Vote Information for Monday 4 June 2007


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21:45 445??04 4.234.39.* Real Profits HYIPthis company is NOT paying and should not be listed in the paying status though this listing of companies does not endorse the companies on the list it makes new investors think a paying status means it is relatively safe to invest with a certain company
20:37215??8491.124.106.*TeraxPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
20:36215??8491.124.106.*FXTrustInvestClubPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
20:35215??8491.124.106.*Dividend, Ltd.Perfect paying program! Invest without risk!
20:32435??4384.78.150.*HK HYIPnot pay. admin does not exist
19:47293??03195.151.204.*Great Invest GroupPayment x 21 received on time. Thank you, Admin!
19:34441??80 217.201.221.* AsianaGoldInvestPAID!!VERY GOOD!!!!!!!THANKS
19:08272??97 24.195.179.* Oil and Gas InvestmentWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
19:07 423??30 212.139.37.* Growth Forex Ltd.Not paid since 30th May , they do not reply to me emails too. Do not invest !!!!
18:51418??9176.110.245.*SavingFlypaid me everyday until now..i have $800.invested..also i have $ in group rich.and they're using the same server and when you try to e-mail it's the same as sayving rich has paid me but beware..(I hope I'm wrong).We'll see 2morrow
18:4451??0576.230.209.*TeraxStill no Payment Wish I knew why 25 of last month
18:28372??3287.238.119.*FXTrustInvestClubpaid me without problems!
18:28372??3287.238.119.*Teraxpaid me without problems!
18:27372??3287.238.119.*Maxco Hyippaid me without problems!
18:27372??3287.238.119.*Pro Hyip Bizpaid me without problems!
18:26372??3287.238.119.*Golden Bank Hyippaid me without problems!
18:25372??3287.238.119.*Jet Biz Hyippaid me without problems!
18:24444??1987.178.174.*Garwick InvestSCAM! I'm going to block their e-gold-account
18:22372??3287.238.119.*4MoneyHyippaid me without problems!
18:22444??1987.178.174.*SavingFlynot paid since 36 hours .. SCAM!
18:22372??3287.238.119.*Pradinpaid me without problems!
18:18372??3287.238.119.*FastProfitIncpaid me without problems!
17:45355??38195.93.60.*Global Investment Corp.Payment received 6/90, thanks admin! 3558138
17:43391??19219.93.55.*Full Auto InvestNot Pay - may be for the end until closing
17:36355??38195.93.60.*Navigator TradeFirst payment received, thanks admin!
17:19436??26 219.95.196.* GoldInProfitkeep on good work admin..thanks
17:18329??44193.110.113.*Teraxperfect paid!@
17:18329??44193.110.113.*FXTrustInvestClubpaid today and everytime
17:17329??44193.110.113.*Dividend, without problems
16:14 408??88 58.10.155.* AsianaGoldInvestDear 401**46,I don't know ....What's you doing now? The admin trying to solve your problems.But you not contact with them by e-mail support plus sent your e-gold screenshort to them.I think you are BAD poster ! ......From K.Ratchadha(Aos)
16:11 432??11 80.178.74.* AsianaGoldInvestVery good. Paid as usual...thanks.
15:58439??27 212.124.167.* SavingFlyWho is voting good?
15:39442??08 217.24.27.* SavingFlyNever received any payments. Scam?
15:03 449??63 83.98.158.*RecastHyippaid me . thanks Admin
14:57440??99209.190.35.*RecastHyipvery fast pay thanks admin
14:36423??8987.48.249.*Stock-XPrecieved payment every time very fast, thanks admin
14:31368??27 217.24.27.* SavingFlypending...pending...
14:25 333??97 125.25.100.* Green-HyipsIt's good if u paid me
14:06447??4972.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingI trust this admin First time I ever made profit from any program!
14:05 4469845 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Paid again, instantly. Great program!
14:04447??8672.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingJust a great HYIP! Been paying for awhile and going to be paying long time
14:03443??4872.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!!!
14:01432??1072.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingVery good program. It pays always on time.
14:00440??8772.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual.
12:50 430??65 200.246.44.* Invest4NetPay ! Good program...
12:35446??1862.205.223.*FXTrustInvestClubthe best hyip!
12:35446??1862.205.223.*Teraxthe best hyip!
12:34446??1862.205.223.*Dividend, Ltd.the best hyip!
12:25135??4280.252.250.*FXTrustInvestClubHot program. Great service!
12:24135??4280.252.250.*TeraxHot program. Great service!
12:23135??4280.252.250.*Dividend, Ltd.Hot program. Great service!
12:18401??46 221.136.65.* AsianaGoldInvest<span style="background-color:#000000; color:#FF0000; font-weight:bolder;">SCAM! Why admin have no IP? because admins is this vetaran scammers! My account deleted! They have stolen my money: 800$ My old username: lufeng75</span>
11:58135??4280.252.250.*Maxco HyipHot program. Great service!
11:57135??4280.252.250.*Pro Hyip BizHot program. Great service!
11:56135??4280.252.250.*Golden Bank HyipHot program. Great service!
11:55135??4280.252.250.*Jet Biz HyipHot program. Great service!
11:54135??4280.252.250.*4MoneyHyipHot program. Great service!
11:53135??4280.252.250.*PradinHot program. Great service!
11:50135??4280.252.250.*FastProfitIncHot program. Great service!
11:45429??21 91.124.6.* Is4everIs4ever is a great perquisite for me!
11:45 412??42 217.227.66.*WorldInvestmentAllianceStartet May 30 with 1,000 $, got paid once and nothing afterwards. No answer on my messages. Withdrawing June 2 - still pending. I think its SCAM.
11:12439??23202.152.172.*Honey InvestNOT PAID, WHY??? DO I NEED TO DO SOME PROCEDURE???
10:43 272??94 217.227.66.*WorldInvestmentAllianceOnly one payment, withdraw pending since two days. two messages to admin - no answer!!
9:46441??80217.200.200.*FastProfitIncVERY GOOD!!!VERYGOOD!!!PAID6/6 THANKS!!!
8:37272??97 75.13.77.* LargeSUMThis one is in my list !
8:35271??42 88.19.178.* LargeSUMReally the best program online!
7:26 429??71 124.82.66.* FastProfitIncreceived my first payment. thank you usd6.75 Batch#81489474. terima kaseeehhhh
6:54364??7086.57.174.*Is4everFantastic Program. All thumbs Up!!!!!!!
6:30383??1972.36.230.*Green-HyipsVery Good Hyip
5:56136??42195.151.159.*Is4everI'm very glad, that have found is4ever!!!
5:40441??80217.200.200.*RUSSO ProjectVERY GOOD!!! VERY GOOD!!! PAID X 19
5:04437??55201.232.131.*AsianaGoldInvestPaid instantly ... very good program.
4:47293??03195.151.204.*StableFundingPayment x 19 received instantly. Invest more. Thank you, Admin!
4:29295??48 77.45.137.* DayTradeProsGot paid many times from this site!
3:50 4323636 PROXY AsianaGoldInvest[Program Admin]> Hello 359**74: Your account will be delete. We have return your deposits( 10 US). Batch 81483782
2:36359??74 222.124.97.* AsianaGoldInvestKamu penipu saya tidak nisa login kamu bilang tunggu 48 jam sekarang sudah 1 minggu tidak juga bisa login kamu penipu kamu SCAM dan SPAM hati-hati dengan program ini jangan invest lagi nanti di SCAM
2:31443??5791.121.10.*FXTrustInvestClubGot my payment!
2:30443??5791.121.10.*TeraxGot my payment!
2:29443??5791.121.10.*Dividend, Ltd.Got my payment!
2:25389??2267.159.5.*FXTrustInvestClubExcellent program!
2:24389??2267.159.5.*TeraxExcellent program!
2:23389??2267.159.5.*Dividend, Ltd.Excellent program!
2:17443??9591.121.9.*Dividend, Ltd.paid
1:56389??5481.169.143.*FXTrustInvestClubBest program!
1:54389??5481.169.143.*TeraxBest program!
1:52389??5481.169.143.*Dividend, Ltd.Best program!
1:30325??3491.121.13.*FXTrustInvestClubhonest admin!
1:21325??3491.121.13.*Teraxhonest admin!
1:19325??3491.121.13.*Dividend, Ltd.honest admin!
1:04137??9681.169.187.*FXTrustInvestClubgood interests
1:03137??9681.169.187.*Teraxgood interests
1:02137??9681.169.187.*Dividend, Ltd.good interests
0:56317??6985.214.73.*FXTrustInvestClubGreat invest program
0:55317??6985.214.73.*TeraxGreat invest program
0:54317??6985.214.73.*Dividend, Ltd.Great invest program
0:53317??6985.214.73.*Maxco HyipGreat invest program
0:53317??6985.214.73.*Pro Hyip BizGreat invest program
0:51317??6985.214.73.*Golden Bank HyipGreat invest program
0:51317??6985.214.73.*Jet Biz HyipGreat invest program
0:50317??6985.214.73.*4MoneyHyipGreat invest program
0:49317??6985.214.73.*Honey InvestGreat invest program
0:48317??6985.214.73.*PradinGreat invest program