Vote Information for Saturday 23 June 2007


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14:23398??4485.49.134.*USA TradeNo paid. Scam
14:21360??4562.30.75.*Forex Trading GroupThe best program! I'm in profit!
14:21393??6085.49.134.*USA TradeThey have erased my user. Not to invest. Admin does not respond
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14:19425??3784.157.69.*GreatPayoutOnlineWithdrawal request $ 147.00 Jun-22-2007 06:42:24 PM, no answer from admin, please check it....
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1:13359??74 222.124.86.* RUSSO ProjectWhy I can't acces you page so are you SCAM now
1:03 453??05 24.79.157.* M290i have not been paid yet and it is 48 hours