.82.7.* WideManageMoneyhati2 tiada satu yang boleh dimanafaat disini hanya buat pandangan tak satu yang kekal semua nya terlalu jujur dimana lebih baik bagi anjing dan babi makan semua nya penipu class satu.
20:3481??23194.242.62.*VIP Profit ClubDont pay me! Dont trust them! Scam! <Drax>
20:33405??5691.112.137.*Firm3500FUCKING SCAM !!!!!!!!!!
20:3181??23194.242.62.*500 Forex ClubSammy was right, they dont pay at all <Drax>
20:31405??5691.112.137.*NexritiDon`t invest here ! They are the biggest robbers !!!!! SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
20:29405??5691.112.137.*Stable Forex IncomeDon`t invest here ! They are the biggest robbers !!!!! SCAMMER !!!!!!!!!!
20:26405??5691.112.137.*GoldTruxDon`t invest here ! They are big robbers !!!!!
20:24405??5691.112.137.*Times InvestmentDon`t invest here ! They are bad robbers !!!!!
19:28402??7484.252.140.*Reasonable InvestmentsGot next daily and weekly payments $9.32...I`m very happy!
19:20456??72 81.209.166.* SivaShareHot program. Honest admin.
19:06456??55219.93.175.*SivaShareThanks for the good program.
19:06355??38195.93.60.*Gamma SharePayment received x 4, thanks admin!
18:58456??09219.93.175.*SivaSharePaying program! Think this project will work else long!
18:16455??88220.227.148.*SivaShareA very satisfied investor indeed
18:04451??57 203.10.110.* SivaSharePaid stable. Thanks!
17:58446??41165.228.128.*SivaSharepaid me today, good interests
17:55323??0486.59.32.*AliativaPAYING daily! Very Good! Thanks!
17:52323??0486.59.32.*Reasonable InvestmentsIt's scam. They paid only one time.
17:48323??0486.59.32.*Cash TrassePAYING daily! Paid automatic, batch#82761152. Very Good! It's not scam!
17:36 435??60 91.149.80.* World ForexAlways paid ! thanks
16:54458??2587.250.37.*SivaSharepaying well and reinvest!!!
16:14386??92203.218.52.*Paramount VistaGet paid again, thx admin!
16:12391??1960.53.28.*World Forexpaid -Thanks admin - 7 stars
16:08391??1960.53.28.*PrivateFinpaid -Thanks admin - 5 stars
16:02391??1960.53.28.*Investment Trade. Ltdpaid thanks admins -7stars
16:00391??1960.53.28.*Salin OilPaid -Thanks Admin - 5 stars
15:58405??5691.112.137.*FX Line Corp.Don`t invest here ! They are bad robbers !!!!!
15:57391??1960.53.28.*DDC Mogulpaid -Thanks admin - 5 stars
15:48444??4760.53.249.*My Gold FinancePaid 2/30. Thanks.
15:29444??4760.53.249.*DDC MogulPaid 2/2. Thanks. Reinvest.
15:03444??4760.53.249.*30x4Paid 1/4. Thanks.
14:43457??24195.175.37.*SivaShare[SivaShare Admin Notice] We do not accept new deposits because we are SCAM! Do not disturb us, we'll never pay you!!! FUCK YOU ALL OUR SCAMMED/FUCKED INVESTORS! Thank you for your understanding!
14:37444??4760.53.249.*Salin OilPaid 4/5. Thanks.
14:12429??21 78.152.169.* Is4everI trust this program and admin!
13:25400??7385.114.87.*8th MonopolyNice company! Does regular payments!
13:04421??30219.95.171.*LSH Clubyo! what's up? rich enough, aren't you?
12:47421??30219.95.171.*e-Xplode HYIPreceived 1st payment, thank's admin!
12:36386??92203.218.52.*MetalBankingGet paid again, thx admin
11:45386??92203.218.52.*London-Invest-HouseGet paid again, thx admin
11:34 446??07 219.94.118.* GMHyip.comi did not get my payment yet although more than 48 hours
11:09446??7168.183.163.*SivaSharestill paying well!!!
10:55405??5691.112.137.*Time InvestmentDon`t invest here ! They steal your money !!!
10:55317??53 124.81.146.* Trade-Investi am on profit now, thanks admin, excelent !!
10:53405??5691.112.137.*LofutaDon`t invest here ! They are bad robbers !!!!!
10:53142??5987.228.113.*Is4everPaid again as always! Nice to be your part
10:51200??57217.119.145.*Salin OilAlways paid, see proof 'Goodlooking' MMG, thanks!
10:32445??26122.167.229.*RUSSO Projectpaid again. very good
10:09407??73 124.121.97.* Nexritiwaiting for 15 days, not paid and will never be paid
7:24441??80213.230.129.*SivaShareNOW IS A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENCTION NOT PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEOPL E LOOK GOLDPOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
6:22413??1785.25.148.*MalibuProfitno paid
6:06413??1785.25.148.*CoastLineFundpaid again thanks 6.5$
5:54388??90219.83.97.*GoldTruxWho said this program paid ??? Scamer !!!!!
5:49388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdAlways got paid from this site. Thanks Admin.
5:47388??90219.83.97.*World ForexAlways got paid from this site. Thanks Admin.
5:45388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundAlways got paid from this site. Thanks Admin.
5:41388??90219.83.97.*LSH ClubDaniel, where r you ? I have not receive my profit for the last 3 days ? Thanks.
5:39388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamThe best program on the net. Always pays on time.
5:19451??06202.162.196.*Capital Project HYIP
5:12 4551540 PROXY Capital Project HYIP[Program Admin]> THANK YOU ADMIN!
5:03450??20222.124.226.*Pride-InvestMyUserName= ASIA-HYIP-MONITOR > PENDING W/D SINCE Jul-10-2007 12:18:12 AM (hyip time) for $23.48.Dear Admin, Please help me would You,I'm the monitor either and always promote yours.Thank You
5:02293??03195.151.204.*Citrus FinanceFirst payment received on time. Thank you, Admin!
5:01388??2591.121.10.*LofutaRight choice to invest
4:59388??2591.121.10.*NexritiRight choice to invest
4:56389??7585.214.28.*LofutaVery good company! All OK!
4:55389??7585.214.28.*NexritiVery good company! All OK!
4:52389??5481.169.143.*LofutaPaid! Good!
4:52389??5481.169.143.*NexritiPaid! Good!
4:49388??3191.121.9.*Lofutagood interests
4:47388??3191.121.9.*Nexritigood interests
4:43443??95193.37.152.*LofutaPay without problems
4:42443??95193.37.152.*NexritiPay without problems
4:38388??7991.121.2.*Fright ProfitThat's the Best HYIP !
4:37388??7991.121.2.*LofutaThat's the Best HYIP !
4:36388??7991.121.2.*NexritiThat's the Best HYIP !
4:33389??2267.159.5.*Fright ProfitI made second investment today
4:31389??2267.159.5.*NexritiI made second investment today
4:31389??2267.159.5.*LofutaI made second investment today
4:26443??5791.121.10.*Fright ProfitAlways got paid
4:25443??5791.121.10.*Lofutait is much better than others!
4:23443??5791.121.10.*Nexritiit is much better than others!
4:20137??9681.169.187.*4 Gold Hyippaid me today, good interests
4:18137??9681.169.187.*Lofutapaid me today, good interests
4:18137??9681.169.187.*Nexritipaid me today, good interests
4:04441??18125.162.86.*SivaShareaccount not active since 01.07.2007, admin not answer my guestion, 3 time I am try
3:49295??4877.45.139.*DayTradeProsAlways get payments from this reliable program!
2:33325??3491.121.13.*4 Gold HyipAlways got paid
2:31325??3491.121.13.*LofutaAlways got paid
2:30325??3491.121.13.*NexritiAlways got paid
2:21444??47 60.48.117.* Capital Project HYIPInvested 29-06-07. Batch No: 82357291. Paid 1/7. No payments after that.
1:35 192??16 203.142.87.* StableFundingVery good program, withdrawal reguest already settled just in less than 24 hours. Thank you verymuch.
1:16317??6985.214.73.*Fright ProfitAll payments received!
1:15317??6985.214.73.*4 Gold HyipAll payments received!
1:13317??6985.214.73.*LofutaAll payments received!
1:13317??6985.214.73.*NexritiAll payments received!
0:04404??38 85.140.82.* EarnProjectI recomend this HYIP!
0:03260??77 12.201.126.* EarnProjectReceived your paiment
0:01272??39 67.8.74.* EarnProjectGood program! Great support!
23:59260??19206.163.242.*EarnProjectVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
23:57339??70 74.101.7.* EarnProject:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
23:55260??6969.51.206.*EarnProjectStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
23:34400??6283.46.227.*7-ForeverVery Good.Alwaya paid on time 7-forever !!
23:29400??6283.46.227.*LofutaNot paid/5 jul Invest. 15 $
23:27456??99165.228.128.*SivaShareI am glad and happy with this program!
23:25400??6283.46.227.*NexritiNot paid/5 jul Invest. 15 $
23:20314??7374.99.77.*EarnProjectWhat a great project!
23:17314??6524.222.42.*EarnProjectExcellent program! Never misses payment.
23:12271??40 70.55.162.* EarnProjectGreat invest program
23:08457??65165.228.133.*SivaShareA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
23:02457??69165.228.131.*SivaSharei've been paid here too well done