Vote Information for Monday 18 June 2007


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23:55449??6982.93.70.*7-ForeverPaid , so far so good! Thank you 7-Forever for great work and excellent support
22:57 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> The best investment project! Stable and always pays!
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21:18381??83 24.127.69.* Go2UnionAdmin not answering emails for 3 days
20:30372??3287.238.119.*Marwin CapitalPaid on time as usual!!
20:30372??3287.238.119.*Strong-GoldPaid on time as usual!!
20:29372??3287.238.119.*Dividend, Ltd.Paid on time as usual!!
20:29372??3287.238.119.*Jet Profit HyipPaid on time as usual!!
19:39225??95195.248.161.*Maya-FundHope that they will be online for long time.
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18:38421??9690.187.122.*AFX Trading Centernever pay scammmmmmmmm
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18:23421??9690.187.122.*500 Forex Clubnever pay scammmmmmmmm
18:10135??4280.252.252.*Marwin CapitalStable program!
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18:08135??4280.252.252.*Dividend, Ltd.Stable program!
18:07135??4280.252.252.*Jet Profit HyipStable program!
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18:05421??9690.187.122.*RUSSO Projectpaid like o clock :-))))))))))
17:59421??9690.187.122.*BucksHeadhe guys vote good for them tomorrow you will lose your money same like me lol
17:48 434??44 202.43.172.*Great Invest GroupPAYING!!!
17:46394??98203.223.150.*Great Invest GroupPaid me like always, thanks
17:44434??02 204.115.33.* Hey 1500 DailyNot paid, no reply from admin
17:41 452??92 198.145.112.*Great Invest GroupPaying today and no problem at all !! very good admin!!!
17:26272??39 67.71.85.* BucksHeadCOOL !!!
17:25260??19 64.228.71.* BucksHeadgot paid
17:24339??70 74.12.12.* BucksHeadrealy paid !!!
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17:19360??4524.201.83.*BucksHeadVery good program
17:18348??9774.115.23.*BucksHeadS U P E R : Paid and Paid
17:17280??1569.70.141.*BucksHeadMy first withdrawal received!
17:11317??93212.110.133.*Maya-FundWell paying site with quality support
17:11405??93203.92.154.*USD-FundsI lost $11.50 with this big Cheaters!! The Real BIG SCAMMER!! DONT INVEST!!!
17:07339??46 83.237.228.* Oil and Gas Investmentgreat program, good paid!
16:57341??0266.246.246.*500 Forex ClubI'm Invest on 25 May 2007, but till now I'm not get profit. SCAAAM!!!! No answer from support.
16:46439??23 202.152.172.* The Gold InvestWAITING $1.5
16:37429??21 91.124.183.* Is4everI trust this program and admin!
16:05329??44193.110.113.*M290happy received!
16:05329??44193.110.113.*Z-Diviopaid day, good!
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14:43446??86 201.192.234.* PrivateFinReceived your paiment
14:32353??29201.82.168.*WorldInvestmentAllianceillusion only communicating authorities of the internet fraud is Sacam
13:56200??57217.119.145.*Neo MoneySCAM..only monitors paid, do not invest u will lose your money!!
13:53 396??33 68.165.88.* PrivateFinPaying only cents. Did not get even one paymemt.
13:11 366??91 123.248.79.* M290Can I invest here? if I invest 50$, how much can I earn to my e-gold?
12:42310??04203.113.22.*Forexmentwait to paid 1 day
12:40360??65 201.13.201.* WithOut Riskpaid again, bonito e estável
10:18136??42195.151.159.*Is4everI am very glad to be with is4ever! 6/18/2007 Payment Received 81963128 Gold +0.112693 3660093 74.00 USD 656.65 From: Is4ever E-gold acc. Memo: Profit withdrawal
10:07432??8180.128.113.*GainProjectdon´t paid me they stolen my money!!!!
9:03388??90219.83.97.*Strong-GoldStrong Gold, I have no receive any payment for the last 2 days. r U not STRONG anymore ???
9:00391??19 60.51.112.* Strong-GoldMake Deposit May 15th now 1 8 May - Not Pay yet
8:16119??0578.20.31.*Strong-GoldDid not pay for 3 consecutive days!!! That swindler is sending his own positive ratings
7:55444??1987.178.166.*Strong-GoldNot paid since 72 hours! Extremely SCAM!
7:31388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdPaid 4 of 50. Always pay on time. Recomended place for invest. Thanks Admin.
7:06444??1987.178.166.*7-Forever5% comission, Payout delayed since 72 hours!
6:57413??1785.25.148.*Aston ProsperityVery good. Paid agin. Thank
6:31424??9690.187.61.*Aston Prosperitypaid like o clock :-))))))))))
6:29424??9690.187.61.*Z-DivioScammer pay me out
5:32432??8180.128.113.*DJClubzthey don´t pay two days ago
5:24270??63213.135.138.*Is4everI see only positive voices! It's great!!! Going to invest more.
4:41388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamAlways paid. Recomended place for invest. Thanks Admin.
4:09376??5669.92.13.*Rebel Financingthey just keep on paying!!! Super job guys!!!!!
3:47388??2591.121.10.*M290good interests
3:46388??2591.121.10.*Z-Diviogood interests
3:45388??2591.121.10.*FXTrustInvestClubgood interests
3:40389??7585.214.28.*M290received payment
3:39389??7585.214.28.*Z-Divioreceived payment
3:38389??7585.214.28.*FXTrustInvestClubreceived payment
3:34389??5481.169.143.*M290Paid! Honest admin!
3:33389??5481.169.143.*Z-DivioPaid! Honest admin!
3:32389??5481.169.143.*FXTrustInvestClubPaid! Honest admin!
3:29400??7385.114.87.*AliativaExcellent! Next payment received! Thanks!
3:22443??95193.37.152.*M290Great HYIP!
3:20443??95193.37.152.*Z-DivioGreat HYIP!
3:20443??95193.37.152.*FXTrustInvestClubGreat HYIP!
3:20 437??58 212.162.130.* Betting-EarningSCAM SCAM :becarefull this is a scam and i have the proof, run for your money
3:16388??7991.121.2.*M290Paid honestly!
3:15388??7991.121.2.*Z-DivioPaid honestly!
3:14388??7991.121.2.*FXTrustInvestClubPaid honestly!
3:02389??2267.159.5.*M290My invest program! Paid!
3:00389??2267.159.5.*Z-DivioMy invest program! Paid!
2:59389??2267.159.5.*FXTrustInvestClubMy invest program! Paid!
2:58414??86195.22.112.*M290Always paid! THANKS!!!
2:58414??86195.22.112.*FXTrustInvestClubAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:57414??86195.22.112.*Marwin CapitalAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:57414??86195.22.112.*Dividend, Ltd.Always paid! THANKS!!!
2:56414??86195.22.112.*The Gold InvestAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:55414??86195.22.112.*Jet Profit HyipAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:49137??9681.169.187.*M290Got paid!
2:48137??9681.169.187.*Z-DivioGot paid!
2:47137??9681.169.187.*FXTrustInvestClubGot paid!
2:43325??3491.121.13.*M290best program
2:42325??3491.121.13.*Z-Diviobest program
2:41325??3491.121.13.*FXTrustInvestClubbest program
2:40414??86195.22.112.*Strong-GoldAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:39414??86195.22.112.*Z-DivioAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:30295??4877.45.177.*AliativaThe stable and reliable project... Always pays!
2:14295??4877.45.177.*DayTradeProsThe stable and reliable project... Always pays!
1:53388??90219.83.97.*LSH ClubPay on time, even on the weekend. LSH Club is the best program for invest. Thanks Daniel.
1:31317??6985.214.73.*M290Pay without problems!
1:30317??6985.214.73.*Z-DivioPay without problems!
1:30317??6985.214.73.*FXTrustInvestClubPay without problems!
1:29317??6985.214.73.*Marwin CapitalPay without problems!
1:28317??6985.214.73.*Strong-GoldPay without problems!
1:27317??6985.214.73.*Dividend, Ltd.Pay without problems!
1:24317??6985.214.73.*The Gold InvestPay without problems!
1:23317??6985.214.73.*Jet Profit HyipPay without problems!
0:48410??06 87.221.38.* Japan-InvestingPAID. thanks Admin. - ID:
0:45421??9690.186.147.*Private Gold Holdingour group have enough from all the scammers here if u want to make real money call us
0:38 432??66 219.95.193.* GoldenUnion2 wd still pending more than 48 hours
0:22432??7890.186.147.*DJClubzthey pay only for 1 or 2 days be careful with your investments grouprich gig DJ buckshead all the same accounts
0:21421??9690.186.147.*DJClubzour group have enough from all the scammers here if u want to make real money call us
0:06 410??29 86.57.190.* Great 1500Where payment???? tai5000 they do not send in addition!!!!!!!!!!!!!