Vote Information for Saturday 7 July 2007


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21:14447??49 77.7.201.* Spark Investmentnot paid, bullshithyip, take my money
20:43200??57217.119.145.*LofutaSCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER THEY STOLE ME 20 $ !!
20:37444??1383.108.14.*MetalBankingPaid, thanks Admin!
19:36 429??06 84.179.123.* Go Daddy Investzahlt nach 7 Tagen immer noch nicht aus, sehr schlecht!!!
19:14442??00 124.81.146.* O2-Investvery good, thanks from
18:45351??98 213.160.136.* Is4everDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date
17:12262??9585.214.73.*4 Gold HyipPaid!
17:08262??9585.214.73.*Quake ProfitPaid!
17:05262??9585.214.73.*Superior EarningGood!
17:02262??9585.214.73.*Lofutarealy paid
16:47260??5391.121.2.*Fright ProfitVery good!
16:37260??5391.121.2.*4 Gold HyipPaid!
16:37386??92203.218.52.*London-Invest-HouseSuper fast payment, thx admin
16:31260??5391.121.2.*Quake ProfitPaid!
16:29260??5391.121.2.*Superior EarningPaid!
16:25260??5391.121.2.*Giga GoldPaid!!!
16:18260??5391.121.2.*Spark InvestmentPaid!
16:17260??1966.233.89.*DJClubzreceived the second payment. very good and stable program.
16:17260??1966.233.89.*DualStrikesAll right. The best invest program
16:17260??5391.121.2.*LofutaGood hyip!
16:16339??7070.233.164.*DJClubzPayment received, very good :-)
16:16339??7070.233.164.*DualStrikesI got paid today. Thanks admin.
16:11446??4189.149.234.*SivaShareGood program. Paid
16:11314??7370.233.164.*DualStrikesgot paid just in time, very good program.
16:10314??7370.233.164.*DJClubzThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
16:09452??9366.186.63.*SivaSharePaid instantly just now, reinvest as always. Thank you, Admin!
16:07250??2781.169.187.*LofutaRealy paid!
16:06250??2781.169.187.*NexritiVery good!
16:04250??2781.169.187.*Strength ProfitGood! Paid!
16:04314??6564.53.171.*DJClubzvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
16:04430??81 217.24.27.* RUSSO ProjectPayment received x 30. Good!
16:03314??6564.53.171.*DualStrikesGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
16:02271??4024.74.138.*DJClubzGreat invest program
16:02271??4024.74.138.*DualStrikesPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
16:01360??4567.164.10.*DJClubzPaid, long time in profit !
16:01360??4567.164.10.*DualStrikesYou are the best
15:58348??9771.63.146.*DJClubzPaying... Best wishes
15:57348??9771.63.146.*DualStrikesThank you Admin!!
15:57280??1572.28.56.*DJClubzpaid and rate :) thanks admin
15:56280??1572.28.56.*DualStrikesNo problems with payouts. Thanks
15:55339??4675.47.98.*DJClubzPaid every day. Nice.
15:55391??1960.53.28.*Salin OilPaid -Thanks Admin - 5 stars
15:55339??4675.47.98.*DualStrikesPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
15:54356??3583.222.14.*PremiumPro LtdI receive payment every day! The best project! Mine nik Neon
15:53446??71201.253.229.*SivaShareVery-very good. I really like it !
15:49375??4483.237.237.*DJClubzI recomend this HYIP!
15:49375??4483.237.237.*DualStrikesReceived your paiment
15:44252??8381.169.143.*Time InvestmentPaid! Real hyip!
15:44375??4468.174.81.*LargeSUMthe best HYIP!nice!
15:43375??4468.174.81.*Oil and Gas Investment:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
15:35458??25 87.120.205.* SivaSharevery good for invest now
15:34259??4791.121.13.*Strength ProfitRealy paid!
15:34259??4791.121.13.*Time InvestmentVery good!
15:19207??5391.121.10.*NexritiGood! Paid!
15:18456??0986.59.32.*SivaShareVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
15:03458??68 200.26.136.* SivaSharePaying. Thank you Admin.
13:39425??90 89.58.55.* LSH Clubreceived the payments, well done admin!!!
12:54457??6984.0.136.*SivaShareBest Program. Paid me today. Hope for long life
12:46458??60220.225.18.*SivaShareThank you for paying me today. I will reinvest to you.
12:42 456??79 202.63.62.*Earn3000Negative voters are frauds. EARN3000 IS GREAT :D
12:40338??85 200.88.193.* GoldTruxbig scam not invest
11:54457??00 82.154.125.* PrivateFinPaid. Thanks Admin for this good program.
11:41456??7284.0.130.*SivaShareGood program, always pays on time. Thanks Admin
11:40456??7284.0.130.*PrivateFinThe real investment place. Always pays on time.
11:29451??5784.0.136.*PrivateFinThanks for payment! Excellent work, admin!
11:23456??61 125.162.7.* Capital Project HYIPpaid weekly to me!
11:20456??09220.225.18.*PrivateFinpaid and rate! nice!
11:14446??4189.149.234.*PrivateFinThanks!!! GOT payment today.
11:13452??9366.186.63.*PrivateFinGood program to help us to makes our dream come true. Always pays on time.
11:00446??71201.253.229.*PrivateFinMy invest program! Paid!
10:40456??55217.14.208.*PrivateFinGreat site. Pay Instantly
10:39449??5374.86.8.*PrivateFinreceived payment!
10:25317??53 124.81.151.* GreatCashCreateafter pending .....
10:10 403??38 203.92.154.*Giga Goldfrom john reqest withdarw still pending 24 hours admin pls help to check
10:03435??15218.191.123.*Hourly-DollarGet paid within an hour~ID: CHEla111
10:02458??50209.88.91.*SivaShareAlways paid! THANKS!!!
10:01377??3680.72.235.*e-MonopolyStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
9:35288??2367.15.183.*Hourly-Dollarpaid me,good.jingyyl
9:35 439??46 155.232.128.* Go Daddy InvestDid not send money at all, but service is good!
9:35458??50 80.94.122.* PrivateFinPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
9:31458??7661.7.156.*PrivateFinPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
9:29458??7661.7.156.*SivaSharePaid again, great invest program
9:19458??54200.152.204.*PrivateFinPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
9:16458??54200.152.204.*SivaSharepaid again and again. Thanks!
9:12341??1481.105.7.*LofutaPaid today 900USd, thanks
9:11341??1481.105.7.*NexritiReceive today from nexriti $300! Thank you admin
8:49415??98 68.5.193.* Is4everBeen paid. Happy investing and good luck!
8:43409??24 172.158.83.* Hourly-Dollarpaid again !! rolfi61
8:43351??3667.15.183.*Hourly-Dollarpaid me,Very Good.fandonga
8:35415??00 75.7.28.* Is4everGot paid!!! Very good program.
7:58407??73 124.121.91.* NexritiWaiting for 12 days,not paid, no reply, paid only Top100hyip and very good vote below made up, they come from repeated ip
7:28441??81 172.181.245.* Go Daddy Investdid not send money to egold account after waiting period no support
7:23 296??48 81.205.209.* 7-Foreververy good & profitable: a winner!!!!!!!!!!
6:45441??80213.230.155.*PrivateFinIS OLD SCAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!USE FRIENDLY VOTE!!!!!!!!ADMIN GO TO CLEAN WINDOWS CARS!!!!!!PEOPLE LOOK GOLD POLL |||||||||||||||||||||||
6:10441??80213.230.155.*SivaSharenot paid two days!!!
5:10419??18 60.50.169.* RUSSO ProjectPaying. Thank you Admin.
4:28446??86195.111.133.*PrivateFinGreat program! paid still instant! thanks honest admin!
3:06386??92203.218.52.*MetalBankingSuper fast payment, thx admin
2:23386??92203.218.52.*Open-Forex-MarketSuper fast payment, thx admin
2:07436??54213.198.84.*PrivateFinSCAM Only pay the new members SCAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM
1:00437??24212.19.6.*SivaShareNot paid 12 days. scam.
0:19293??03195.151.204.*Microne InvestmentPaid x 9 today. Always on time. Thank you, Admin!
0:04432??2890.186.83.*Private Gold Holdinghe guys if i vote one time trust me read the votes before u invest
0:02432??2890.186.83.*MalibuProfithe guys if i vote one time trust me read the votes before u invest