Vote Information for Wednesday 6 June 2007


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21:2351??0576.230.209.*TeraxDon't understand why it says paying sure hasn't paid me?
21:14 438??40 84.147.125.* Live-ProfitPayed. Very quickly. Thank you very match
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20:50270??6369.126.67.*EGold Profit ClubAlways got paid
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20:25260??1967.81.83.*FXM Profit ClubI am near my seventh payment.
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20:23260??1967.81.83.*United Gold EmpireStiil geting paid... Goood :)
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20:22260??1967.81.83.*Stable Forex IncomeIn profit !
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20:03260??69159.148.224.*AFX Trading CenterPAYING ! This is important !
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19:21360??45193.93.163.*VIP Profit ClubThis one is in my list !
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19:13348??9791.146.15.*AFX Trading Centerpay!pay!pay!
19:12348??9791.146.15.*Stable Forex IncomeAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
19:12348??9791.146.15.*IFX Gold BankRight choice to invest...
19:12348??9791.146.15.*500 Forex ClubPaid good
19:11348??9791.146.15.*VIP Profit ClubGood program.
19:11348??9791.146.15.*FX Line Corp.Already tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
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19:04280??1574.105.80.*United Gold EmpirePaid on time as usual!! !! !
19:03280??1574.105.80.*AFX Trading CenterSerious program!
19:03280??1574.105.80.*Stable Forex Incomesuper hyip!
19:03442??68 58.9.25.* Green-Hyipsvery good hyip... today paid paid paid
19:02280??1574.105.80.*IFX Gold Bankkeep up the good work
19:01280??1574.105.80.*500 Forex ClubVery good site!Paid as promised.
19:01280??1574.105.80.*VIP Profit ClubReliable investment.
19:00280??1574.105.80.*FX Line Corp.My favourite invest program
18:55372??3287.238.119.*Dividend, Ltd.Paying... Best wishes
18:54372??3287.238.119.*TeraxPaying... Best wishes
18:50372??3287.238.119.*FastProfitIncPaying... Best wishes
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18:48339??4624.185.30.*Elite gold GroupReliable investment.
18:48339??4624.185.30.*United Gold EmpireExcellent!!!
18:47339??4624.185.30.*AFX Trading Centerpay me again
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18:47339??4624.185.30.*IFX Gold BankGood program.
18:46339??4624.185.30.*500 Forex ClubIt is really great program!!!
18:46339??4624.185.30.*VIP Profit Clubpay me again
18:45339??4624.185.30.*FX Line Corp.Very trustworthy a serious investment program
18:41375??4468.194.158.*FXM Profit Clubgood HYIP! paid me today!
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18:39375??4468.194.158.*AFX Trading Centerpay me again
18:39375??4468.194.158.*Stable Forex IncomeVery good HYIP! Paid again!
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18:37375??4468.194.158.*FX Line Corp.It is really great program!!!
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18:17360??63142.179.61.*AFX Trading CenterVery-very good HYIP!
18:16360??63142.179.61.*Stable Forex IncomeExcellent!!!
18:16360??63142.179.61.*IFX Gold BankGreat invest program!
18:15360??63142.179.61.*500 Forex ClubVery-very good program.
18:15360??63142.179.61.*VIP Profit ClubPaid me again
18:10355??38195.93.60.*MFT Strategic FundPayment received 1/25 + 10% bonus, thanks admin!
18:07355??38195.93.60.*Navigator TradePayment received x 3, thanks admin!
18:03360??63142.179.61.*FX Line Corp.Paid honest HYIP really
18:03355??38195.93.60.*LSH ClubPayment received 1/29 / second payment, thanks admin!
17:54335??46142.59.101.*FXM Profit ClubAlways paying, no problem!
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17:51335??46142.59.101.*AFX Trading CenterWell paying system
17:51335??46142.59.101.*Stable Forex IncomeThank you for good profit!
17:50335??46142.59.101.*IFX Gold BankAlways paying, thank you guys
17:50335??46142.59.101.*500 Forex ClubVery Good!!!!!!
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17:46319??9262.205.194.*Teraxpaying program
17:44319??9262.205.194.*Dividend, Ltd.paying program
17:43375??1374.108.172.*FXM Profit ClubThanks for payment!
17:42375??1374.108.172.*EGold Profit ClubPaid, pay and continue to pay
17:42375??1374.108.172.*Elite gold GroupPaid like clock.
17:41375??1374.108.172.*United Gold EmpireI am glad indeed
17:41375??1374.108.172.*AFX Trading CenterSerious paying program!
17:40375??1374.108.172.*Stable Forex IncomeBest, they are really the BEST
17:40375??1374.108.172.*IFX Gold BankPaying on time, very good system
17:39375??1374.108.172.*500 Forex ClubPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
17:39375??1374.108.172.*VIP Profit ClubNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
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17:33296??6270.49.237.*FXM Profit ClubA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
17:32296??6270.49.237.*Elite gold Group***PAID & PAID***
17:31296??6270.49.237.*United Gold EmpireWas paid today
17:31296??6270.49.237.*AFX Trading CenterPaid like clock.
17:30296??6270.49.237.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received thanks!
17:30296??6270.49.237.*IFX Gold BankThanks for payment!
17:29296??6270.49.237.*500 Forex ClubNever misses payment.
17:28296??6270.49.237.*VIP Profit ClubSuccessful HYIP
17:28296??6270.49.237.*FX Line Corp.Getting paid regularly
17:26326??1074.117.62.*FXM Profit ClubNice program... ;)
17:25286??63209.200.53.*Grouprichpaid 5851.17 on plan 17%, I can`t say anymore many thank you admin, you the best reinvest more again!!!
17:24326??1074.117.62.*Elite gold GroupGreat invest program!
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17:23326??1074.117.62.*AFX Trading Centergood admin response
17:23326??1074.117.62.*Stable Forex IncomeOne of the best
17:22326??1074.117.62.*IFX Gold Bankgreat program
17:21326??1074.117.62.*500 Forex ClubExcellent program!!! GOOD!
17:21326??1074.117.62.*VIP Profit ClubPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
17:19326??1074.117.62.*FX Line Corp.Paid well and always in time
16:33442??08 212.124.167.* GrouprichSCAM
16:04439??27217.24.27.*VIP Profit Clubnot paid! since 1/Jun did not get any payment
16:02442??08217.24.27.*VIP Profit ClubSCAM! DO NOT INVEST HERE!
15:39401??46 125.110.43.* AsianaGoldInvestWOW! Admin cheater and all positive votes is the fucking paid votes! Why admin have no IP? Admin you are lier and fucked ass! my account deleted with my 800$ money? Admin you are fully shit ass and dirty cock! FUCK YOU penis! Back my 800$!!!
15:31418??9176.110.245.*Grouprichwhen i get paid 2day im putting in 10k..great site
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14:34434??99218.186.11.*AsianaGoldInvestWOW ! I don't believe it, payment was made by split second and don't have to wait for hours. Thank You very much and surely recommend other investors
14:13260??5470.74.6.*FXM Profit ClubPaid well, indeed
14:12260??5470.74.6.*Elite gold GroupAlways on time - thanks
14:11260??5470.74.6.*United Gold EmpireGreat invest program!
14:11260??5470.74.6.*AFX Trading CenterExcellent program!!! GOOD!
14:10260??5470.74.6.*Stable Forex IncomeA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
14:09260??5470.74.6.*IFX Gold BankThanks for payment!
14:08260??5470.74.6.*500 Forex ClubPaid, pay and continue to pay
14:08260??5470.74.6.*VIP Profit ClubPaid like clock.
14:07260??5470.74.6.*FX Line Corp.I am glad indeed
14:04388??1967.15.183.*Go2Unionpaid me 18.6$
14:03348??1074.12.206.*FXM Profit ClubSerious paying program!
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14:00348??1074.12.206.*AFX Trading CenterAlways paying, thank you guys
13:59348??1074.12.206.*IFX Gold BankVery-very good program.
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13:57348??1074.12.206.*VIP Profit ClubPaid honest HYIP really
13:57348??1074.12.206.*FX Line Corp.Perfectly works and makes good profit
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13:52272??5270.80.76.*Stable Forex IncomeWell paying system
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13:52272??5270.80.76.*500 Forex ClubNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
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13:48280??5470.81.140.*FXM Profit Clubpay!pay!pay!
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13:46280??5470.81.140.*United Gold EmpireOne of the best
13:46280??5470.81.140.*Stable Forex IncomeExcellent program!!! GOOD!
13:45280??5470.81.140.*AFX Trading Centergreat program
13:44280??5470.81.140.*IFX Gold BankPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
13:43394??82 125.234.232.* AsianaGoldInvestBest HYIP!!!!
13:43280??5470.81.140.*500 Forex ClubPaid well and always in time
13:42280??5470.81.140.*VIP Profit ClubPaid well, indeed
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13:34272??97207.81.160.*United Gold EmpirePaid 6/20. Thanks!
13:33272??97207.81.160.*AFX Trading Center***PAID & PAID***
13:32272??97207.81.160.*Stable Forex IncomePaid 8/20. Thanks!
13:31272??97207.81.160.*IFX Gold BankWas paid today
13:30272??97207.81.160.*500 Forex ClubPaid like clock.
13:30272??97207.81.160.*VIP Profit ClubPayment received thanks!
13:29272??97207.81.160.*FX Line Corp.Thanks for payment!
13:25271??4269.70.141.*FXM Profit ClubNever misses payment.
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13:23271??4269.70.141.*United Gold EmpirePays without problems
13:22271??4269.70.141.*AFX Trading CenterPaid and withdrew.
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13:11270??6383.237.231.*IFX Gold BankReally Good program online
13:10270??6383.237.231.*500 Forex ClubPaid all time.
13:09270??6383.237.231.*VIP Profit ClubGot another paid
13:08270??6383.237.231.*FX Line Corp.Got another paid
13:06135??4280.252.252.*TeraxPaid. thanks
13:05135??4280.252.252.*Dividend, Ltd.Paid. thanks
13:04135??4280.252.252.*FastProfitIncPaid. thanks
12:46270??8789.20.125.*Teraxgood admin response
12:44270??8789.20.125.*Dividend, Ltd.good admin response
12:20229??55 75.61.115.* Is4everVery professional project. Paid as ussual!
11:22389??8872.52.81.*Go2Unioncool site.
11:10445??78218.111.188.*AsianaGoldInvestwhos f**ker jealous with asianagold..!!!! very bad motherf**ker..hahaha-regard-aremad9
11:05445??78218.111.188.*WednesdayFundsi'm love it..go go go....paid me...
9:42296??62207.6.153.*DJClubzIn profit !
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9:37272??5269.70.141.*DJClubzVery good HYIP!
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9:17391??1960.53.22.*Honey InvestNot Pay more than 48hrs -1st deposit
9:15424??96 90.187.99.* Grouprichsay it every day admin u r the best :-) paid and paid
8:54272??52 74.103.37.* LargeSUMReceived payment again!
8:52280??54207.6.153.*LargeSUMGood support.
8:08180??51 80.121.43.* TeraxNOT PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7:11358??57 89.54.75.* DJClubzNot Paid for 3 Days !!
5:39437??1560.48.50.*GainProjectReally scam programme, not received payment for batch# 81184975 on 5/26/2007
5:30437??1560.48.50.*TeraxWho say paying, I still haven't received my payment ID# 81184415 since 26/5/07
5:21 428??50 61.6.200.* Maxco Hyipnot paying!! those vote 'very good' are admin's friends.. if this program is legit, why use NEW E-GOLD ACCOUNT NUMBER!!
4:34327??56 217.24.160.* Is4everIs4ever is not Long Term Investment - it's 4EVER Term Investment!!!!
3:43391??1960.53.22.*TeraxNot pay - 2 day waiting for payment still not pay
3:43389??5481.169.143.*FXTrustInvestClubpaid, good...
3:42389??5481.169.143.*Teraxpaid, good...
3:39389??5481.169.143.*Dividend, Ltd.paid, good...
3:26414??86195.22.112.*PradinAlways paid! THANKS!!!
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3:25414??86195.22.112.*Dividend, Ltd.Always paid! THANKS!!!
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3:13443??95193.37.152.*TeraxPaid! Thanks!
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2:53389??2267.159.5.*FXTrustInvestClubpaying program
2:52389??2267.159.5.*Teraxpaying program
2:51295??48 77.45.153.* DayTradeProsI received another payment!
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2:50 420??78 68.253.204.* AsianaGoldInvestpays super fast to my e-gold. impressive! hope they will be around for a long long time!!!
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2:45443??5791.121.10.*TeraxPaid again.
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2:36325??3491.121.13.*Teraxgreat program
2:35325??3491.121.13.*Dividend, Ltd.great program
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2:02317??6985.214.73.*TeraxPerfect paying program
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2:00317??6985.214.73.*4MoneyHyipPerfect paying program
1:59317??6985.214.73.*PradinPerfect paying program
1:53 415??75 202.160.45.* AsianaGoldInvestpaid everytime!!!!
1:31 449??23 125.162.47.* Green-HyipsTrue HYIP that I ever paid
1:17 368??51 58.26.149.* Pro Hyip BizI haven't get my payment yet
0:33404??68210.253.228.*Golden Bank HyipSCAM!!! Not paying! Big SCAM.