Vote Information for Friday 15 June 2007


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22:15225??95195.248.161.*Maya-FundLove this program, pays always pays!
21:12278??65 194.158.219.* Maya-FundPayment received! Thank you very much!!! I recomend you to my friends!!
20:19215??84 91.124.108.* FXTrustInvestClubPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:27436??47 200.123.143.* WorldInvestmentAllianceMuy bueno, hasta ahora me pago todo $33 aproximadamente. Sigan asi. Silvia25
19:15415??45195.14.40.*Golden JuneDoes not pay 2 days. Admin on questions does not answer
18:41351??98 212.42.75.* Is4everAlways pays me!
18:04266??3181.205.179.*BucksHeadRecieved my 2/4 payment, Thanks admin, Keep going!
17:34229??55 75.54.135.* Is4everThanks for paying me. Stay here for a long time.
17:25 449??40 80.73.67.* Steady Fund
16:55415??45195.14.40.*Just Forexworks only on the reception of money of even not regestriruet.administrator on questions does not answer. SCAM
16:50415??0071.56.29.*Is4everPaid immediately upon request. Thanks!
16:33392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundPays me again and again. Serious and stable.
16:13135??4280.252.252.*Dividend, Ltd.Paid as usual.
16:10135??4280.252.252.*Marwin CapitalPaid as usual.
16:07135??4280.252.252.*Strong-GoldPaid as usual.
16:06436??6085.60.1.*USA Tradepago recibido!!! good program
16:05436??6085.60.1.*Cobex Tradepago recibido!! good program!!!
15:27441??29 88.76.171.* Cobex Tradepaid me on time
15:17419??27 77.182.147.* BucksHeadpaid first time, good
14:12288??97 210.237.27.* GuardProfitpaid very fast!!! thanks.
14:05317??7675.185.73.*EGold Profit Clubinvested 4/10/07 never recieved a payment!!! these good rating are weird!!!
13:15421??77 125.164.96.* SweetHourlytoday not paid
12:45444??2667.15.183.*Go2Unionpaid me again.
12:38138??83193.40.10.*USD-FundsWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 81885455. Instant payment, thnx -user: hyip-sense
12:23329??44193.110.113.*Dividend, Ltd.admin work hard!
11:53260??19 76.23.245.* BucksHeadAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
11:52339??70 71.60.152.* BucksHeadVery Much...Paid Today!
11:51260??69 24.230.191.* BucksHeadThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
11:50314??73 68.108.74.* BucksHeadI've been paid in time
11:49314??65 24.253.38.* BucksHeadGood support.
11:48360??4566.189.74.*DJClubzMy favourite invest program
11:48360??4566.189.74.*GainProjectPaid all the time!
11:48360??4566.189.74.*BucksHeadGood program!
11:46348??97216.186.243.*DJClubzIn profit !
11:46348??97216.186.243.*GainProjectlast payment recieved today
11:46348??97216.186.243.*BucksHeadgood HYIP !
11:44280??1524.188.248.*BucksHeadRight choice to invest
11:44280??1524.188.248.*GainProjectAlways paid on time!
11:44280??1524.188.248.*DJClubzVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
11:42339??4671.56.29.*DJClubzAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
11:42339??4671.56.29.*GainProjectVery good HYIP!
11:41339??4671.56.29.*BucksHeadPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
11:40375??4424.98.173.*Oil and Gas InvestmentExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
11:40375??4424.98.173.*DJClubzReliable investment.
11:39375??4424.98.173.*GainProjectGood program! Make more!
11:39375??4424.98.173.*BucksHeadPAYING ! This is important !
11:11436??6085.60.1.*Emerging ProfitsHan pagado y han contestado a todos mis emails!! Good program!!, Payment Received From: Emerging Profits Online Memo: batch (81551440) 1/1
10:29 310??11 80.42.135.* Invest4Neton the hourly plan today,paid me everytime within 5 hours and i'm not a monitor
10:12 449??73 212.49.87.* Invest4Netsuspended my account unceremoniously as someone else accessed the site through the same IP as i had from a cybercafe.Very disappointed.
9:37388??90219.83.97.*Golden-DreamPaid 3 of 365. Its really "Golden Dream" which can make my dream came true ....
9:34388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdPaid 3 of 50. Right place for invest.
8:31142??5987.228.113.*Is4everThis week have been paid every day! It's very well-founded, solid and stable project
7:59444??47 60.49.67.* DJClubzThey never paid me.Do not risk it. Do not invest. makdom
7:50270??63213.135.138.*Is4everVery trustworthy and serious investment program
7:29317??6985.214.73.*Dividend, Ltd.Great program!
7:17388??2591.121.10.*Honey Investgot my money
7:15424??9690.186.183.*BucksHeadpaid very fast hope in future too :-) go on admin
7:15388??2591.121.10.*M290got my money
7:14388??2591.121.10.*Z-Diviogot my money
7:14424??9690.186.183.*Strong-Goldpaid very good thank u admin go on :-))))))))))))
7:11424??9690.186.183.*LSH Clubpaid and paid go on admin :-)))))))))))))))
7:10389??7585.214.28.*Honey InvestAlways paid
7:09389??7585.214.28.*M290Always paid
7:08389??7585.214.28.*Z-DivioAlways paid
7:07424??9690.186.183.*World Forexpaid like o clock :-))))))))))
7:05424??9690.186.183.*RUSSO Projectpaid again and again thank u admin and go on :-)))
7:01389??5481.169.143.*Honey Investpaid
6:46388??90219.83.97.*World ForexAlways paid on schedulle. Good program.
6:45434??99218.186.10.*AsianaGoldInvestVery honest program, paid me the 4th time within secs to my e-gold account
6:44388??90219.83.97.*Strong-GoldPaid 3 of 5. High return. Recomender place to invest.
6:25388??3191.121.9.*Honey InvestReceived payment.
6:24388??3191.121.9.*M290Received payment.
6:23388??3191.121.9.*Z-DivioReceived payment.
6:16443??95193.37.152.*Honey InvestPaid !!!
6:12443??95193.37.152.*M290Paid !!!
6:11443??95193.37.152.*Z-DivioPaid !!!
6:04388??7991.121.2.*Running ProfitExcellent program!
6:03388??7991.121.2.*Honey InvestExcellent program!
6:02388??7991.121.2.*M290Excellent program!
6:01388??7991.121.2.*Z-DivioExcellent program!
5:53 415??70 124.157.206.* AsianaGoldInvestPerfect Investment you can trust , Michael ,user siaminfo
5:52389??2267.159.5.*Z-DivioPay without problems
5:50389??2267.159.5.*M290Pay without problems
5:49389??2267.159.5.*Honey InvestPay without problems
5:48389??2267.159.5.*Running ProfitPay without problems
5:47389??2267.159.5.*Auto WithdrawalPay without problems
5:35443??5791.121.10.*Hurry InvestPerfect paying program!
5:34443??5791.121.10.*Auto WithdrawalPerfect paying program!
5:28443??5791.121.10.*Running ProfitPerfect paying program!
5:27443??5791.121.10.*Honey InvestPerfect paying program!
5:26443??5791.121.10.*M290Perfect paying program!
5:25443??5791.121.10.*Z-DivioPerfect paying program!
5:19137??9681.169.187.*Z-DivioRight choice to invest!
5:18137??9681.169.187.*M290Right choice to invest!
5:17137??9681.169.187.*Honey InvestRight choice to invest!
5:16137??9681.169.187.*Running ProfitRight choice to invest!
5:15137??9681.169.187.*Auto WithdrawalRight choice to invest!
5:15137??9681.169.187.*Hurry InvestRight choice to invest!
5:14137??9681.169.187.*Mega Gold InvestRight choice to invest!
5:09325??3491.121.13.*Z-Diviogood program!
5:02325??3491.121.13.*Mega Gold Investgood program!
5:01325??3491.121.13.*Hurry Investgood program!
5:00325??3491.121.13.*Auto Withdrawalgood program!
4:59325??3491.121.13.*Running Profitgood program!
4:57325??3491.121.13.*M290good program!
4:55330??78 218.208.210.* PrivateFinPaid instantly...thanks admin.
4:34317??6985.214.73.*Mega Gold InvestGreat program
4:32317??6985.214.73.*Hurry InvestGreat program
4:31317??6985.214.73.*Auto WithdrawalGreat program
4:30317??6985.214.73.*Running ProfitGreat program
4:29317??6985.214.73.*Honey InvestGreat program
4:28317??6985.214.73.*M290Great program
4:25317??6985.214.73.*Z-DivioGreat program
3:54136??42195.151.159.*Is4everNothing bad can be said about is4ever, only good emotions.
2:58330??78 219.95.14.* AsianaGoldInvestBest paying..Total deposit now plus 1 billion..good luck for asianagoldinves...PAID ME AS USUAL..
2:37389??5481.169.143.*Marwin CapitalPaid! Thanks!
2:35389??5481.169.143.*Strong-GoldPaid! Thanks!
2:33295??4877.45.177.*DayTradeProsGot payment! Excellent site with good support!
1:57388??90219.83.97.*IFX Gold BankSCAMER ! Who said this professional and stable ??? BULLSHIT !!! They don't pay my investement, batch no 81729595
1:39 353??86 74.193.222.* AsianaGoldInvestPaid again thank you admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:17 449??74 70.144.18.* Invest4NetThey keep cancelling my withdrawal requests. An HYIP is worthless if you can't withdraw your earnings. (Plus the admin never responds to support tickets)
23:59184??1071.236.9.*Stock-XPPaid to my account every day, and paid to egold instantly on request.