Vote Information for Sunday 27 May 2007


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23:24429??2566.139.76.*Long InvestmentsNOT PAID! PONZI-SCAM!
23:22429??2566.139.76.*RUSSO ProjectDONT INVEST INTO!!! THEY ARE FUCKING SCAMMERS!!!!
22:06272??3966.169.200.*LargeSUMNot paid DONT INVEST
22:05260??1970.240.207.*LargeSUMNot paid, dont invest
22:03339??7076.172.225.*LargeSUMloser site , not invest
22:02270??63 83.237.229.* LargeSUMthey scammed me!
21:41437??55201.232.131.*AsianaGoldInvestVery Good Program, I´ve got paid instantly every time that I made it, the other HYIP are afraid from this program and so the put bad votes against AGI
21:18225??95195.248.161.*Maya-FundBest program around! I keep re-invested my money some times.
21:12447??8672.36.230.*Real-MoneyMakingAlways paying on time, without problems.Total received $1360
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19:55372??3287.238.119.*Dividend, Ltd.the best invest program
19:53372??3287.238.119.*Plus Hyipthe best invest program
19:52372??3287.238.119.*Dextral Profitthe best invest program
19:51372??3287.238.119.*Fabric Investthe best invest program
19:50372??3287.238.119.*Gold Fundzthe best invest program
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19:47372??3287.238.119.*Teraxthe best invest program
19:47441??80217.200.200.*VIP Profit ClubSCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
19:01402??7387.236.197.*Wallker GroupPAID!!!
18:45440??38 88.134.58.* SavingFlyPayments recieved top programm the best you can do supergeil
18:10355??38195.93.60.*Growth Forex Ltd.Payment received x 10, thanks admin!
18:06355??38195.93.60.*GrouprichPayment received x 25, thanks admin!
17:16319??9262.205.194.*Teraxpaying program
17:15319??9262.205.194.*Pradinpaying program
17:15319??9262.205.194.*GoldTradeLtdpaying program
17:05362??40193.151.57.*FundOilBest program!!!
16:42138??83193.40.10.*Instant Solid ProfitsWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 81217833. First instant payment received, thank you ! User: hyip-sense
16:2913??35 68.187.25.* Advertising-SurfPaid promptly, smooth surfing. Great site. #1956
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16:13418??71 60.52.18.* Instant Solid Profitsgot 1st payment. good site! id : mushroom
15:58433??04 82.145.136.* Instant Solid ProfitsMY DEPOSIT DONT SHOW IN MY ACCOUNT , DANGROUS. ,
15:13375??13 84.192.18.* Spencer Financial ClubCoo1 HYIp
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15:10260??54 68.188.101.* Spencer Financial ClubPaying me every day
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14:50260??77217.248.195.*FX Line Corp.Serious paying program!
14:50260??77217.248.195.*Elite gold GroupPaid like clock.
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14:49260??77217.248.195.*SAM Gold Inv.Good work!
14:48260??77217.248.195.*AFX Trading CenterGreat invest program!
14:48260??77217.248.195.*Stable Forex IncomePaid. Thanks.
14:48260??77217.248.195.*Money Lounge Corp.I got paid.
14:47260??77217.248.195.*IFX Gold BankAlways got paid
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14:37272??3912.227.146.*United Gold EmpireVery good HYIP, paid!
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14:36272??3912.227.146.*Money Lounge Corp.Good work!
14:35272??3912.227.146.*IFX Gold BankI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
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14:34272??3912.227.146.*VIP Profit ClubAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
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14:33272??3912.227.146.*Spencer Financial ClubPays.. Well managed hyip.
14:09355??38195.93.60.*SkyenergeNot paid, scam!
14:04406??60 189.175.2.* FundOilI apologize for the bad votes them if they pay and excellent it supports thank you administration
13:55260??1967.86.105.*FX Line Corp.Very Much...Paid Today!
13:55355??38195.93.60.*SavingFlyPayment received x 20, thanks admin!
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13:54260??1967.86.105.*United Gold EmpirePaid No problems!
13:54260??1967.86.105.*SAM Gold Inv.The Best Invest Program. paid!!
13:53260??1967.86.105.*AFX Trading CenterPayment received. Thanks.
13:53260??1967.86.105.*Stable Forex IncomeI've been paid in time
13:53260??1967.86.105.*Money Lounge Corp.Good support.
13:52260??1967.86.105.*IFX Gold BankMy favourite invest program
13:52260??1967.86.105.*500 Forex ClubGood! Make more!
13:52260??1967.86.105.*VIP Profit ClubFor now - no problems.
13:50260??1967.86.105.*EGold Profit ClubI am near my seventh payment.
13:50260??1967.86.105.*Spencer Financial ClubPaid. Thanks.
13:29339??7024.186.137.*FX Line Corp.paid today
13:29339??7024.186.137.*Elite gold GroupGood program.
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13:28339??7024.186.137.*SAM Gold Inv.Stiil geting paid... Goood :)
13:28339??7024.186.137.*AFX Trading CenterPaid all the time!
13:27339??7024.186.137.*Stable Forex IncomePayment received.
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13:25339??7024.186.137.*EGold Profit Clubgood HYIP !
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13:23260??6975.15.255.*FX Line Corp.Very Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
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13:22260??6975.15.255.*SAM Gold Inv.Admin thank! HYIP paid!
13:21260??6975.15.255.*AFX Trading CenterVery good HYIP!
13:21260??6975.15.255.*Stable Forex IncomeRight choice to invest
13:20260??6975.15.255.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid. Thanks.
13:20260??6975.15.255.*IFX Gold BankPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
13:19260??6975.15.255.*500 Forex ClubPaid today!Excellent!
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13:16314??7375.15.255.*FX Line Corp.Payment received.
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13:15314??7375.15.255.*United Gold EmpireGood program!
13:14314??7375.15.255.*SAM Gold Inv.Reliable investment.
13:13314??7375.15.255.*AFX Trading CenterGood program! Make more!
13:13314??7375.15.255.*Stable Forex IncomePAYING ! This is important !
13:12314??7375.15.255.*Money Lounge Corp.Good program
13:12314??7375.15.255.*IFX Gold BankGood ! One of the best !
13:12314??7375.15.255.*500 Forex ClubI've been paid in time
13:11314??7375.15.255.*VIP Profit ClubPayment received.
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13:10314??7375.15.255.*Spencer Financial ClubGood admin.
12:51314??6574.115.23.*FX Line Corp.Very good..paid!
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12:49314??6574.115.23.*AFX Trading CenterGOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
12:48314??6574.115.23.*Stable Forex IncomeReceived payment again!
12:48314??6574.115.23.*Money Lounge Corp.Good support.
12:47314??6574.115.23.*IFX Gold BankGood spon! You shoul try it !
12:46314??6574.115.23.*500 Forex ClubPaid right on time!
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12:43314??6574.115.23.*Spencer Financial ClubIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
12:36271??4024.186.137.*FX Line Corp.I got paid
12:35271??4024.186.137.*Elite gold GroupGood program.
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12:35271??4024.186.137.*SAM Gold Inv.My favourite invest program
12:34271??4024.186.137.*AFX Trading CenterGood, i got paid
12:33271??4024.186.137.*Stable Forex IncomeGood workind hyip!
12:33271??4024.186.137.*Money Lounge Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
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12:32271??4024.186.137.*VIP Profit ClubPaid on time as usual!!
12:31271??4024.186.137.*EGold Profit ClubGot my money
12:30271??4024.186.137.*Spencer Financial ClubGood, i got paid
12:27360??4568.149.33.*FX Line Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
12:27360??4568.149.33.*Elite gold GroupGot paid for several times
12:26360??4568.149.33.*United Gold Empire... INVEST.....!
12:26360??4568.149.33.*SAM Gold Inv.Good, i got paid
12:25360??4568.149.33.*AFX Trading CenterGood program!
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12:24360??4568.149.33.*500 Forex ClubExcellent program!!! GOOD!
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12:19348??9776.172.225.*FX Line paid ... I will try again ! :)
12:19348??9776.172.225.*Elite gold Grouphyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
12:19348??9776.172.225.*United Gold EmpireGreat invest program!
12:18348??9776.172.225.*SAM Gold Inv.hyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
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12:15348??9776.172.225.*EGold Profit ClubGood program.
12:15348??9776.172.225.*Spencer Financial ClubWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
12:12280??1524.211.5.*FX Line Corp.paid me without problems!
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12:10280??1524.211.5.*AFX Trading Centergreat program
12:10280??1524.211.5.*Stable Forex Incomepaid super!!
12:09280??1524.211.5.*Money Lounge Corp.Right choice to invest
12:09280??1524.211.5.*IFX Gold Bankgreat program
12:08280??1524.211.5.*500 Forex Clubhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
12:08280??1524.211.5.*VIP Profit Clubsuper paid
12:08280??1524.211.5.*EGold Profit ClubReally the best program online!
12:07280??1524.211.5.*Spencer Financial ClubPayment received.
12:05339??4667.86.105.*FX Line Corp.Serious paying program!
12:04339??4667.86.105.*Elite gold GroupGreat invest program!
12:04339??4667.86.105.*United Gold EmpireVery good ! I liked it !
12:04339??4667.86.105.*SAM Gold Inv.Good Site...Paid!
12:03339??4667.86.105.*AFX Trading CenterReliable investment.
12:03339??4667.86.105.*Stable Forex IncomeGreat invest program!
12:02339??4667.86.105.*Money Lounge Corp.program best!
12:02339??4667.86.105.*IFX Gold Bankgreat program
12:02339??4667.86.105.*500 Forex Clubamazing hyip!!!
12:01339??4667.86.105.*VIP Profit ClubNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
12:01339??4667.86.105.*EGold Profit Club..INVEST..!
12:00339??4667.86.105.*Spencer Financial ClubPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
11:57375??4470.179.116.*FX Line!pay!pay!
11:57375??4470.179.116.*Elite gold Groupgood admin response
11:57375??4470.179.116.*United Gold EmpireExcellent!!
11:56375??4470.179.116.*SAM Gold Inv.Nice program ...
11:56375??4470.179.116.*AFX Trading CenterReliable investment.
11:55375??4470.179.116.*Stable Forex IncomePaid again and again and again..!
11:55375??4470.179.116.*Money Lounge Corp.+ another payment got right to my egold acc.
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11:54375??4470.179.116.*500 Forex ClubToday got some profit ...
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11:53375??4470.179.116.*Spencer Financial Clubgood program
11:50360??6366.169.200.*FX Line Corp.Reliable investment.
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11:49360??6366.169.200.*United Gold EmpireGreat invest program!
11:49360??6366.169.200.*SAM Gold Inv.This one is in my list !
11:49360??6366.169.200.*AFX Trading CenterReally the best program online!
11:48360??6366.169.200.*Stable Forex IncomeReally the best program online!
11:48360??6366.169.200.*Money Lounge Corp.Got paid from this one !
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11:40335??4666.227.155.*FX Line Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
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11:39335??4666.227.155.*SAM Gold Inv.Good program.
11:37335??4666.227.155.*AFX Trading CenterAlready tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
11:35335??4666.227.155.*Stable Forex Incomepay!pay!pay!
11:33245??29 91.124.207.* Instant Solid Profitsmy first payment is received, Thanks! user: poor2rich
11:30335??4666.227.155.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid again and again and again..! ! !
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11:17347??7366.135.39.*InvestActivelypaying to me
11:09426??15 60.50.178.* Spider VenturesPayment received instantly.. Thanks admin from flyguy
10:54442??00 124.104.114.* Invest4EarnIt's almost 4 days now that i have a pending withdrawal.
9:21374??97 84.160.249.* Carls BankRef Comm. war sofort auf meinem Konto.Very Good
8:33317??53 124.81.147.* AsianaGoldInvest
8:06430??81 217.24.27.* SkyenergePaid. Good support. BEST HYIP for me.
5:57428??31 60.50.173.* GoldTradeLtdmaking profit..pray 4 you long life 99year
4:43368??27 217.24.27.* SkyenergeSorry, not paid.
4:11 260??41 222.3.244.* Instant Solid Profitsjust got paid instantly very good HYIP aretarace
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1:54401??1468.178.243.*Royal-BenefitPaid 2 times good ! (moneymakeclub)
0:54269??19195.174.209.*4EverCapitalgot paid 1/7 id: Nitroux