Vote Information for Sunday 24 June 2007


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21:36424??96 90.186.20.* High Profit Investmentpaid again :-)))))))) thank u admin go on
20:41 451??63 213.158.12.* EMPowerInvestWarning! SCAM! Don't invest!
19:38293??03195.151.204.*Aston ProsperityPayment x 50 received just now. Paid every day without fail. Reinvested as always. Thank you, Admin!
18:18184??1071.236.9.*Stock-XPPaid instantly to egold account upon request. Good program.
17:45405??93203.92.154.*GreatPayoutOnlinepaid me. thanks admin.
16:38405??93203.92.154.*Orange-InvestmentGood HYIP. This HYIP paid me. Thank you admin.
15:34 325??38 213.168.109.* Running ProfitNo payout since 6 Days !!!!!!!!!
15:22317??7675.185.73.*FX Traders Groupinvested 6/18/07 never received a payment or response!!! fraud!!
14:15416??53213.215.147.*TradeInvestClubPaid instant again GOOD ADMIN
13:52416??53213.215.147.*Navigator TradePaid me on time! Thanks alot admin, good job!
12:52329??44193.110.113.*M290today paid too!
12:46412??99213.128.220.*Times InvestmentI've got next payment! Very good!
12:22429??21 91.124.11.* Is4everPayouts 7 days a week and almost instantly!! Good!
10:47362??40193.151.57.*M290Best program!!!
10:46362??40193.151.57.*So GoldBest program!!!
10:36449??95 84.157.72.* GreatCashCreateWaiting more than 48 Hours for payout my request Cash, no answer from Admin. SCAM!!!!
10:19417??74 196.43.30.* InvestActivelysent e-mails about withdrawal request and payout, thanks
9:53 249??04 84.63.44.* Bonus ProfitIt was not disbursed since 2Tagen
9:51339??70205.237.65.*LargeSUMSerious paying program!
9:17447??64200.137.6.*Stock-XPSerious paying program!
9:11449??86 81.21.243.* PrivateFinRight choice to invest
9:09359??74 222.124.100.* RUSSO ProjectWhy I can't access you website till now are you SCAM now please you send news to my e-mail now username bakrigrup
9:02446??56205.209.162.*PrivateFingot paid ... I will try again ! :)
8:05448??09220.249.114.*PrivateFinhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
4:37441??80213.230.129.*PrivateFinNow don't paid!!!!!!!!!!!
4:35341??75124.81.124.*High Profit InvestmentPaid & respend #2 $500 USD thank admin
4:18 3914819 PROXY Sahara Profits[Program Admin]> paid very fast - received 2/21 days Thanks admin
2:44418??9176.110.245.*Aston ProsperityAll I know is that they never missed ONE payment to me..Even pays early sometimes..Most consistant site yet..thnks addm
1:40424??96 90.187.168.* Real-MoneyMakingwhich silly brain vote here good ? you must lost all your money
0:02 394??64 82.81.248.* Build Bankpaid me bonus Thanks admin
0:00 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Got paid. Thanks!