Vote Information for Tuesday 22 May 2007


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23:38443??55200.116.20.*Stable Forex IncomeNot paid, dont invest
22:55409??03200.118.76.*Hourly-CenterI've paid again. (robregonm)
22:43322??20 221.192.64.* StableFundingNot paid !Dont invest here!It'S A BIG SCAM!5-21 22:35 Total deposited $ 20,680.12 Total withdraw $ 13,451.66;5-23 6:31 Total deposited $ 51,144.32 Total withdraw $ 23,532.29 It'S A BIG SCAM
22:24424??3872.36.230.*WeMakeGoldfast support and automatically payments , i think it want to work for a long time.
22:16423??14217.20.122.*WeMakeGoldINSTANTLY PAID TO MY E-GOLD ACCOUNT.
22:08422??79206.222.8.*WeMakeGoldreally paid me , best invest
21:30323??8086.87.248.*Hourly-Centerpaid me $4.14 within minutes of request , username daiy2006
21:28355??38195.93.60.*Fultur FinancePayment received x 15, thanks admin!
20:56372??3287.238.119.*e-gold 4 YouReceived your payment
20:55372??3287.238.119.*PradinReceived your payment
20:55372??3287.238.119.*GoldTradeLtdReceived your payment
20:54372??3287.238.119.*Lex51Received your payment
20:54372??3287.238.119.*Visa InvestmentReceived your payment
20:40326??4587.248.165.*Visa Investmentpaid
20:04 317??13 208.157.186.* Online Capitalbeen paid twice with no problems. e-mailed them and got response a day later. keep up the good work admin
19:39215??8491.124.97.*Metal HyipPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:38215??8491.124.97.*e-gold 4 YouPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:37215??8491.124.97.*Visa InvestmentPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:36215??8491.124.97.*PradinPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:35215??8491.124.97.*Lex51Perfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:35426??06 86.69.196.* Hourly-CenterVery good hyip, paid me every days !!! User name Kayse
19:33215??8491.124.97.*GoldTradeLtdPerfect paying program! Invest without risk!
19:21 4405987 PROXY FutureHyip[Program Admin]> Thank you admin,Very fast withdrawal received;Received $230 within 1 hour of request.
19:20 4321610 PROXY FutureHyip[Program Admin]> got back 1540$ today;thanks adim;keep your working
19:19 4432348 PROXY FutureHyip[Program Admin]> Received $480 within 6 hours of request.
19:07150??00 195.54.5.* Power CashDoes not pay and not answer the letters from 18.05.07. CAUTION! SCAM!!! (
18:48438??2862.68.95.*Hourly-CenterBest hyip! I have invested yesterday $3.74 and today I withdrew $4. id:AnSad76
17:47355??38195.93.60.*Growth Forex Ltd.Payment received x 5, thanks admin!
17:43355??38195.93.60.*Masque EarnPayment received x 18, thanks admin!
17:40355??38195.93.60.*Great Invest GroupPayment received x 15, thanks admin!
17:37355??38195.93.60.*SavingFlyPayment received x 15, thanks admin!
17:34355??38195.93.60.*Tribal InvestPayment received x 15, thanks admin!
17:26355??38195.93.60.*GrouprichPayment received x 20, thanks admin!
17:22355??38195.93.60.*Throne MarketPayment received x 19, thanks admin!
16:33 412??49 219.93.198.* Hourly-Centernice paid....mezah07
16:27392??88 60.48.100.* AsianaGoldInvestThis is my 4th payment...honest &best hyip...thank admin
16:21306??05 90.25.19.* FutureHyipMy deposit doesn't appear in my account ! no contact with Admin !
15:56329??44193.110.113.*Metal Hyipbatch 81015611
15:55329??44193.110.113.*e-gold 4 Youi see it's good hyip!
15:54329??44193.110.113.*Visa Investmentthis is really paid
15:53329??44193.110.113.*Pradinpaid today and always!
15:52329??44193.110.113.*Lex51great job )
15:50329??44193.110.113.*GoldTradeLtdthe pay to me
15:36424??27203.174.80.*Hourly-Centerpaid hyipdownline
15:31363??6689.102.74.*Maya-FundThanks for admin. I'm very satisfied with this project.
15:08317??93212.110.133.*Is4everGot payment! Always pays without problems!
14:59444??17 91.65.252.* Hourly-Centertop program, id=thkalz
14:56 240??75 203.211.138.* Hourly-CenterPaid me $1.20 very fast, thanks admin! -#nono
14:43418??71 60.52.89.* Hourly-Centervery good. i got paid again from this site. id H2o86
14:21394??2891.121.10.*Hourly-CenterPaid $1.21 fast as usual! Thx! -#Mr.$
13:40 432??58 202.76.129.* InvestorLeaderGot paid, thank you
12:41 393??34 200.179.65.*e-gold 4 YoudonĀ“t pay me at 5 days
11:57 435??56 60.49.67.* ThriveInvestnot paying the e-gold it is scam
11:05351??91 91.124.64.* Is4everPaying on time and excellent e-mail support.
9:06436??67 203.106.121.* Oil and Gas InvestmentPENDING 4WEEK SCAM DONT INVEST
8:43436??96 202.165.10.* WealthDepinstant paying, tq admin. honest admin
8:35428??31 60.53.66.* Oil and Gas Investmentpay once never pay again..scam..if want loss money invest hare...
8:06 402??63 60.48.122.* Oil and Gas Investmentit is not paying.... i have invested 70 usd but paid only 50usd. the acc still pending for more than 3 weeks.
7:19364??7086.57.174.*Is4everPaid. Thanks to admins you're good guys!
7:04396??87217.54.241.*StableFundingstill paying me without problem, thanks admin
7:01424??99 83.191.165.* Lex51zahlt nicht habe 3mal eingezahlt und warte immer noch auf auzahlung.nichts kommt kein geld reinste abzocke
4:34443??5791.121.10.*e-gold 4 YouExcellent!
4:32443??5791.121.10.*Metal HyipExcellent!
4:22443??5791.121.10.*Visa InvestmentExcellent!
4:13325??3491.121.13.*e-gold 4 YouPaid me fast
4:12325??3491.121.13.*Metal HyipPaid me fast
4:11325??3491.121.13.*PradinPaid me fast
4:10325??3491.121.13.*GoldTradeLtdPaid me fast
4:09325??3491.121.13.*Lex51Paid me fast
4:07325??3491.121.13.*Visa InvestmentPaid me fast
4:01137??9681.169.187.*e-gold 4 Yougot my money
4:00137??9681.169.187.*Metal Hyipgot my money
3:59137??9681.169.187.*Pradingot my money
3:58137??9681.169.187.*GoldTradeLtdgot my money
3:57137??9681.169.187.*Lex51got my money
3:56137??9681.169.187.*Visa Investmentgot my money
3:48414??86195.22.112.*Visa InvestmentPaid. Thanks admin
3:47317??6985.214.73.*e-gold 4 YouPaid! Thanks admin!
3:47414??86195.22.112.*Lex51Paid. Thanks admin
3:46414??86195.22.112.*GoldTradeLtdPaid. Thanks admin
3:46317??6985.214.73.*Metal HyipPaid! Thanks admin!
3:46414??86195.22.112.*PradinPaid. Thanks admin
3:45317??6985.214.73.*PradinPaid! Thanks admin!
3:45414??86195.22.112.*Metal HyipPaid. Thanks admin
3:44414??86195.22.112.*e-gold 4 YouPaid. Thanks admin
3:44317??6985.214.73.*GoldTradeLtdPaid! Thanks admin!
3:43317??6985.214.73.*Lex51Paid! Thanks admin!
3:42317??6985.214.73.*Visa InvestmentPaid! Thanks admin!
3:41414??86195.22.112.*FlyInvestmentPaid. Thanks admin
3:40414??86195.22.112.*PrettyInvestPaid. Thanks admin
3:35443??95193.37.152.*e-gold 4 YouAlways got paid
3:34443??95193.37.152.*Metal HyipAlways got paid
3:33443??95193.37.152.*PradinAlways got paid
3:31443??95193.37.152.*GoldTradeLtdAlways got paid
3:30443??95193.37.152.*Lex51Always got paid
3:22443??95193.37.152.*Visa InvestmentAlways got paid
2:52295??48 77.45.158.* DayTradeProsPaid without problems
2:46443??95193.37.152.*PrettyInvestAlways got paid
2:34137??9681.169.187.*FlyInvestmentAlways got paid
1:48 445??59 60.212.236.* Power CashPaid.thanks admin