Vote Information for Sunday 3 June 2007


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21:2616??34 70.1.67.* Maxco HyipThey are not paying i have a W/D for $45.00 but not paid this is a scam and i will report them to e- gold Wes
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20:23424??96 90.186.88.* Grouprichpaid very good hope in future too :-)
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17:48421??96 90.186.71.* Really Workdidnt pay since 28.05.07
17:06329??44193.110.113.*Teraxtoday paid too!
16:44441??80213.230.155.*AsianaGoldInvestVERY GOOD!!!!!VERY GOOD!!!!THANKS!!!
16:29355??38195.93.60.*GrouprichPayment received x 31, thanks admin!
13:53446??4161.7.156.*Stock-XPPerfectly works and makes good profit
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13:19431??7791.122.13.*2000DailyProWithdrawal is pending 2 days! Bad.
12:48142??5987.228.113.*Is4everGreat HYIP! The best terms around, quick support, and almost instant withdrawals.
11:58197??39 81.192.20.* Roland Garros Profitvery good PAYING !! Fast ..
11:33440??3888.134.114.*GrouprichPaid me geil top programm weiter so
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10:39445??2641.207.192.*WithOut Risk
10:29135??4280.252.249.*FXTrustInvestClubGot my payment!
10:29135??4280.252.249.*TeraxGot my payment!
10:28135??4280.252.249.*Dividend, Ltd.Got my payment!
10:27135??4280.252.249.*Maxco HyipGot my payment!
10:19135??4280.252.249.*Pro Hyip BizGot my payment!
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10:05431??7791.122.13.*Garwick InvestGood luck in solving your (and ours) problem!
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7:58138??83193.40.10.*Instant Solid Profits$X.XX has been successfully sent to your e-gold account *******.Transaction batch is 81458883. Thank you, my wd request was processed manually. User: hyip-sense
7:39 412??76 91.127.94.* HK HYIPSCAM not PAID
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0:52 14??15 125.163.21.* Carls BankPAID AGAIN
0:18 333??16 12.214.202.* OK-FundsClaim "Instant Withdrawal" No Payment SCAM SCAM