Vote Information for Tuesday 3 October 2006


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23:35353??96 190.64.88.* Borex InvestPor ahora bien, puse 2 dolares y me pagó luego de los tres días. Ahora voy a probar con un poco más. Thanks.
21:25164??8183.133.125.*Stable-Hourlypaid me 0.28$ again loool , he it mean just pay me ??? becuase today have got paid again
21:22221??8186.85.8.*Earn Hourlygood! payment in a second
20:24306??05 86.195.164.* Business HYIPI got paid again ! Thanks
18:52101??9981.222.178.*Borex InvestExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:50101??9981.222.178.*AI-FundExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:48101??9981.222.178.*Fresh-SightExcellent program!!! GOOD!
18:40324??92 217.27.147.* WeLoveINVDoes not pay! A deceit!
18:31200??57 217.119.148.* REX Forex GroupPaid & rated, good program, thx Admin!
17:55281??0981.198.133.*Borex InvestCool design and site!
17:42210??1180.251.112.*Europe Trade LtdThe excellent project.Paid ok!thanks to the admin!
16:48210??1180.251.112.*Borex InvestThe excellent project.Paid ok!thanks to the admin!
15:51364??3724.36.18.*4DaysWorkI invest of $300 received to pay, very good!
15:42263??2060.50.62.*4DaysWorkadmin you did it again. keep up the good work. always support you.
15:40364??3724.36.18.*Metre FundI invest of $700 receive to pay on time everyday, very good!
15:26 326??80 67.182.7.* AlsoFundnot paid since 10-01-06 scam dont invest
12:09350??0181.25.244.*HYIP 100-200Exc paid out!!
12:08350??0181.25.244.*Q-InvestmentExc paid out!!
12:08350??0181.25.244.*Borex InvestExc paid out!!
12:07350??0181.25.244.*AI-FundExc paid out!!
12:07350??0181.25.244.*Fresh-SightExc paid out!!
12:06249??47202.208.132.*GALA Fundadmin seems to have run away with investment money.
10:31333??8962.85.22.*Borex InvestNo problems with this program
10:25135??42217.77.220.*HYIP 100-200Got paid!
10:24135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentGot paid!
10:23135??42217.77.220.*Borex InvestGot paid!
10:23 181??64 68.104.73.* Global-Carpaying my daily $30 earnings. Very good program.
10:22135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundGot paid!
10:22135??42217.77.220.*Fresh-SightGot paid!
10:17333??8962.85.22.*Europe Trade LtdNo problems with this program
9:59 249??00 130.13.15.* Italy-FundSO FAR SO GOOD
8:41254??32 213.160.137.* Europe Trade LtdHighly recommended.Paid!
8:30356??3972.232.94.*BestGoldHyipvey fast pay
8:08199??75 82.117.200.* APCFund!!! Stable payments on e-gold!!! Honour job and high business!
7:33355??44 152.163.100.* 4DaysWorkPaid Instantly!!!
5:2185??9185.196.212.*Fresh-Sightto my mind this program is the best of all ever seen!
4:00341??71222.124.20.*GALA FundThank's you, for your paid me...., you're the best...for me..
3:31176??3670.49.39.*4DaysWorkpaid in full on 1st spend, earning on 2 other spends, saw
2:53340??53200.65.195.*WonGoldHYIPpayment not received!
2:35340??53200.65.195.*800 Gold2 payments not received. Don't invest here!
2:14315??76 222.124.45.* AlsoFundNot paid on my investment batch #68541554 (Oct 1)
0:08 361??37 219.95.164.* Casio HYIPI am waiting for my withdrawals for more than 30hours. Still pending.