Vote Information for Thursday 21 June 2007


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23:45436??47 200.123.142.* WorldInvestmentAllianceAdministrador honesto. Gracias. silvia25
23:27357??83 79.113.1.* Bonus ProfitOne of the best hyip, paid me fast
21:54135??4280.252.252.*Marwin CapitalPaid stable for a long time. Thanks!
21:53135??4280.252.252.*Dividend, Ltd.Paid stable for a long time. Thanks!
21:49424??9690.186.89.*AFX Trading Centeri dont know why u invest here look at my votes lol
21:39424??9690.186.89.*DualStrikesbe careful with this hyip you never get your payment back
20:27447??33206.248.86.*Online Capitaltremenda compania paga mi gente .pagaaaaaaaa
20:26447??33206.248.86.*SivaSharetremenda compania paga
19:27421??96 90.187.5.* Z-Diviou learn nothing look at the ips dont invest here
19:21372??3287.238.119.*Dividend, Ltd.All payments received, Reinvested!.
19:20372??3287.238.119.*Marwin CapitalAll payments received, Reinvested!.
18:24415??00 74.132.100.* Is4everAgain received payment. thanks.
18:16229??55 76.212.189.* Is4everGet referral comission. Very nice. Added it to my deposit.
18:15355??38195.93.60.*Navigator TradePayment received x 16, thanks admin!
17:45225??95195.248.161.*Maya-FundNo problems with this program. It'a pleasure to work with is4ever!
17:31359??74 222.124.102.* RUSSO ProjectThis program always paid me please you signup l
17:11452??84208.109.116.*TradeInvestClubOne of the best investments. Always paying instantly. Great site.
17:06452??84208.109.116.*Navigator TradeVery I am made an impression with the effectiveness of this system. Sincerely it has not failed nor a single day in paying. Single a word deserves east program hyip
17:03362??40193.151.57.*Marwin CapitalBest program!!!
17:03362??40193.151.57.*Dividend, Ltd.Best program!!!
16:56344??30202.156.14.*Major Capitalnot paid...
16:14419??83 217.236.80.* Oil and Gas InvestmentI have got 3!!! withdrawals still pending since 5/28/2007. They donĀ“t answer of 6 inquiries!!! Why??
15:40 374??14 80.80.111.*VIP Profit Club
15:37322??20221.192.64.*StableFundingSCAM! Not PAID !This program paid only list!
15:26391??1960.53.17.*PrivateFinvery good - thanks
15:23447??99206.222.10.*EuroInvestmentGroupWithdrawal to account ******** . Batch is 82006717
15:18425??37 84.157.114.* Invest GoldenMyUserName = Tulpenfan > PENDING WITHDRAWAL ON Jun-20-2007 07:48 PM (HYIP TIME) FOR $ 33. ADMIN PLEASE CHECK IT OUT...?
14:48452??62125.162.120.*Jet Profit HyipNot Paid.. SCAMMER! Waiting for you in HELL
14:05 4357613 PROXY Times Investment[Program Admin]> I am admin for this program. This man '' is not our investor. You can check his spam post by clicking the egold number..;)
13:23424??96 90.187.180.* Times Investmentdont trust them they pay nothing
11:59424??96 90.187.116.* MalibuProfithey shit admin see u in latest payout and must lough what do u pay ? my money rofl
11:53429??1587.248.230.*Oil and Gas InvestmentIt's SCAM!!! at moment of deposite - "connection problem" ;) - and no money, Neither on your account nor on the deposit, they simply steal them!
9:55 447??84 203.161.81.* Oil and Gas Investmenti dont know about this i send money but doesnt turn up in my account, i thought it was instant . it has been 12 hours and still nothing in my account
8:59416??53213.215.147.*Navigator Tradethis is what i call a real investment program, honest, fast and exelllent support ALWAYS! they the best and doing the best job ever.
8:55450??55125.164.201.*EMPowerInvestMyUserName = EMPOWERINVEST.COM >>> STATUS:PENDING WITHDRAW on Jun-20-2007 08:04:16 AM(HYIP TIME) for $1.03. 2nd TIME on PENDING STATUS IN THIS
8:50257??42213.181.83.*M290Scam!Investors,don't suck this scam!Fake positive votes.I invested since 19th June,48hours after,no returns!Same IP Nos.constantly and deceiptfully post positive rates!Smart net robbers!Invest at your financial risk and enrich fools!
8:22449??53 200.141.141.* SivaShareVery Stable and Professional
8:18441??80213.230.155.*PrivateFinVERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:13446??71222.221.254.*Stock-XPA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
8:08448??09220.249.114.*PrivateFinPerfectly works and makes good profit
7:21338??28 85.141.154.* Online Bank HyipSelective payments! Beware of this SCAM!!! #xaxaTyH
7:18 452??07 125.164.97.* The Gold InvestAdmin never paid my withdraw since this program starting. DONT INVEST! Damn Admin
7:08429??21 91.124.10.* Is4everI believe this company. They are very honest and professional.
6:37136??42195.151.159.*Is4everGood site, i think.Looks really good!
6:25388??2591.121.10.*Z-DivioVery very good! Paid! Thanks!
6:25388??2591.121.10.*M290Very very good! Paid! Thanks!
6:19389??7585.214.28.*M290Paid! Thanks admin!
6:18389??7585.214.28.*Z-DivioPaid! Thanks admin!
6:10388??3191.121.9.*Z-DivioPaid honestly!
6:09388??3191.121.9.*M290Paid honestly!
6:05443??95193.37.152.*M290happy received!
6:05443??95193.37.152.*Z-Diviohappy received!
5:54 441??75 194.114.128.* Hyip-PlatinumPaid me $. Thanks
5:45 3737558 PROXY Hyip-Platinum[Program Admin]> Cool! i`m get a bonus :)
5:43356??3583.222.14.*Hyip-PlatinumPaid me 3$. Good Project! Thanks Admin!
4:49293??03195.151.204.*StableFundingPaid x 37 today. Always instantly. Thank you, Admin!
4:18388??7991.121.2.*Z-DivioGreat program with honest admin!
4:17388??7991.121.2.*M290Great program with honest admin!
4:09443??5791.121.10.*Z-DivioAll OK! Paid me!
4:08443??5791.121.10.*M290All OK! Paid me!
4:06434??02 65.110.141.* Hey 1500 DailyLiars scam scam scam
4:05137??9681.169.187.*M290Honest admin! Good program!
4:05436??54213.198.84.*PrivateFinPaid Me $3.12 daily ALWAYS
4:05137??9681.169.187.*Z-DivioHonest admin! Good program!
3:52295??4877.45.177.*DayTradeProsGot money from the project!
2:59414??86195.22.112.*Marwin CapitalAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:59414??86195.22.112.*Dividend, Ltd.Always paid! THANKS!!!
2:38 439??79 202.63.62.*Millionaire HYIPPAID ME :D :D :D
2:31377??81 60.53.0.* CoastLineFundPaid 2/30. Thanks
2:00317??6985.214.73.*M290received payment
1:59317??6985.214.73.*Z-Divioreceived payment
1:58317??6985.214.73.*Marwin Capitalreceived payment
1:57317??6985.214.73.*Dividend, Ltd.received payment
0:02322??20221.192.64.*Navigator Tradenot paid me!cheat