Vote Information for Monday 2 October 2006


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23:17287??7169.130.178.*4DaysWorkPaid $660 instantly! Great program and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
23:03344??52 125.200.206.* REX Forex GroupThanks Admin!
22:20278??65195.222.71.*Europe Trade LtdPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !
21:55340??41 84.128.78.* GateInvest0,70$ paid me ! very good ! ty admin
20:38306??05 86.195.151.* Business HYIPI got paid fastly ! Thanks !
20:20146??57217.21.36.*HYIP 100-200Good paying site
20:19146??57217.21.36.*Q-InvestmentGood paying site
20:18146??57217.21.36.*Borex InvestGood paying site
20:16146??57217.21.36.*AI-FundGood paying site
20:16146??57217.21.36.*Fresh-SightGood paying site
20:10 350??45 66.81.188.* GeroHYIPNo payment. Admin. admits receipt of my deposit. Said they manually fixed the problem. 4 days no payment. Admin will not respond to 3 additional e-mails asking why no pay. All indications are this is a SCAM.
19:03328??8884.19.181.*Borex InvestPaid! Good admin!
17:20359??51202.152.170.*Stable-HourlyPending withdraw
16:34356??09 222.124.52.* LogeHyipgood paying, I hope still consistent
15:24210??1180.251.112.*Borex InvestPaying regularly! Best invest program!
15:21263??2060.50.62.*4DaysWorki get the money pay to my e-gold the second i click cashout. bravo i support you admin. keep up the good work
15:06 342??84 222.191.75.* Investment-Studioi have already received to pay,good admin!good hyip!
14:59221??11203.92.54.*4DaysWorkBatch is 68583761 paid 4/4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:5489??51212.110.133.*HYIP 100-200Got paid!
14:5289??51212.110.133.*Q-InvestmentGot paid!
14:5089??51212.110.133.*Borex InvestGot paid!
14:4889??51212.110.133.*AI-FundGot paid!
14:4589??51212.110.133.*Fresh-SightGot paid!
14:41176??3670.49.39.*StabilityPlanpaid in full on 2nd spend, thanks, saw
14:38281??0981.198.133.*Borex InvestI recommend this hyip to my friends
14:36 3588533 PROXY 4DaysWork[Program Admin]> Paid instantly atleast 10 times now. Smoking hot Program! Thanks admin
13:14 311??55 83.135.230.* 800 Goldnot paid........very nice
12:12278??65195.222.71.*Borex InvestPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !
11:18203??8682.207.88.*Borex InvestPaid, super for 15 days!
11:17355??9162.252.0.*Stable-HourlyHey! False alarm! My faith restored! Back on track! way to go, admin!
11:12355??9162.252.0.*Casio HYIPmoney still pending! well over 24 hrs now, can't even 'un-pending' it and re-invest! come admin, pay me!
10:24359??1982.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectSuper !
10:09 298??01 202.146.241.*Earn HourlyAutonatic Payments. Great
9:37275??4084.90.96.*Earn HourlyDuring the "last" round my "withdrawals" remained "pending" til the "round" turns to a so-called 2nd round. Sure I will not spend a dime again with this SCAM!
8:36292??04 213.186.202.* The3siblingsGroupPaid 3/10. Nice program! Thanks admin!
7:54270??63213.135.138.*Borex InvestBorex-invest paid me all time.
7:29136??42195.151.159.*Europe Trade LtdVery nice program.
7:20135??42217.77.220.*HYIP 100-200Regularly paing!
7:19135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentRegularly paing!
7:18135??42217.77.220.*Borex InvestRegularly paing!
7:17135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundRegularly paing!
7:16135??42217.77.220.*Fresh-SightRegularly paing!
5:36345??60222.124.20.*Borex InvestI trust to you ... good Paid.... You are The Best...
4:07207??75 213.228.120.* 4DaysWorkJust got PAID instantly!!!
3:27176??36 70.49.39.* 4DaysWorkpaid 3/4 instant thanks admin, respent, saw
2:59 340??90 60.213.150.* AlsoFundpaying...................great.............go od................
2:34 363??38 72.232.94.*Stable-Hourlylool me too , got paid now after 3/4 days , whats going on , it's paying again
1:05164??8183.133.125.*Stable-Hourlyi have got paid after 3day but just 2request from my 3 request but 75% of total request, i'm already confiused every one say scam but , paying me
0:54359??89222.15.64.*Forexersi am japanese but i like this program !! it improtant trust !! thanks daily paid admin agein depo $100 now because vest feeling this sait this is not scam. thanks !!forever grows!!
0:12234??5285.88.173.*GlobalBusinessHYiP (R2)Paid again very fast ! Thanks admin !
0:06354??19 195.239.175.* Borex InvestExcellent program!