Vote Information for Monday 25 September 2006


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19:57342??02 60.49.16.* ToppingFundsnot pay
19:23281??0981.198.255.*Borex InvestPaying on time!
18:27225??28 83.31.0.* Energy ROIgot paid again !!! GREAT HYIP !
18:26135??42217.77.220.*HYIP 100-200Got paid. Thanks admin.
18:25135??42217.77.220.*Borex InvestGot paid. Thanks admin.
18:24135??42217.77.220.*ZiggizGot paid. Thanks admin.
18:23135??42217.77.220.*Fresh-SightGot paid. Thanks admin.
18:00330??90 68.239.52.* Stable-HourlyPaying every hour! Give it a test spend!!
17:55314??4484.19.181.*Borex InvestFast support!
17:4189??51212.110.133.*Europe Trade LtdExcellent site! Thanks admin.
16:5989??51212.110.133.*Borex InvestExcellent site! Thanks admin.
16:2289??51212.110.133.*HYIP 100-200Paying! All ok!
16:1989??51212.110.133.*ZiggizPaying! All ok!
16:14266??3083.133.125.*Stable-Hourlypaid me now fully auto
16:1289??51212.110.133.*Fresh-SightGood site, well done!
15:29 356??28 82.170.41.* Ziggizinvested two days ago, nothing is paid. DON'T INVEST!!!
15:23 357??53 211.24.186.* Zeco FundNo paying. No reply to email.
13:52287??71 69.130.188.* SapidHYIPScam
12:43230??4285.185.167.*FXHourlythis hyip is paying paid me
12:24317??56 82.207.104.* AloraHyipGrowing ang growing !!!
11:42 352??98 81.199.125.* ToppingFundsNot paying. I made withdraw 4 times. There still pending for several days.And the amounts returned back into earned Total.
11:37111??71195.239.11.*Fresh-SightExcellent program!!! GOOD!
11:34288??55 82.209.220.*
11:25328??8884.19.184.*Borex InvestPaid! Good admin!
11:08 242??13 89.169.131.* AloraHyipPaid!
10:58 335??07 217.237.60.* Hex HyipWithdrawal pending 20 Days ( is a Scam )
6:25 291??14 61.90.155.* ProInvestmentthey dont fulfill my withdrawal request
5:39270??63213.135.138.*Europe Trade LtdEurope Trade paid my again. Good program.
4:20203??86195.5.15.*Borex InvestPaing regularly