Vote Information for Wednesday 27 June 2007


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22:37447??87213.211.244.*WorldInvestmentAllianceFirt check $1, $1,20 paid! (marte, germany)
22:17437??24212.19.6.*SivaShareNot paid 3 days yet
21:18 436??45 195.58.37.* WMZ-InvestI like the project
19:16 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Excellent program! Never misses payment.
19:15453??2072.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingGot paid. Thanks!
19:15440??8772.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingReally the best program online Serious paying program
19:14432??1072.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingStable and professional program.
19:14443??4872.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks admin! Paid over and over!
19:13447??8672.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks for payment! Excellent work, admin!
19:12447??4972.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingThanks for the good program.
18:59 4469845 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual
18:42 452??98 83.205.235.* Stream Earningnot paying
17:45229??55 71.104.27.* Is4everPaid. Good.
17:40419??76124.104.127.*Guaranteed Investnot paying bullshit site!!!!
17:31415??98 69.242.2.* Is4everNo problems with this program, getting payments on time.
16:51350??5875.126.210.*StableFundingPaid instant again and again...I've been paid for several times since Apr. It's wonderful program with great Admin&Crew.
16:43350??5875.126.210.*Growth Forex Ltd.Paid me again today, Like usualy I like the program thanks admin
16:35350??5875.126.210.*Navigator TradeI got paid again today, reinvested
16:30436??54213.198.84.*PrivateFinFUCK YOU ADMIN, it's an Autentic SCAM, only pays the firts Days Only, all good rates are from first days, don't belive
15:19403??6370.48.26.*Rebel FinancingPaid on time, as promise
15:04403??6370.48.26.*Everest InvestPaid as usual
14:50419??76124.104.127.*OK! e-goldnot paying me another scam site!!! beware investors of evil program like ok! egold coz its not ok...
14:30391??1960.53.247.*Investment Trade. Ltdpaid again - Thanks admin 5 stars
14:25391??1960.53.247.*HYIPReliablepaid again - very fast Thanks Admin
14:24355??39 213.184.252.* USD-FundsReal BIG SCAMMER!! DONT INVEST!!!
13:33449??53200.45.137.*PrivateFinPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
13:28446??22195.175.37.*PrivateFingot paid ... I will try again ! :)
13:20 451??13 84.252.140.*Aston ProsperityHere is and all. They ceased to pay. Всё приплыли.
13:19449??86205.209.162.*SivaShareAlways paid! THANKS!!!
13:12451??57194.126.179.*SivaShareVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
13:08446??7185.18.242.*SivaShareGood spon! You should try it !
13:05439??23 222.124.19.* High Profit InvestmentPaid thank.....
13:04448??09202.163.200.*SivaShareThis program is the best of all
13:01446??29219.93.178.*SivaSharePaying on time and great e-mail support.
12:59446??56203.106.52.*SivaShareGood admins, keep up the good work!
12:53452??9374.86.8.*SivaSharepaid me all the week
12:47453??94 201.21.0.* Asia PoolPaid me again very quickly to my e-gold account! Admin please paid me always and I will vote here daily! Thanks!
12:42449??53200.45.137.*SivaShareReliable investment.
10:15322??4484.32.200.*EminentHYIPTransaction batch is 82279159. Thanks admin.
9:54136??42195.151.159.*Is4everPaid one our afer request! 6/27/2007 Payment Received 82270870 Gold +0.057605 3660093 37.00 USD 642.30 From: Is4ever E-gold acc. Memo: Profit withdrawal
9:36396??87217.54.241.*Go2Unionnot paid me for 2 days ,selective payment,big scam
9:31429??1587.248.230.*Large CapitalsThey never pay to you. Only top-100. My withdrawal pending 7 days and it's clear SCAM
9:24360??4574.117.56.*LargeSUMWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
9:09 454??95 219.93.60.*Orange-Investmentpaid me today.hurry all,invest to this hyip.very good hyip.user (
8:36348??97207.6.57.*Oil and Gas InvestmentGood programm... Had no problems !
7:55452??93201.34.32.*PrivateFinthe best HYIP!nice!
7:47446??86201.34.32.*Stock-XPGood program! Great support!
7:40446??7174.86.8.*Stock-XPStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
7:36451??57205.209.162.*Stock-XPpaid and rate :) thanks admin
7:30449??5389.149.234.*Stock-XPNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
7:25446??4166.186.63.*SivaSharePaying on time, very good system
7:23446??4166.186.63.*Stock-XPVery good HYIP! Paid again!
7:23411??36 221.134.220.* RUSSO ProjectExcellent payments even inspite of DDoS attacks! Excellent response and admin support!. Please do not vote badly, if you do not have the patience to wait! Paid to member: 529. Thanks a lot admin!
7:18447??59202.163.200.*Stock-XPAutopayout. Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 82275270
7:15447??59202.163.200.*PrivateFinIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
7:13447??64202.21.176.*Stock-XPPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
7:10447??64202.21.176.*PrivateFinReally the best program online!
6:58448??09222.124.11.*PrivateFinPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
6:57376??23 125.160.67.* USA Tradepaid. only the people - just people covet giving red vote!
5:08388??2591.121.10.*Gold InfiniteGreat HYIP! Paid!!!
5:07388??2591.121.10.*Dividend, Ltd.Great HYIP! Paid!!!
5:06388??2591.121.10.*NexritiGreat HYIP! Paid!!!
5:05388??2591.121.10.*M290Great HYIP! Paid!!!
5:03322??4484.32.200.*E3 InvestTransaction batch is 82249448. Thanks admin
4:58389??7585.214.28.*Gold InfiniteRight choice to invest
4:56389??7585.214.28.*Dividend, Ltd.Right choice to invest
4:55389??7585.214.28.*NexritiRight choice to invest
4:54389??7585.214.28.*M290Right choice to invest
4:49389??5481.169.143.*Dividend, Ltd.happy received!
4:48389??5481.169.143.*Gold Infinitehappy received!
4:47389??5481.169.143.*Nexritihappy received!
4:46389??5481.169.143.*M290happy received!
4:41388??3191.121.9.*Dividend, Ltd.good program!
4:40388??3191.121.9.*Gold Infinitepaid
4:31443??95193.37.152.*Gold Infinitethe best hyip!
4:30443??95193.37.152.*Nexritihonest admin! paid!
4:30443??95193.37.152.*M290honest admin! paid!
2:30388??7991.121.2.*M290All OK! Paid me!
2:29388??7991.121.2.*NexritiAll OK! Paid me!
2:23389??2267.159.5.*Nexritiright choice to invest
2:22389??2267.159.5.*M290right choice to invest
2:20377??81 60.53.95.* CoastLineFundPaid 6/30. Thanks
2:15443??5791.121.10.*Nexritithe best hyip!
2:14443??5791.121.10.*M290the best hyip!
2:10137??9681.169.187.*Guaranteed Investreceived payment
2:07137??9681.169.187.*Gold Infinitereceived payment
2:05137??9681.169.187.*Nexritigood program!
2:04137??9681.169.187.*M290good program!
2:03388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdAlways pays. Good place for invest. Thanks Admin.
2:00388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamGolden-Dream, it makes our dream come true. Good place for invest.
1:58388??90219.83.97.*World ForexGood paying program. Always pays on time. Thanks Admin.
1:53388??90219.83.97.*LSH ClubStill the best investment program on the net. The most recomended place for investment. Thanks Daniel.
1:50388??90219.83.97.*CoastLineFundPaid 2 of 30, good paying site. Recomended place for invest.
1:50325??3491.121.13.*Dividend, Ltd.received payment
1:48325??3491.121.13.*OK! e-goldreceived payment
1:45325??3491.121.13.*Nexritireceived payment
1:43325??3491.121.13.*M290received payment
1:35317??6985.214.73.*OK! e-goldBeen paid today
1:34317??6985.214.73.*Guaranteed InvestBeen paid today
1:33317??6985.214.73.*Dividend, Ltd.Been paid today
1:32317??6985.214.73.*Gold InfiniteBeen paid today
1:31317??6985.214.73.*NexritiBeen paid today
1:30317??6985.214.73.*M290Been paid today