Vote Information for Tuesday 29 May 2007


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21:33372??3287.238.119.*TeraxPaid. Excellent customer support
21:33372??3287.238.119.*PradinPaid. Excellent customer support
21:32372??3287.238.119.*GoldTradeLtdPaid. Excellent customer support
21:32372??3287.238.119.*Dextral ProfitPaid. Excellent customer support
21:31372??3287.238.119.*Dividend, Ltd.Paid. Excellent customer support
21:1851??0576.229.208.*TeraxStill no Payment
21:17215??8491.124.218.*TeraxPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
21:16215??8491.124.218.*GoldTradeLtdPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
21:15215??8491.124.218.*PradinPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
21:02379??73 85.178.71.* SkyenergeSTOP to payout, SCAM - Dont invest here!
20:57424??96 90.187.165.* WealthDep
20:24190??0081.201.24.*Long InvestmentsVery nice program, long-term plans, good design, i`m invest and will vote when get payments.
20:15382??1891.124.221.*TeraxExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
20:13382??1891.124.221.*PradinExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
20:12382??1891.124.221.*GoldTradeLtdExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
20:10135??4280.252.249.*TeraxGreat investment program.
20:09382??8591.124.221.*TeraxThis program paid me again! I'l invest more!
20:09135??4280.252.249.*PradinGreat investment program.
20:08135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdGreat investment program.
20:07135??4280.252.249.*Dextral ProfitGreat investment program.
20:06382??8591.124.221.*PradinThis program paid me again! I'l invest more!
20:06 262??22 66.32.224.* Hourly-CenterThanks so much admin!!!!!!!!!!!!! username:prf8681
20:05382??8591.124.221.*GoldTradeLtdThis program paid me again! I'l invest more!
20:05135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestGreat investment program.
20:04135??4280.252.249.*Dividend, Ltd.Great investment program.
19:51293??03195.151.204.*Great Invest GroupPayment x 15 received. Thank you, Admin!
18:34355??38195.93.60.*Growth Forex Ltd.Payment received x 12, thanks admin!
18:27355??38195.93.60.*SavingFlyPayment received x 22, thanks admin!
18:21355??38195.93.60.*GrouprichPayment received x 27, thanks admin!
18:18355??38195.93.60.*WideManageMoneyPayment received x 13, thanks admin!
18:01319??9262.205.194.*Teraxpaying program!
17:57348??10 24.188.67.* LargeSUMGood programm! Try it
17:55272??52 69.235.6.* LargeSUMGood paying program.
17:53272??97 72.188.156.* LargeSUMGood HYIP! paid all time!
17:14138??83193.40.10.*Instant Solid ProfitsInstant payment received as always- batch 81295722. Great program ! User: hyip-sense
16:57418??71 60.52.26.* Instant Solid Profitsi received another payment, thanks!(id : mushroom)
16:54391??1960.53.17.*500 Forex Clublast year invest 20usd not pay
16:31 440??39 219.93.152.*AsianaGoldInvestvery fast from malaysia.. tak kencing punya.
16:22306??05 90.25.28.* Hot 1200Not paid ! SCAM !!!! (#European-Hyip-Monito)
16:20 404??26 67.63.82.*Gold BondNOT PAYING!....SCAM!
15:56 343??11 83.41.207.* Hot 1200Only payed on monitor. Money NOT received in e-gold account after payment was confirmed via e-mail by admin.
15:34330??3280.68.9.*Active-Paymentcomplete scam. I use to admire but now I don't. Run away everyone!!
14:38288??97 210.141.56.* Solo-Investpaid instantly several times so far!!!
13:16 328??50 84.179.92.* Teraxno paid back invest 25/05/07
12:43440??02202.146.241.*Online Bank FinancePaid very fast.
11:03358??57 89.54.57.* Carls BankGot Paid,thanks admin !
10:47447??4972.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
10:46 4469845 PROXY Real-MoneyMaking[Program Admin]> Only positive opinion! My favorite program
10:45447??8672.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
10:43443??4872.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
10:41432??1072.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingpaid thank's
10:40440??8772.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingRight choice to invest! !
10:23317??53 124.81.147.* AsianaGoldInvestNever let me down.....Thanks AGI
10:00245??29 91.124.196.* Spider Venturesmy first payment is received, Thanks!
9:42426??15 60.50.179.* GoldInProfitPaid. Transaction batch is 81280387. -flyguy-
9:34438??33218.191.123.*Instant Solid ProfitsReceived my 2nd payment~Great! ID: CHEla111
8:00136??42195.151.159.*Is4everGot Paid within less than 2 hours after withdrawal request
7:32389??2267.159.5.*Teraxalways got paid!
7:31389??2267.159.5.*Pradinalways got paid!
7:27389??2267.159.5.*GoldTradeLtdalways got paid!
7:23389??5481.169.143.*Teraxthe best hyip!
7:21389??5481.169.143.*Pradinthe best hyip!
7:18389??5481.169.143.*GoldTradeLtdthe best hyip!
6:51446??86205.209.162.*Stock-XPpaid again and again, i am in profit now! THX
6:45446??86205.209.162.*PrivateFinpaid again, really nice program!
6:32441??80217.200.200.*Kilo Gold Hyipnot paid!!!!
6:26438??92219.93.152.*TeraxNOT paid yet invest 28/05/2007 :(
6:22 370??20 87.19.83.* Hot 1200SCAM ? ? ? after 14 hours I d'ont have receive wildrawal in my account e-gold ! ! !
5:15270??63213.135.138.*Is4everThanks for another payout. Stay here for a long time!
5:04 282??53 220.101.88.* Caryanandpaid to username notscam, well done admin
4:26369??30 212.58.183.* FutureIdeasHyipDON'T PAY!!! SCAMMMMMMMMM!
4:06325??3491.121.13.*Teraxgood interests
4:05 381??81 125.164.252.* United Gold Empireplease activate my spend batch 79757533
3:57325??3491.121.13.*Pradingood interests
3:56325??3491.121.13.*GoldTradeLtdgood interests
3:49 434??36 69.216.122.* WorldInvestmentAllianceAdmin, where the fuck is my money? lying bitch
3:48 249??57 201.214.203.* Promised 2000THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!! DON'T INVEST HERE MY FRIEND!.
3:45137??9681.169.187.*Teraxgood HYIP
3:44137??9681.169.187.*Pradingood HYIP
3:42137??9691.121.13.*GoldTradeLtdgood HYIP
3:28443??5791.121.10.*TeraxBest program!
3:27443??5791.121.10.*PradinBest program!
3:26443??5791.121.10.*GoldTradeLtdBest program!
3:20295??4877.45.150.*Instant Solid ProfitsGot payment today INSTANTLY! Excellent site with good support!
3:08295??4877.45.150.*DayTradeProsPaid as usual!!! Serious investment program!
2:50443??95193.37.152.*TeraxPaid !!!
2:44443??95193.37.152.*PradinPaid !!!
2:42437??24212.19.6.*Cobex Tradepaid
2:42443??95193.37.152.*GoldTradeLtdPaid !!!
2:33317??6985.214.73.*TeraxPaid again. Thanks
2:31317??6985.214.73.*PradinPaid again. Thanks
2:28317??6985.214.73.*GoldTradeLtdPaid again. Thanks
2:27317??6985.214.73.*Gold FundzPaid again. Thanks
2:26317??6985.214.73.*Fabric InvestPaid again. Thanks
2:25317??6985.214.73.*Dextral ProfitPaid again. Thanks
2:24317??6985.214.73.*Plus HyipPaid again. Thanks
2:23317??6985.214.73.*PrettyInvestPaid again. Thanks
2:21317??6985.214.73.*Dividend, Ltd.Paid again. Thanks
2:19317??6985.214.73.*FundOilPaid again. Thanks
2:05 383??71 72.50.74.* Sector Online FundSCAM!!!!!! DO NOT INVEST. NO MONEY ON THEIR EGOLD ACCOUNT...