Vote Information for Thursday 5 July 2007


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21:41225??95195.248.161.*Maya-FundSolid program. Paying well every day as promised.
21:30355??38195.93.60.*AFXINVPayment received 16/40, thanks admin!
21:30245??29 91.124.205.* DaddyHYIP-The2ndAnother payment:Withdrawal $ 2.00 Jul-5-2007 06:18:50 PM
20:55242??79 151.37.121.* 7-ForeverVery, very good!!! Paid in few time $99.75 !!! Thank you Admin. (goldfile)
20:46377??3687.238.119.*e-MonopolyExcellent program.. paid every business day. THANKS ADMIN!!!
20:36293??03195.151.204.*Gamma SharePaid x 2 today. Reinvest more. Thank you, Admin!
19:43 449??38 193.151.57.* CavemanProfitsI have got second payment on my e-gold account.
19:21441??80213.230.129.*SivaSharePAID !!!!VERY GOOD PROGRAM THANKS ADMIN!!!!!
18:44405??5691.112.137.*NexritiThe badest program from all ! They took the money from my e-gold-account and did not place it ! Fully SCAM !!!
17:25456??55217.14.208.*SivaSharepaid me today
17:10405??5691.112.137.*FXTrustInvestClubPaid again, great invest program
17:09449??5374.86.8.*SivaShareWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
16:50456??72200.238.76.*SivaSharepaid and rate! thanks admin!
16:24449??86200.223.252.*SivaShareExcellent! Next payment received! Thanks!
16:11 355??99 62.68.95.*Superior EarningPaying. user: donald14
15:45396??5562.47.33.*AFX Trading CenterNo payout over 3 days. No answer from admin.
15:43396??5562.47.33.*FXM Profit ClubNo payout over 3 days. No answer from admin.
15:40 440??94 216.41.201.* Earn3000They take your money - but DO NOT pay earnings
15:38396??5562.47.33.*Forex Trading GroupNo payout over 3 days. No answer from admin.
14:47360??89 222.124.192.* Capital Project HYIPpaid as usual..!
13:24229??55 69.226.238.* Is4everPaid well and always in time! Excellent site!
13:19 453??40 125.161.252.* Open-Forex-Marketpaid very fast, admin always online, R4H
12:51446??41 75.82.203.* SivaSharePaid me. I wanna to invest again. Thanks
12:42457??88 64.49.147.* SivaSharePaid. Thanks. Very fast withdrawal (Instantly)
12:37456??99201.253.229.*SivaSharePaid as usual! Serious investment program.
12:17456??0283.170.87.*SivaShareIt is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
12:12455??8883.170.87.*SivaSharePaid, long time in profit !
11:38272??5274.113.168.*LargeSUMPaid, long time in profit !
11:29338??85 200.88.193.* GoldTruxpaid 2/4 good program, thanks.
10:59444??47 60.53.92.* GoldTruxhyipcritic: Paid 1/3. Thanks.
10:05375??1374.98.86.*MalibuProfitExsellent! Paid! super program!
10:05375??1374.98.86.*GoldTruxThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
10:04296??6274.113.168.*GoldTruxGot my withdrawal
10:03296??6274.113.168.*MalibuProfitGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
10:02451??06202.162.196.*Capital Project HYIPvery good! paid to me
10:02326??10205.237.65.*GoldTruxThanks for paid!
10:01326??10205.237.65.*MalibuProfitNise hyip. Paid!
10:00260??5424.226.83.*GoldTruxalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
10:00260??5424.226.83.*MalibuProfitExcellent program !
9:58348??1070.72.10.*MalibuProfitAll right. The best invest program
9:57348??1070.72.10.*GoldTruxgot paid again
9:48391??1960.53.28.*Investment Trade. LtdPaid - Thanks admins - 7 stars.
9:45391??1960.53.28.*GoldTruxPaid - Thanks admins - 5 stars.
9:31281??0981.198.27.*LofutaThe Fund WORKS And PAYS !!!
9:30456??41 89.178.220.* LofutaStill paying, good hyip!
9:27456??55 77.70.55.* LofutaI received payment from this hyip!
9:25 420??06 172.158.165.* RUSSO ProjectGood, better, RUSSO! This program is the BEST you can invest!
9:21136??42195.151.159.*Is4everI got all payouts since I'm in 7/5/2007 Payment Received 82566160 Gold +0.062624 3660093 41.00 USD 654.70 From: Is4ever E-gold acc. Memo: Profit withdrawal
9:03272??5212.210.2.*MalibuProfitreceived the second payment. very good and stable program.
9:03272??5212.210.2.*GoldTruxI got paid today. Thanks admin.
9:00280??5466.184.138.*MalibuProfitPayment received, very good :-)
9:00280??5466.184.138.*GoldTruxgot paid just in time, very good program.
8:59392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundVery satisfied with this service. Pays me since I'm in!
8:52451??57203.154.86.*SivaSharevery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
8:36272??9767.173.137.*MalibuProfitThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
8:36272??9767.173.137.*GoldTruxGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
8:34271??4271.197.34.*MalibuProfitPaid Very Good Thanks Admin
8:33271??4271.197.34.*GoldTruxvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
8:29270??6324.121.159.*MalibuProfitGreat invest program
8:29270??6324.121.159.*GoldTruxYou are the best
8:28270??6324.121.159.*Oil and Gas InvestmentPaid, long time in profit !
7:31200??57217.119.145.*LofutaBIG SCAMMER... fake votes.. !!
6:54456??0966.186.63.*SivaSharepaid again and again thank u admin and go on :-)))
6:49452??9389.149.234.*SivaSharepaid every day. very good
6:44405??5691.112.137.*GoldTruxPaid 50 % directly to e-gold within 12 hours ! Perfect !
6:31438??05125.162.120.*FinanceInvestmentPaid to ($0.05)
4:14 253??82 122.164.19.* Go Daddy Investgodaddy is a good site
4:12441??18125.162.86.*SivaSharenot paid since 01.07.2007
3:18443??95193.37.152.*NexritiThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will pay as quick as usual
3:14388??7991.121.2.*LofutaExcellent program
3:14388??7991.121.2.*NexritiExcellent program
3:06389??2267.159.5.*LofutaThis program is the best of all
3:05389??2267.159.5.*NexritiThis program is the best of all
2:54386??57 125.160.67.* USA Tradepaid
2:22443??5791.121.10.*LofutaDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date
2:21443??5791.121.10.*NexritiDefinitely one of the very best hyips till date
2:20388??90219.83.97.*HalerInvestBe carefull ! I have not received any payment for July 5.
2:16317??6985.214.73.*Strength ProfitHigh recomend! super HYIP!!!
2:15317??6985.214.73.*Time InvestmentAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:14317??6985.214.73.*LofutaBeen paid today
2:13317??6985.214.73.*NexritiBeen paid today
2:10386??92203.218.52.*Open-Forex-MarketReceive my payment like automatic withdrawal
2:00389??7585.214.28.*Lofutapaid again and again and again....
1:59389??7585.214.28.*Nexritipaid again and again and again....
1:54388??2591.121.10.*LofutaHigh recomend! super HYIP!!!
1:53388??2591.121.10.*NexritiHigh recomend! super HYIP!!!
1:43377??81 60.53.2.* CoastLineFundPaid 12/30, 5/30. Thanks.
1:40389??5481.169.143.*Giga Goldthe best invest program
1:36389??5481.169.143.*Strength Profitthe best invest program
1:34389??5481.169.143.*LofutaAlways paid! THANKS!!!
1:32389??5481.169.143.*NexritiAlways paid! THANKS!!!
1:21388??3191.121.9.*Spark Investmentthe best invest program
1:21388??3191.121.9.*Time Investmentthe best invest program
1:19388??3191.121.9.*Lofutathe best invest program
1:19388??3191.121.9.*Nexritithe best invest program