Vote Information for Thursday 14 June 2007


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23:59184??1071.236.9.*Stock-XPPaid to my account every day, and paid to egold instantly on request.
21:41 423??03 65.74.35.* Strong 1500 Profitdidn"t get a response to a withdraw request < didn"t get payed>
20:36260??7774.99.77.*Private Gold Holdingstill paying!!!
20:36260??7774.99.77.*FXM Profit ClubGood And Honest.
20:36260??7774.99.77.*FX Line Corp.Thank you Admin!!
20:35260??7774.99.77.*Elite gold GroupVery stable ...
20:35260??7774.99.77.*United Gold EmpirePaying... Best wishes
20:35260??7774.99.77.*AFX Trading Centerpaid and rate :) thanks admin
20:34260??7774.99.77.*Stable Forex IncomePaid on time as usual!!
20:34260??7774.99.77.*IFX Gold BankVery Stable and Professional
20:34260??7774.99.77.*500 Forex ClubI recomend this HYIP!
20:34260??7774.99.77.*VIP Profit ClubNo problems with payouts. Thanks
20:33260??7774.99.77.*EGold Profit ClubPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
20:31272??3970.72.10.*FX Line Corp.Paid every day. Nice.
20:30272??3970.72.10.*Private Gold HoldingI recomend this HYIP!
20:30272??3970.72.10.*FXM Profit ClubReceived your paiment
20:29272??3970.72.10.*Elite gold GroupVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
20:29272??3970.72.10.*United Gold Empire:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
20:28272??3970.72.10.*AFX Trading CenterA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
20:28272??3970.72.10.*Stable Forex IncomeYes... it paid me
20:28272??3970.72.10.*IFX Gold Bankthe best HYIP!nice!
20:27272??3970.72.10.*500 Forex ClubStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
20:27272??3970.72.10.*VIP Profit ClubWhat a great project!
20:27272??3970.72.10.*EGold Profit ClubExcellent program! Never misses payment.
20:24260??1999.247.154.*Private Gold HoldingGreat invest program
20:24260??1999.247.154.*FXM Profit Clubpaid! SuperHYIP!!!
20:24260??1999.247.154.*FX Line Corp.Paying on time and great e-mail support.
20:23260??1999.247.154.*Elite gold GroupPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
20:23260??1999.247.154.*United Gold EmpireThanks for good program.
20:23260??1999.247.154.*AFX Trading CenterMy favourite invest program
20:22260??1999.247.154.*Stable Forex IncomeVery-very good. I really like it
20:22260??1999.247.154.*IFX Gold Bankpaid today again...
20:21260??1999.247.154.*500 Forex ClubCOOL !!!
20:21260??1999.247.154.*VIP Profit ClubPaid Good!!!
20:21260??1999.247.154.*EGold Profit Clubgot paid
20:18339??70205.200.43.*Private Gold HoldingYes... it paid me
20:18339??70205.200.43.*FXM Profit Clubrealy paid !!!
20:18339??70205.200.43.*FX Line Corp.very good and fast. Thanks
20:17339??70205.200.43.*Elite gold Grouppaid on all spends
20:17339??70205.200.43.*United Gold EmpireBest! best..
20:16339??70205.200.43.*AFX Trading CenterGood hyip...paid!
20:16339??70205.200.43.*Stable Forex Incomealways paid
20:15339??70205.200.43.*IFX Gold BankBest Hyip ever
20:15339??70205.200.43.*500 Forex Clubpaid, thanks. Good program!
20:15339??70205.200.43.*VIP Profit Clubpaying program
20:14339??70205.200.43.*EGold Profit Clubalways paid, today too
20:09260??6970.80.76.*Private Gold HoldingVery good program
20:09260??6970.80.76.*FXM Profit ClubS U P E R : Paid and Paid
20:08260??6970.80.76.*FX Line Corp.My first withdrawal received!
20:08260??6970.80.76.*Elite gold Groupgreat program, good paid!
20:08260??6970.80.76.*United Gold Empirepaid! very good
20:07260??6970.80.76.*AFX Trading CenterThanks Admin ...Paid!
20:07260??6970.80.76.*Stable Forex IncomeThis program is the best of all
20:06260??6970.80.76.*IFX Gold BankGoody-Good!
20:06260??6970.80.76.*500 Forex ClubVery good!
20:06260??6970.80.76.*VIP Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
20:05260??6970.80.76.*EGold Profit ClubMy favorit HYIP
19:56314??7369.209.48.*Private Gold HoldingGood hyip...paid!
19:56314??7369.209.48.*FXM Profit ClubGreat Hyip!!!
19:55314??7369.209.48.*FX Line Corp.Paying well
19:55314??7369.209.48.*Elite gold GroupThank you admin
19:54314??7369.209.48.*United Gold EmpireI got my 1st interest
19:54314??7369.209.48.*AFX Trading Centerbeen paid today!
19:54314??7369.209.48.*Stable Forex IncomeI think it's the BEST!!!
19:53314??7369.209.48.*IFX Gold BankVery Stable and Professional
19:53314??7369.209.48.*500 Forex ClubPaid on time as usual!!
19:53314??7369.209.48.*VIP Profit ClubPaid and rated again..
19:52314??7369.209.48.*EGold Profit Clubpaid and rate :) thanks admin
19:50314??6571.230.239.*Private Gold HoldingPaying... Best wishes
19:50314??6571.230.239.*FXM Profit ClubPaid....THANKS!
19:49314??6571.230.239.*FX Line Corp.... INVEST.....!
19:49314??6571.230.239.*Elite gold GroupPaid me again
19:48314??6571.230.239.*United Gold EmpireVery stable ...
19:48314??6571.230.239.*AFX Trading CenterThank you Admin!!!
19:47314??6571.230.239.*Stable Forex IncomeAlways paid! THANKS!!!
19:47314??6571.230.239.*IFX Gold BankGood And Honest.
19:47314??6571.230.239.*500 Forex ClubGreat invest program
19:46314??6571.230.239.*VIP Profit ClubReceived your payment Admin
19:46314??6571.230.239.*EGold Profit ClubPaying me every day
19:44271??4076.22.204.*Private Gold HoldingOne of the best
19:43271??4076.22.204.*FXM Profit ClubGet profit! nice fond)
19:43271??4076.22.204.*FX Line Corp.Was paid today
19:43271??4076.22.204.*Elite gold Group***PAID & PAID***
19:42271??4076.22.204.*United Gold EmpirePaid on time as usual!! !! !!
19:42271??4076.22.204.*AFX Trading CenterBest, they are really the BEST
19:42249??5385.238.108.*Marwin CapitalStable and professional program.
19:42271??4076.22.204.*Stable Forex IncomeSerious paying program!
19:41271??4076.22.204.*IFX Gold BankI am glad indeed
19:41271??4076.22.204.*500 Forex ClubPaid like clock.
19:40271??4076.22.204.*VIP Profit ClubPaid, pay and continue to pay
19:40271??4076.22.204.*EGold Profit ClubI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
19:39249??5385.238.108.*Strong-GoldNice one. Test investment.
19:38360??4568.196.219.*Private Gold HoldingI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
19:37360??4568.196.219.*FXM Profit ClubWell managed hyip. Pays as promised.
19:37360??4568.196.219.*FX Line Corp.Good work!
19:37360??4568.196.219.*Elite gold GroupGreat invest program!
19:37360??4568.196.219.*United Gold EmpirePaid. Thanks.
19:37360??4568.196.219.*AFX Trading CenterI got paid.
19:36360??4568.196.219.*Stable Forex IncomeAlways got paid
19:36360??4568.196.219.*IFX Gold BankPaid since started
19:35360??4568.196.219.*500 Forex Clubi like iT !
19:35360??4568.196.219.*VIP Profit Clubpaid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
19:34360??4568.196.219.*EGold Profit Clubreceived your payment.THANKS.
19:32348??9724.186.137.*Private Gold HoldingGood program.
19:32348??9724.186.137.*FXM Profit ClubGood admins
19:32348??9724.186.137.*FX Line Corp.Very good HYIP, paid!
19:31348??9724.186.137.*Elite gold GroupPaid! Give me two! :)
19:31348??9724.186.137.*United Gold EmpireGood hyip!
19:30348??9724.186.137.*AFX Trading CenterPayment received. Thanks.
19:30348??9724.186.137.*Stable Forex IncomeGood work!
19:30348??9724.186.137.*IFX Gold BankI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
19:29348??9724.186.137.*500 Forex Clubpaid again
19:29348??9724.186.137.*VIP Profit ClubAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
19:28348??9724.186.137.*EGold Profit ClubGood support.
19:26280??1572.224.168.*Private Gold HoldingPays.. Well managed hyip.
19:25280??1572.224.168.*FXM Profit ClubVery Much...Paid Today!
19:25280??1572.224.168.*FX Line Corp.Paid No problems!
19:25280??1572.224.168.*Elite gold GroupVery trustworthy a serious investment program
19:24280??1572.224.168.*United Gold Empirevery good
19:24280??1572.224.168.*AFX Trading CenterThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
19:23280??1572.224.168.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received. Thanks.
19:23280??1572.224.168.*IFX Gold BankI've been paid in time
19:22280??1572.224.168.*500 Forex ClubGood support.
19:21280??1572.224.168.*VIP Profit ClubAre you well and happy with this program!
19:20280??1572.224.168.*EGold Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
19:17339??4668.201.126.*Private Gold HoldingGood! Make more!
19:16339??4668.201.126.*FXM Profit ClubI am near my seventh payment.
19:16339??4668.201.126.*FX Line Corp.paid today
19:15339??4668.201.126.*Elite gold GroupVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
19:15339??4668.201.126.*United Gold EmpireStiil geting paid... Goood :)
19:15339??4668.201.126.*AFX Trading CenterPaid all the time!
19:14339??4668.201.126.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received.
19:14339??4668.201.126.*IFX Gold BankIn profit !
19:14339??4668.201.126.*500 Forex Clublast payment recieved today
19:13339??4668.201.126.*VIP Profit ClubGood program.
19:12339??4668.201.126.*EGold Profit ClubVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
19:09375??4483.237.183.*Private Gold HoldingAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
19:09375??4483.237.183.*FXM Profit ClubPays without problems
19:08375??4483.237.183.*FX Line Corp.Very good HYIP!
19:08375??4483.237.183.*Elite gold GroupPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
19:07375??4483.237.183.*United Gold EmpireRight choice to invest
19:07375??4483.237.183.*AFX Trading CenterPaid. Thanks.
19:07375??4483.237.183.*Stable Forex IncomePaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
19:06375??4483.237.183.*IFX Gold BankPaid today!Excellent!
19:05375??4483.237.183.*500 Forex ClubExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
19:05375??4483.237.183.*VIP Profit ClubGood admin.
19:04375??4483.237.183.*EGold Profit ClubPaid right on time!
18:36416??36 89.59.171.* Invest4NetNot paid! My withdrawal pending 6 days! Today was my account erased! SCAM!!!!!!!!!
18:26372??3287.238.119.*Marwin Capitalgood admin response
18:25372??3287.238.119.*Strong-Goldgood admin response
18:20445??26 41.207.192.* e-Monopoly
18:19 424??30 77.178.15.* GainProjectnot paid
18:16355??38195.93.60.*Navigator TradePayment received x 10, thanks admin!
17:57317??93212.110.133.*Is4everI'll invest more today
17:46442??0824.109.87.*Z-DivioSCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!
17:43442??0824.109.87.*True Pay HyipScammers!
17:41442??0824.109.87.*Effective HyipNOT PAID!
17:39442??0824.109.87.*Cash Hyipfucking scammers ;-)
17:37442??0824.109.87.*Trust 800 Bankcomplete scam!
17:31442??08 24.201.177.* M290SCAM! do not invest here!
15:56 203??28 71.194.52.* Invest4NetPaid every time from here! smittygal
15:48394??82125.234.232.*AsianaGoldInvestThanks admin! Support is so quick!!!
15:22135??4280.252.252.*Marwin CapitalHot program. Honest admin.
15:21135??4280.252.252.*Strong-GoldHot program. Honest admin.
13:33389??88208.122.14.*Go2UnionPAID JUSTNOW.
13:31429??21 91.124.13.* Is4everVery Good! Thanks for paying admin!
12:55444??8867.15.183.*Go2Unionreceived 25$
12:52138??83193.40.10.*USD-FundsFirst instant payment received. Batch is 81849186. Thanks, user: hyip-sense
12:34 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Smart fast growing project! Joined.
12:33443??4872.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingNice design, easy interface, quick support. I hope they'll work for a long time
12:31447??8672.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingReceived my third payment. We'll see what will be next.
12:30447??4972.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingIt seems that they trade forex for real. Live trading statistics is cool!
12:28 4469845 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Joined some days ago and started to receive profit. Great!!!!
12:28432??1072.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingWow! My first referral bonus. I like to get money for nothing :) Awesome
12:27439??00125.234.232.*7-ForeverThanks 7-Forever!!! Best HYIP!!!
12:27440??8772.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingHello everybody! I'm here to vote as they send me my profit always on time.
12:22428??20 203.106.178.* Safe3000I waited for 48hours already but still no payment.sent query bt also no reply.PLS BE HONEST!! FOR GOD CAN TAKE BACK EVERYTHING...
11:55388??90219.83.97.*Safe3000Dear Admin, I am a poor boy. Better U donate ur money to me. 30 times profit return in a day. That a fantastic job ! r U Richie Rich ???
11:52388??90219.83.97.*M290Is is true ???? r U Richie Rich or Robin Hood ???
10:24301??9783.167.114.*ProsperousFundnever paid
9:30381??77 62.133.175.* Is4everIn my opinion is4ever will be at the hyip's top soon.
8:30388??90219.83.97.*Investment Trade. LtdPaid 2 of 50. Honest Admin. Thanks Admin for this fantastic program.
8:10339??70207.6.57.*BucksHeadExcellent program! Never misses payment.
8:08260??6968.201.126.*BucksHeadExcellent! Really paid!
8:08314??73 70.142.14.* BucksHeadVery trustworthy a serious investment program
8:07314??6567.175.179.*BucksHeadMy favorite HYIP! Paid!
8:06271??4071.239.238.*BucksHeadGood programm! Try it
8:05360??4524.98.173.*BucksHeadVery good HYIP! Paid again!
8:04348??9712.207.153.*BucksHeadGood HYIP! paid all time!
8:03280??1524.240.30.*BucksHeadVery-very good HYIP!
8:02339??46 68.253.23.* BucksHeadAlways paying, no problem!
7:55375??44 83.237.228.* BucksHeadReally the best
6:13317??6985.214.73.*Marwin CapitalRight choice to invest
6:12317??6985.214.73.*Strong-GoldRight choice to invest
6:06388??2591.121.10.*Z-Diviogood interests
6:00325??3491.121.13.*Honey InvestBest!
5:53137??9681.169.187.*Honey Investgot paid!
5:52137??9681.169.187.*Z-Diviogot paid!
5:50388??90219.83.97.*Strong-GoldPaying Site. Good program for invest.
5:42443??5791.121.10.*Z-DivioAll OK! Paid me!
5:42443??5791.121.10.*Honey InvestAll OK! Paid me!
5:35388??3191.121.9.*Honey InvestPaid! Paid! Paid!
5:34388??3191.121.9.*Z-DivioPaid! Paid! Paid!
5:28388??7991.121.2.*Honey Investhonest admin. paid.
5:27388??7991.121.2.*Z-Diviohonest admin. paid.
5:22388??90219.83.97.*LSH ClubAlways paid. Good program, thanks Admin.
5:21389??7585.214.28.*Auto WithdrawalPaying program!
5:19389??7585.214.28.*Honey InvestPaying program!
5:19389??7585.214.28.*Z-DivioPaying program!
5:15437??24212.19.6.*Acker Investdid not pay
5:10389??2267.159.5.*Hurry Investgood HYIP
5:09389??2267.159.5.*Auto Withdrawalgood HYIP
5:08389??2267.159.5.*Honey Investgood HYIP
5:07389??2267.159.5.*Z-Diviogood HYIP
4:40443??95193.37.152.*Mega Gold Investpaid
4:39443??95193.37.152.*Hurry Investpaid
4:38443??95193.37.152.*Auto Withdrawalpaid
4:37443??95193.37.152.*Honey Investpaid
4:13389??5481.169.143.*Mega Gold InvestGreat invest program
4:12389??5481.169.143.*Hurry InvestGreat invest program
4:11389??5481.169.143.*Auto WithdrawalGreat invest program
4:10437??70 70.250.73.* Go2UnionIn spite of a host issue, this program pays as it promises!!
4:10389??5481.169.143.*Honey InvestGreat invest program
4:09389??5481.169.143.*Z-DivioGreat invest program
4:03317??6985.214.73.*Z-DivioAlways got paid!
3:53445??54219.93.152.* must be in4....that is in Invest4neeeetttt....from ( omotono ).
3:52317??6985.214.73.*Mega Gold InvestAlways got paid!
3:51317??6985.214.73.*Hurry InvestAlways got paid!
3:50317??6985.214.73.*Auto WithdrawalAlways got paid!
3:49317??6985.214.73.*Honey InvestAlways got paid!
3:39414??86195.22.112.*Marwin CapitalAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:39414??86195.22.112.*Strong-GoldAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:22388??90219.83.97.*IFX Gold BankSCAMER !!! I invested on this program, never paid. Batch number confirmation is 81729595 !!!
2:18184??1071.236.9.*BucksHeadGot paid on my first spend. Will spend again.
2:17439??76 200.114.13.* Fire ProfitONLY PAID TO THE MONITOR, NOT PAID IN 6 DAYS !!!SCAM¡¡¡¡
2:12388??90219.83.97.*MalibuProfitSCAM ! SCAM !! SCAM !!! NEVER INVEST THIS PROGRAM !!!!
0:39384??71219.93.152.*Aston ProsperityPaid to TendaiMaster. Deposit on 11jun, paid on 13jun. Reinvest.