Vote Information for Friday 22 June 2007


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11:58448??82 69.156.209.* Z-DivioThey are scam. They put the votes on the monitors themselves. They are bounds of Theives. Z-divio you can never prosper in that way unless you return my money.
11:35453??94 80.227.117.* Asia PoolMy account was credited! Very good for investments! Thanks Admin!
11:13136??42195.151.159.*Is4everPaid as always!!!! 6/22/2007 Payment Received 82122332 Gold +0.056714 3660093 37.00 USD 652.40 From: Is4ever E-gold acc. Memo: Profit withdrawal
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5:53407??73 124.121.89.* Oil and Gas InvestmentShould be removed from Top100hyip
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1:03421??9690.186.109.*Navigator Tradeups wrong button or so lol german voters in english smile
1:01424??9690.186.109.*Navigator Tradeyesterday i got my payment today not lost in the moment 200 USD be careful
0:51421??9690.186.109.*Millionaire HYIPlol i tell u yesterday that i vote u, u r the same asshole like the others here, you dont pay anything hold my money and be happy with it i have more than u ever will earn lol never invest here guys
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