Vote Information for Tuesday 3 July 2007


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23:53418??9176.110.245.*HYIPReliableWhat a joke..I invested $16 on 6/29 and they gave me my first payment of $4 and that was it..Thank God they're bad buis. ppl because I usually invest hundreds..I feel lucky..So DON"T INVEST HERE...hahahahaha $16 what a joke
21:32396??5562.47.38.*Real-MoneyMakingSorry. But by me are big problems. They not pay the withdrawals over 4 days.
20:51 341??72 67.188.209.* Best Profit BankInvested test spend on June 28...Got nothing back...gave several days to answer email...nothing ..SCAMMING CROOKS....WARINING DO NOT INVEST
20:24440??8772.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingPaid, paid and once more paid. Brilliant paying project. Thank you
20:23457??6172.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks admin! Paid over and over!
20:21456??3972.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingAll withdrawals received,within 24 hours.
20:21457??2472.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingIT IS THE EXCELLENT PROJECT!!!
20:15 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Paid, paid and once more paid. Brilliant paying project. Thank you
20:11339??4624.226.35.*Expert Gold GroupThank you Admin!!!
20:11339??4624.226.35.*Forex Trading GroupVery stable ...
20:10339??4624.226.35.*Professional Trade Corp.Always paid! THANKS!!!
20:10339??4624.226.35.*Private Gold HoldingGood And Honest.
20:10339??4624.226.35.*FXM Profit ClubGreat invest program
20:10339??4624.226.35.*FX Line Corp.Paid by schedule, thanks admin.
20:09339??4624.226.35.*Elite gold Groupvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
20:09339??4624.226.35.*United Gold EmpirePaid without problems
20:07339??4624.226.35.*AFX Trading CenterGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
20:06339??4624.226.35.*Stable Forex IncomePaid my interest. Very honest admin. Will re-invest !!!
20:06339??4624.226.35.*IFX Gold BankReally the best
20:05339??4624.226.35.*500 Forex ClubPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
20:05339??4624.226.35.*VIP Profit ClubGood program, Paid regularly
20:05339??4624.226.35.*EGold Profit ClubPaid once again...
19:48375??4476.65.15.*Forex Trading GroupNo problems with payouts. Thanks
19:48375??4476.65.15.*Expert Gold GroupPaid well and always in time
19:48375??4476.65.15.*Professional Trade Corp.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
19:3848??3772.205.216.*NY-FinancePAID !!! EVERYDAY on time. Sorry for the red icon yesterday - my mistake - should have been Green. Thanks N.Y.Finance
19:23375??4476.65.15.*Private Gold HoldingVery cool programm! Paid me.
19:23375??4476.65.15.*FXM Profit ClubPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
19:22375??4476.65.15.*FX Line Corp.very fast payment. Thanks Admin.
19:22375??4476.65.15.*Elite gold GroupPaid without problems
19:21375??4476.65.15.*United Gold EmpireGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
19:21375??4476.65.15.*AFX Trading CenterPaid my interest. Very honest admin. Will re-invest !!!
19:21375??4476.65.15.*Stable Forex IncomeReally the best
19:20375??4476.65.15.*IFX Gold BankPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
19:20446??4189.149.234.*SivaShareReliable investment.
19:19375??4476.65.15.*500 Forex ClubGood program, Paid regularly
19:19375??4476.65.15.*VIP Profit ClubPaid once again...
19:19375??4476.65.15.*EGold Profit ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
19:09360??6370.53.185.*Forex Trading GroupWell managed hyip. Pays as promised.
19:09360??6370.53.185.*Expert Gold GroupGood work!
19:08360??6370.53.185.*Professional Trade Corp.Great invest program!
19:07360??6370.53.185.*Private Gold HoldingI got paid.
19:07360??6370.53.185.*FXM Profit ClubAlways got paid
19:06360??6370.53.185.*FX Line Corp.i like iT !
19:05360??6370.53.185.*Elite gold Grouppaid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
19:05360??6370.53.185.*United Gold Empirereceived your payment.THANKS.
19:05360??6370.53.185.*AFX Trading CenterVery good program
19:04360??6370.53.185.*Stable Forex IncomeGood program.
19:04360??6370.53.185.*IFX Gold BankVery good HYIP, paid!
19:04360??6370.53.185.*500 Forex ClubPaid! Give me two! :)
19:03360??6370.53.185.*VIP Profit ClubGood hyip!
19:03360??6370.53.185.*EGold Profit ClubPayment received. Thanks.
18:57335??4674.98.86.*Forex Trading GroupGood work!
18:56335??4674.98.86.*Expert Gold GroupI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
18:56335??4674.98.86.*Professional Trade Corp.paid again
18:56335??4674.98.86.*Private Gold HoldingAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
18:55335??4674.98.86.*FXM Profit ClubGood support.
18:54335??4674.98.86.*FX Line Corp.Pays.. Well managed hyip.
18:53335??4674.98.86.*Elite gold Groupi got paid
18:53335??4674.98.86.*United Gold EmpireVery Much...Paid Today!
18:53335??4674.98.86.*AFX Trading CenterGood program.
18:52335??4674.98.86.*Stable Forex IncomePaid No problems!
18:51335??4674.98.86.*IFX Gold BankVery trustworthy a serious investment program
18:50335??4674.98.86.*500 Forex ClubPaid since started
18:49335??4674.98.86.*VIP Profit ClubThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
18:48335??4674.98.86.*EGold Profit ClubPayment received. Thanks.
18:45375??1370.55.61.*Forex Trading GroupI've been paid in time
18:45448??88 91.149.77.* PrivateFinPaid instantly!!! Very good. THANKS ADMIN!!!
18:44375??1370.55.61.*Expert Gold GroupGood support.
18:44375??1370.55.61.*Professional Trade Corp.Are you well and happy with this program!
18:43375??1370.55.61.*Private Gold HoldingMy favourite invest program
18:43375??1370.55.61.*FXM Profit ClubGood! Make more!
18:43375??1370.55.61.*FX Line Corp.For now - no problems.
18:42200??57217.119.145.*LofutaDo not invest, SCAMMER, lost here 20 $ !!
18:42375??1370.55.61.*Elite gold GroupI am near my seventh payment
18:42375??1370.55.61.*United Gold Empirepaid today
18:41375??1370.55.61.*AFX Trading CenterVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
18:41375??1370.55.61.*Stable Forex IncomeStiil geting paid... Goood :)
18:41375??1370.55.61.*IFX Gold BankPaid all the time!
18:40375??1370.55.61.*500 Forex ClubIn profit !
18:39375??1370.55.61.*VIP Profit Clublast payment recieved today
18:39375??1370.55.61.*EGold Profit ClubGood program.
18:25437??70 70.251.52.* CavemanProfitsawesome program; do this!
18:23296??62205.237.65.*Forex Trading Groupnice...piad.
18:23296??62205.237.65.*Expert Gold Groupgood HYIP !
18:23296??62205.237.65.*Professional Trade Corp.Very Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
18:22296??62205.237.65.*Private Gold HoldingAlways paid on time!
18:22296??62205.237.65.*FXM Profit ClubPaid right on time!
18:21296??62205.237.65.*FX Line Corp.Right choice to invest
18:21296??62205.237.65.*Elite gold GroupAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
18:20296??62205.237.65.*United Gold EmpireVery good HYIP!
18:20296??62205.237.65.*AFX Trading CenterPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
18:19296??62205.237.65.*Stable Forex IncomeRight choice to invest
18:19296??62205.237.65.*IFX Gold BankPaid. Thanks.
18:18296??62205.237.65.*500 Forex ClubPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
18:17296??62205.237.65.*VIP Profit ClubPaid today!Excellent!
18:17296??62205.237.65.*EGold Profit ClubExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
18:14326??1024.226.83.*Forex Trading Groupayment received.
18:13326??1024.226.83.*Expert Gold GroupVery trustworthy a serious investment program
18:13326??1024.226.83.*Professional Trade Corp.Reliable investment.
18:13326??1024.226.83.*Private Gold HoldingGood program! Make more!
18:12326??1024.226.83.*FXM Profit ClubPAYING ! This is important !
18:12326??1024.226.83.*FX Line Corp.Good ! One of the best !
18:11326??1024.226.83.*Elite gold GroupPayment received.
18:11396??5562.47.38.*SivaShareHello Admin. Why you not answered? You don`t pay over 2 days. You have a good voting by top100 hyip. But this is not a good job.
18:10326??1024.226.83.*United Gold EmpirePaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
18:10326??1024.226.83.*AFX Trading CenterI like it ! It pays
18:09326??1024.226.83.*Stable Forex IncomeGood admin.
18:09326??1024.226.83.*IFX Gold BankWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
18:08326??1024.226.83.*500 Forex ClubGood program!
18:08326??1024.226.83.*VIP Profit ClubPayment received.
18:08326??1024.226.83.*EGold Profit ClubGOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
18:04260??54207.161.22.*Forex Trading GroupReceived payment again!
18:04260??54207.161.22.*Expert Gold GroupGood support.
18:04260??54207.161.22.*Professional Trade Corp.Good spon! You shoul try it !
18:03260??54207.161.22.*Private Gold HoldingPaid right on time!
18:03260??54207.161.22.*FXM Profit ClubI like it!
18:02260??54207.161.22.*FX Line Corp.good paying!!!
18:02260??54207.161.22.*Elite gold GroupIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
18:01260??54207.161.22.*United Gold EmpireI got paid
18:01260??54207.161.22.*AFX Trading CenterStill paying. Hope it will for more days
18:01260??54207.161.22.*Stable Forex IncomeStill paying. Hope it will for more days
18:00260??54207.161.22.*IFX Gold BankPaid today!Excellent!
18:00260??54207.161.22.*500 Forex Clubgood paying!!!
17:59260??54207.161.22.*VIP Profit ClubGood program.
17:59260??54207.161.22.*EGold Profit ClubGood site. Good admin... ;)
17:52348??1074.114.124.*Forex Trading GroupI am in love with this spon :)))
17:52405??5691.112.137.*Earn3000bull shit, you can not invest here, but they take the money from e-gold-account ! SCAM !!!!!
17:52348??1074.114.124.*Expert Gold GroupGood workind hyip!
17:52348??1074.114.124.*Professional Trade Corp.Excellent program
17:51348??1074.114.124.*Private Gold HoldingI got paid !!
17:51348??1074.114.124.*FXM Profit Clubgood paying!!!
17:51348??1074.114.124.*FX Line Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
17:50348??1074.114.124.*Elite gold GroupGood, i got paid
17:49348??1074.114.124.*United Gold EmpireGot my money!
17:49348??1074.114.124.*AFX Trading CenterGood, i got paid
17:48348??1074.114.124.*Stable Forex IncomeAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
17:47348??1074.114.124.*IFX Gold BankGot paid for several times
17:47348??1074.114.124.*500 Forex Club... INVEST.....!
17:47348??1074.114.124.*VIP Profit ClubPayment received.
17:46348??1074.114.124.*EGold Profit Clubhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
17:42272??5270.72.10.*Forex Trading GroupGood, i got paid
17:42272??5270.72.10.*Expert Gold GroupVery good..paid!
17:42272??5270.72.10.*Professional Trade Corp.Great invest program!
17:41272??5270.72.10.*Private Gold HoldingPaid. Excellent customer support.
17:41272??5270.72.10.*FXM Profit ClubReliable investment.
17:41272??5270.72.10.*FX Line paid ... I will try again ! :)
17:40272??5270.72.10.*Elite gold GroupGood HYIP! You should try it too.
17:40272??5270.72.10.*United Gold EmpireGreat invest program!
17:39272??5270.72.10.*AFX Trading Centergood admin response
17:39272??5270.72.10.*Stable Forex Incomehyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
17:39272??5270.72.10.*IFX Gold BankExcellent HYIP! paid!
17:38272??5270.72.10.*500 Forex ClubExcellent!
17:38272??5270.72.10.*VIP Profit ClubGood program.
17:37272??5270.72.10.*EGold Profit ClubWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
17:32280??5474.115.23.*Forex Trading Grouppaid me without problems!
17:32280??5474.115.23.*Expert Gold Group... INVEST.....!
17:31280??5474.115.23.*Professional Trade Corp.hyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
17:31280??5474.115.23.*Private Gold HoldingSerious paying program!
17:31280??5474.115.23.*FXM Profit Clubgreat program
17:30280??5474.115.23.*FX Line Corp.Right choice to invest
17:30280??5474.115.23.*Elite gold Grouphyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
17:30280??5474.115.23.*United Gold Empiresuper paid
17:30 305??58 91.17.0.* Trust 1200 Profitgangster very bad
17:29280??5474.115.23.*AFX Trading CenterReally the best program online!
17:29280??5474.115.23.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received.
17:29280??5474.115.23.*IFX Gold BankSerious paying program!
17:28280??5474.115.23.*500 Forex Clubpay!pay!pay!
17:28280??5474.115.23.*VIP Profit ClubGreat invest program!
17:27280??5474.115.23.*EGold Profit ClubPaid again and again and again..! ! !
17:23272??9772.141.189.*Forex Trading GroupGood programm... Had no problems !
17:22272??9772.141.189.*Expert Gold GroupRight choice to invest...
17:22272??9772.141.189.*Professional Trade Corp.Payment received. Thanks.
17:22272??9772.141.189.*Private Gold HoldingPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
17:21272??9772.141.189.*FXM Profit ClubSerious program!
17:21272??9772.141.189.*FX Line Corp.super hyip!
17:20272??9772.141.189.*Elite gold Groupkeep up the good work
17:20272??9772.141.189.*United Gold EmpireVery good site!Paid as promised.
17:19272??9772.141.189.*AFX Trading CenterExcellent program! Never misses payment.
17:19272??9772.141.189.*Stable Forex IncomeExcellent! Really paid!
17:18272??9772.141.189.*IFX Gold Bankthey pay me every day on time very thanks admin
17:18272??9772.141.189.*500 Forex ClubReliable investment.
17:18272??9772.141.189.*VIP Profit ClubExcellent!!!
17:17272??9772.141.189.*EGold Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
17:13271??4274.117.56.*Forex Trading Grouppay!pay!pay!
17:12271??4274.117.56.*Expert Gold Grouppay me again
17:12271??4274.117.56.*Professional Trade Corp.Excellent! Really paid!
17:12271??4274.117.56.*Private Gold HoldingGood program.
17:11271??4274.117.56.*FXM Profit ClubIt is really great program!!!
17:11271??4274.117.56.*FX Line me again
17:10271??4274.117.56.*Elite gold GroupExcellent program!!! GOOD!
17:10271??4274.117.56.*United Gold EmpireVery trustworthy a serious investment program
17:08452??9366.186.63.*SivaShareGood. Paid me again. Thanks admin
17:07271??4274.117.56.*AFX Trading Centergood HYIP! paid me today!
17:06452??9366.186.63.*PrivateFinThank you for paying me today. I will reinvest to you.
17:06271??4274.117.56.*Stable Forex IncomeMy favorite HYIP! Paid!
17:06271??4274.117.56.*IFX Gold BankReliable investment
17:05449??5374.86.8.*PrivateFinPAID!! THANKS ADMIN!!!
17:05271??4274.117.56.*500 Forex ClubGood programm! Try it
17:05271??4274.117.56.*VIP Profit ClubIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
17:04449??5374.86.8.*SivaShareTHE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:04271??4274.117.56.*EGold Profit Clubpay!pay!pay!
15:26436??60 85.59.70.* EminentHYIPPaid me every day!! Good Program!!!
15:26270??6383.237.239.*Forex Trading GroupVery good HYIP! Paid again!
15:25270??6383.237.239.*Expert Gold Grouppay me again
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15:25270??6383.237.239.*Private Gold HoldingExcellent program!!! GOOD!
15:24270??6383.237.239.*FXM Profit ClubGood HYIP! paid all time!
15:24270??6383.237.239.*FX Line!pay!pay!
15:24270??6383.237.239.*Elite gold GroupExcellent program!!! GOOD!
15:23270??6383.237.239.*United Gold EmpireIt is really great program!!!
15:23270??6383.237.239.*AFX Trading CenterA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
15:22270??6383.237.239.*Stable Forex IncomeMy favourite invest program
15:22270??6383.237.239.*IFX Gold BankPayment received.
15:21270??6383.237.239.*500 Forex ClubVery-very good HYIP!
15:21270??6383.237.239.*VIP Profit ClubGreat invest program!
15:20270??6383.237.239.*EGold Profit ClubVery-very good program.
15:0248??3772.205.214.*WorldInvestmentAllianceWaited 4 wks. for payout. NO PAYOUTS. Over 50 Withdraw requests since beg. June. ONLY Response from admin was to not allow me access to my acct. while they continue to post false statistics. These are scum of the earth. STAY AWAY!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
14:43456??0966.79.187.*PrivateFinPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
14:42456??0966.79.187.*SivaSharevery good company
14:41391??1960.53.30.*LofutaNot Paid - 30/Jun invest 10usd - Spider net -Recormended for Archives-bad record IP Address 3 same.
14:38446??71201.253.229.*SivaShareAlways paid! THANKS!!!
14:28446??71201.253.229.*PrivateFinpaid!!! it is the best prog!!! recommend it much!
14:17449??86200.223.252.*PrivateFini refer to invest in this hyip , paid me ontime.
14:13449??86200.223.252.*SivaShareThe best program! I'm in profit!
14:08457??6066.79.187.*SivaSharegreat program, good paid!
14:08391??1960.53.30.*Investment Trade. Ltdpaid for 7 stars - Thanks admin -Real Traders.
14:06457??6066.79.187.*PrivateFinPaying on time and great e-mail support.
13:59457??6966.79.187.*SivaShareExcellent program! Never misses payment.
13:58457??6966.79.187.*PrivateFinthe best HYIP!nice!
13:57391??1960.53.30.*HalerInvestpaid for 7stars - Thanks admin - Real LCC Cert.Holder
13:50232??64195.131.172.*Reasonable InvestmentsPays on time and also paid me monthly bonus!!!
13:42391??1960.53.30.*GoldTruxPaid - very fast Thanks admin - 5 stars
13:20 450??03 206.222.8.* Invest Statethe best long term. ontime payments. thanks admin
12:58396??5562.47.37.*Guaranteed InvestA big scam programm. The never pay. Only the hyip monitors.
12:54396??5562.47.37.*HalerInvestThe best programm. Pay out every day. No problems.
12:50396??5562.47.37.*CosmosTradersGood support, the write about the ddos attack and now the are paying again. Thank`s admin.
12:41445??26 122.167.159.* World Forexpaid every day. very good
12:22 144??03 195.2.117.* F2-FinanceSCAM! do not paying for hourly plan
12:19388??90219.83.97.*World ForexThe real world class investment. Always pays on time.
12:18388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdStable and reliable program.
12:16388??90219.83.97.*LSH ClubStill the best investment program on the net. Pays on time.
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11:57457??00219.66.233.*PrivateFinThanks for payment! Excellent work, admin!
11:56457??00219.66.233.*SivaShareGot payment again. Very stable hyip since start!
11:46457??6566.186.33.*PrivateFinGot payment again. Very stable hyip since start!
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11:08456??7266.79.187.*PrivateFinPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
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10:38442??00 124.81.145.* GreatCashCreatehooping aja deh
9:12348??9769.226.247.*LargeSUMPaid, long time in profit !
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5:24295??4877.45.139.*DayTradeProsPaid as usual! Serious investment program.
4:16270??63213.135.138.*Is4everTo my mind this programm is the best of all ever seen!
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4:02436??54213.198.84.*PrivateFinPatetic SCAM, Fake votes on this monitor, DON'T INVEST SAAAAAAAAACMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
3:21419??76 124.104.115.* Lemon Investi never get paid since they open their site....
3:14389??5481.169.143.*Nexritipaid me without problems!
3:10388??3191.121.9.*LofutaReally the best program online
3:09388??3191.121.9.*NexritiReally the best program online
3:05443??95193.37.152.*LofutaFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
3:05443??95193.37.152.*NexritiFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
2:49388??7991.121.2.*LofutaI trust this admin
2:48388??7991.121.2.*NexritiI trust this admin
2:41389??2267.159.5.*LofutaStable Program, Always paid on time!
2:40389??2267.159.5.*NexritiStable Program, Always paid on time!
2:36443??5791.121.10.*LofutaRight choice to invest!
2:35443??5791.121.10.*NexritiRight choice to invest!
2:30137??9681.169.187.*LofutaPays without problems
2:28137??9681.169.187.*NexritiPays without problems
2:25325??3491.121.13.*Go Daddy InvestI made second investment today
2:24325??3491.121.13.*NexritiI made second investment today
2:23325??3491.121.13.*LofutaI made second investment today
2:17317??6985.214.73.*Go Daddy InvestIMHO, it is much better than others!
2:16317??6985.214.73.*LofutaIMHO, it is much better than others!
2:15317??6985.214.73.*NexritiIMHO, it is much better than others!
1:40397??8670.176.223.*PrivateFinvery bad lost lots of money
0:18386??92203.218.52.*Open-Forex-MarketReceive my 1st payment,thx admin