Vote Information for Wednesday 13 June 2007


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22:17435??9368.200.90.*Full Auto Investscam ... withdraws have been pending since day after I joined
19:39293??03195.151.204.*Great Invest GroupPaid x 30 today. Reinvest. Thank you, Admin!
19:13372??3287.238.119.*Marwin CapitalReceived your payment
19:12372??3287.238.119.*Strong-GoldReceived your payment
18:40424??9690.186.139.*500 Forex Clubi dont know who votes for vip profit club, 500 forexclub. afx trading, fxline corp., egold club stable forex, i mean thats all fake votes i ll been never paid and here all they have good votes change that admin top 100 ???? rofl and sorry for my english
18:39424??9690.186.139.*EGold Profit Clubi dont know who votes for vip profit club, 500 forexclub. afx trading, fxline corp., egold club stable forex, i mean thats all fake votes i ll been never paid and here all they have good votes change that admin top 100 ???? rofl and sorry for my english
18:38424??9690.186.139.*AFX Trading Centeri dont know who votes for vip profit club, 500 forexclub. afx trading, fxline corp., egold club stable forex, i mean thats all fake votes i ll been never paid and here all they have good votes change that admin top 100 ???? rofl and sorry for my english
18:36424??9690.186.139.*VIP Profit Clubi dont know who votes for vip profit club, 500 forexclub. afx trading, fxline corp., egold club stable forex, i mean thats all fake votes i ll been never paid and here all they have good votes change that admin top 100 ???? rofl and sorry for my english
18:33424??9690.186.139.*FX Line Corp.i dont know who votes for vip profit club, 500 forexclub. afx trading, fxline corp., egold club stable forex, i mean thats all fake votes i ll been never paid and here all they have good votes change that admin top 100 ???? rofl and sorry for my english
18:31402??7484.252.140.*Reasonable InvestmentsPaid on time! Very GOOD!
18:30424??9690.186.139.*Stable Forex Incomei dont know who votes for vip profit club, 500 forexclub. afx trading, fxline corp., egold club stable forex, i mean thats all fake votes i ll been never paid and here all they have good votes change that admin top 100 ??????? rofl
18:27355??38195.93.60.*WideManageMoneyPayment received x 18, thanks admin!
18:20360??6367.161.205.*Private Gold HoldingPayment made today!
18:19360??6367.161.205.*FXM Profit ClubAlways on time - thanks
18:19360??6367.161.205.*FX Line Corp.Excellent program!!! GOOD!
18:19360??6367.161.205.*Elite gold GroupGreat invest program!
18:18360??6367.161.205.*United Gold EmpireThanks for payment!
18:18360??6367.161.205.*AFX Trading CenterPaid, pay and continue to pay
18:18360??6367.161.205.*Stable Forex IncomePaid like clock.
18:18360??6367.161.205.*IFX Gold BankI am glad indeed
18:17360??6367.161.205.*500 Forex ClubSerious paying program!
18:17360??6367.161.205.*VIP Profit ClubBest, they are really the BEST
18:16360??6367.161.205.*EGold Profit ClubWhat a great project!
18:10335??4668.230.76.*Private Gold Holdingpay!pay!pay!
18:10335??4668.230.76.*FXM Profit ClubStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
18:10335??4668.230.76.*FX Line Corp.Great customer support, super!
18:10335??4668.230.76.*Elite gold GroupPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
18:09335??4668.230.76.*United Gold EmpireExcellent program !
18:09335??4668.230.76.*AFX Trading CenterAmazing program!
18:08335??4668.230.76.*Stable Forex IncomeWell-paid programm!!
18:08335??4668.230.76.*IFX Gold BankI recomend this HYIP!
18:07335??4668.230.76.*500 Forex Clubpaid me today, the admin!
18:07335??4668.230.76.*VIP Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
18:06335??4668.230.76.*EGold Profit ClubPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
18:04375??1375.63.208.*Private Gold Holdingpaid me all the week
18:03375??1375.63.208.*FXM Profit ClubA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
18:03375??1375.63.208.*FX Line Corp.i've been paid here too well done
18:02375??1375.63.208.*Elite gold GroupVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
18:02375??1375.63.208.*United Gold EmpireReliable hyip. Let's make money!
18:02375??1375.63.208.*AFX Trading Centerin profit! great)
18:01375??1375.63.208.*Stable Forex IncomeReceived your payment Admin
18:01375??1375.63.208.*IFX Gold BankCOOL!!!
18:00375??1375.63.208.*500 Forex ClubPaid w/o problems.
18:00375??1375.63.208.*VIP Profit ClubVery-very good. I really like it !
18:00375??1375.63.208.*EGold Profit ClubAlways paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
17:48296??6270.231.32.*Private Gold HoldingNice HYIp
17:47296??6270.231.32.*FXM Profit ClubAll time paid!
17:47296??6270.231.32.*FX Line Corp.keep up the good work!
17:46296??6270.231.32.*Elite gold GroupWhat a great project!
17:46296??6270.231.32.*United Gold EmpirePaid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
17:46296??6270.231.32.*AFX Trading CenterThe best program! I'm in profit!
17:45296??6270.231.32.*Stable Forex IncomeYou are the best
17:42296??6270.231.32.*IFX Gold BankMy favourite invest program
17:42296??6270.231.32.*500 Forex ClubPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:41296??6270.231.32.*VIP Profit ClubAll in time. Super project!
17:41296??6270.231.32.*EGold Profit ClubExsellent! Paid! super program!
17:38326??1069.138.52.*Private Gold HoldingThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
17:38326??1069.138.52.*FXM Profit ClubGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
17:37326??1069.138.52.*FX Line Corp.Got my withdrawal
17:37326??1069.138.52.*Elite gold Grouppaid and reinvested.
17:36326??1069.138.52.*United Gold EmpireNise hyip. Paid!
17:36326??1069.138.52.*AFX Trading CenterThanks for paid!
17:35326??1069.138.52.*Stable Forex IncomePaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
17:35326??1069.138.52.*IFX Gold BankExcellent program !
17:34326??1069.138.52.*500 Forex Clubalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
17:34326??1069.138.52.*VIP Profit ClubAll right. The best invest program
17:33326??1069.138.52.*EGold Profit Clubgot paid again
17:14260??5467.175.179.*Private Gold Holdingreceived the second payment. very good and stable program.
17:14260??5467.175.179.*FXM Profit ClubI got paid today. Thanks admin
17:14260??5467.175.179.*FX Line Corp.Payment received, very good :-)
17:13260??5467.175.179.*Elite gold Groupgot paid just in time, very good program.
17:13260??5467.175.179.*United Gold EmpireThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
17:13260??5467.175.179.*AFX Trading CenterPayment received
17:12260??5467.175.179.*Stable Forex IncomeGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!
17:12260??5467.175.179.*IFX Gold Bankvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
17:11260??5467.175.179.*500 Forex ClubPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
17:11260??5467.175.179.*VIP Profit ClubPAID AGAIN!
17:10260??5467.175.179.*EGold Profit ClubGreat invest program
17:08348??10204.116.110.*Private Gold HoldingYou are the best
17:08348??10204.116.110.*FXM Profit ClubPaid, long time in profit !
17:08348??10204.116.110.*FX Line Corp.still paying!!!
17:07348??10204.116.110.*Elite gold GroupGood And Honest.
17:07348??10204.116.110.*United Gold EmpireThank you Admin!!
17:06348??10204.116.110.*AFX Trading CenterVery stable ...
17:06348??10204.116.110.*Stable Forex IncomePaying... Best wishes
17:05348??10204.116.110.*IFX Gold Bankpaid and rate :) thanks admin
17:05348??10204.116.110.*500 Forex ClubPaid on time as usual!!
17:04348??10204.116.110.*VIP Profit ClubVery Stable and Professional
17:04348??10204.116.110.*EGold Profit Clubthe best HYIP!nice!
16:59272??5264.53.171.*Private Gold HoldingNo problems with payouts. Thanks
16:59272??5264.53.171.*FXM Profit ClubPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
16:59272??5264.53.171.*FX Line Corp.Paid every day. Nice.
16:58272??5264.53.171.*Elite gold GroupI recomend this HYIP!
16:58272??5264.53.171.*United Gold EmpireReceived your paiment
16:58272??5264.53.171.*AFX Trading CenterGood program! Great support!
16:57272??5264.53.171.*Stable Forex IncomeVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
16:57272??5264.53.171.*IFX Gold Bank:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!
16:56272??5264.53.171.*500 Forex ClubA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
16:56272??5264.53.171.*VIP Profit ClubYes... it paid me
16:55272??5264.53.171.*EGold Profit Clubthe best HYIP!nice!
16:51 419??57 189.7.4.* HyipUSA2007Dont payed me! My vote are veryfied on goldpoll!
16:49280??5424.177.66.*Private Gold HoldingWhat a great project!
16:49280??5424.177.66.*FXM Profit ClubExcellent program! Never misses payment.
16:48280??5424.177.66.*FX Line Corp.Great invest program
16:48280??5424.177.66.*Elite gold Grouppaid! SuperHYIP!!!
16:47280??5424.177.66.*United Gold EmpirePaying on time and great e-mail support.
16:47280??5424.177.66.*AFX Trading CenterPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
16:47280??5424.177.66.*Stable Forex IncomeThanks for good program.
16:46280??5424.177.66.*IFX Gold BankMy favourite invest program
16:46280??5424.177.66.*500 Forex ClubVery-very good. I really like it !
16:45280??5424.177.66.*VIP Profit ClubCOOL !!!
16:45280??5424.177.66.*EGold Profit ClubPaid Good!!!
16:37272??9724.211.5.*Private Gold Holdinggot paid
16:37272??9724.211.5.*FXM Profit Clubrealy paid !!!
16:37272??9724.211.5.*FX Line Corp.very good and fast. Thanks
16:36272??9724.211.5.*Elite gold Grouppaid on all spends
16:35272??9724.211.5.*United Gold EmpireBest! best..
16:34272??9724.211.5.*AFX Trading CenterGood hyip...paid!
16:33272??9724.211.5.*Stable Forex Incomealways paid
16:33272??9724.211.5.*IFX Gold BankBest Hyip ever
16:32272??9724.211.5.*500 Forex Clubpaid, thanks. Good program!
16:32272??9724.211.5.*VIP Profit Clubpaying program
16:31272??9724.211.5.*EGold Profit Clubalways paid, today too
16:26271??4267.80.19.*Private Gold HoldingS U P E R : Paid and Paid
16:26271??4267.80.19.*FXM Profit ClubMy first withdrawal received!
16:25271??4267.80.19.*FX Line Corp.great program, good paid!
16:25271??4267.80.19.*Elite gold Grouppaid! very good
16:24271??4267.80.19.*United Gold EmpireThanks Admin ...Paid!
16:23271??4267.80.19.*AFX Trading CenterThis program is the best of all
16:22271??4267.80.19.*Stable Forex IncomeGoody-Good!
16:22271??4267.80.19.*IFX Gold BankMy favourite invest program
16:21271??4267.80.19.*500 Forex ClubMy favorit HYIP
16:20271??4267.80.19.*VIP Profit ClubGood hyip...paid!
16:20271??4267.80.19.*EGold Profit ClubGreat Hyip!!!
16:11270??6383.237.230.*Private Gold HoldingPaying well
16:10270??6383.237.230.*FXM Profit ClubThank you admin
16:10270??6383.237.230.*FX Line Corp.I got my 1st interest
16:09270??6383.237.230.*Elite gold Groupbeen paid today!
16:09270??6383.237.230.*United Gold EmpireVery Stable and Professional
16:08270??6383.237.230.*AFX Trading CenterPaid on time as usual!!
16:08270??6383.237.230.*Stable Forex IncomePaid and rated again..
16:08270??6383.237.230.*IFX Gold Bankpaid and rate :) thanks admin
16:07270??6383.237.230.*500 Forex ClubPaying... Best wishes
15:59270??6383.237.230.*VIP Profit ClubGood And Honest.
15:58270??6383.237.230.*EGold Profit Club... INVEST.....!
15:24444??2672.52.81.*Go2Uniongood site.
15:17184??1071.236.9.*Honey InvestReceived first payment to egold today.
14:42388??1967.15.183.*Go2Uniongood site.
14:08389??8872.52.66.*Go2Unionpaid fast very good.
13:47 411??66 84.3.37.* Stock-XPThe best site:)
13:37444??8872.52.81.*Go2Unionbeen paid today
13:34 326??21 207.119.81.* Oil and Gas Investmentwhy do they pay some invest but not me. don't invest
13:07430??10212.220.3.*Invest4NetPaying bonus! Thanks admin! #VladBM
12:26349??03 196.202.2.* OBC Hyippaid me again..thanks admin
12:14135??4280.252.252.*Marwin CapitalGreat program. Paid.
12:13135??4280.252.252.*Strong-GoldGreat program. Paid.
11:25364??7086.57.174.*Is4everPays always quickly and in time!
11:03 439??93 86.13.197.* Open TradeI have been Paid!!!!
11:03392??8789.102.74.*Maya-FundGood program, thank you!
10:33136??42195.151.159.*Is4everPayment Received just now!!! 6/13/2007 Payment Received 81812218 Gold +0.114764 3660093 74.00 USD 644.80 From: Is4ever E-gold acc. Memo: Profit withdrawal
9:15441??29 88.76.160.* Open TradeReceived first payment, great program!
7:43330??78 60.49.42.* AsianaGoldInvestAsianagoldinvest still the best paying.. Proof - you can see all 152 monitor vote paying. you can read all forum, all investor very happy...Paid faster all time without any problem.
7:22 408??13 61.6.45.* 500 Forex Clubdid not pay me even one cent
6:56 445??55 60.52.204.* Stock-XPi dont get my money, and no reply from support
6:29260??54 75.4.104.* LargeSUMPaid well and always in time
6:28348??1024.177.66.*LargeSUMThanks for payment!
6:27272??5283.237.230.*LargeSUMPaid, pay and continue to pay
6:26270??63213.135.138.*Is4everVery well, fast payouts. Highly recommended.
6:02317??6985.214.73.*Marwin CapitalPaid
5:47388??7991.121.2.*Z-Diviogot paid
5:43388??3191.121.9.*Z-DivioAlways got paid!
5:24424??96 90.186.95.* Strong-Goldpaid very fast hope in future too :-) go on admin
4:29444??47 60.48.118.* DJClubzNot paid as of 1st June 2007. Very Bad. Do not invest!!
4:25389??5481.169.143.*Z-DivioPaid! good!
4:17389??2267.159.5.*Z-DivioPaid me fast!
4:14443??95193.37.152.*Z-DivioVery good company!
4:12443??5791.121.10.*Z-DivioRight choice to invest
4:06137??9681.169.187.*Z-DivioGreat invest program!
4:04317??6985.214.73.*Z-DivioHonest admin
3:34451??05203.123.69.*Instant2000PAYING!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
3:33451??05203.123.69.*Safe3000It pays good. Don't know what other guy is complaining about. THANKS!
3:12414??86195.22.112.*PrettyInvestAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:12414??86195.22.112.*Dividend, Ltd.Always paid! THANKS!!!
3:11414??86195.22.112.*PradinAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:11414??86195.22.112.*FXTrustInvestClubAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:10414??86195.22.112.*TeraxAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:09414??86195.22.112.*FastProfitIncAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:09414??86195.22.112.*Max EarningsAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:08414??86195.22.112.*Full Auto InvestAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:07414??86195.22.112.*Honey InvestAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:07414??86195.22.112.*Jet Biz HyipAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:07414??86195.22.112.*4MoneyHyipAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:06414??86195.22.112.*Maxco HyipAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:05414??86195.22.112.*Golden Bank HyipAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:05414??86195.22.112.*Pro Hyip BizAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:04414??86195.22.112.*Fire ProfitAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:04414??86195.22.112.*ForexmentAlways paid! THANKS!!!
3:03414??86195.22.112.*Z-DivioAlways paid! THANKS!!!
2:42295??4877.45.177.*DayTradeProsVery stable professional project. I got payment!
1:58388??90219.83.97.*IFX Gold BankFucking Asshole, SCAMER !!! Top 100 admin, please change this program status to PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:03 430??15 60.52.49.* Safe3000liar!!! scammm!!! never receive any payment since yesterday. don't invest here.
23:25 4518517 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Very stable and reliable.Great program.
23:25447??4972.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingBest program.Always paying
23:24447??8672.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingAlways paying FULL OUTOMATIC Withdrawal
23:23 4469845 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Paid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
23:22443??4872.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingAlways paying without problems - one of the better programs available.
23:21432??1072.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingJoin in 2 days ago. Got paid for the 1st payment today.
23:20440??8772.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingWhat can I say? This site very good. Go invest here.