Vote Information for Thursday 17 May 2007


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21:5765??7824.117.158.*GotoInvest2 Withdrawal Requests in. One from May-16-2007 08:29:40 PM their time. No payment yet.
21:19135??4280.252.249.*Free FundzGreat investment program. Honest admin.
21:18135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdGreat investment program. Honest admin.
21:17135??4280.252.249.*Lex51Great investment program. Honest admin.
21:16135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestGreat investment program. Honest admin.
21:14135??4280.252.249.*OBC HyipGreat investment program. Honest admin.
20:33293??03195.151.204.*Aston ProsperityI make deposit every day now. Payment x 14 received today. Thank you, Admin!
20:07293??03195.151.204.*Great Invest GroupNext day, next payment. Paid today, thank you, Admin!
20:01435??95195.74.255.*Lex51I made an invest of 20 at 14/5 and still waiting to recieve!!!!!
19:20319??9262.205.194.*Lex51Paying program!
19:18319??9262.205.194.*PrettyInvestPaying program!
19:16319??9262.205.194.*OBC HyipPaying program!
18:22375??4471.237.212.*LargeSUMPaid today
18:19335??46 85.176.132.* LargeSUMVery good Hyip
18:17375??1376.172.106.*LargeSUMWorks every day.
18:15326??1075.13.19.*LargeSUMGood!! Paying me every day!
18:10260??54 88.122.248.* LargeSUMGot another paid
18:07272??5271.234.249.*LargeSUMPayment made today!
18:06280??5469.229.212.*LargeSUMGreat invest program!
18:05272??9712.214.169.*LargeSUMA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
18:04271??4271.129.233.*LargeSUMThanks for payment!
18:02270??63 83.237.236.* LargeSUMPaid, pay and continue to pay
17:27372??3287.238.119.*Lex51Great invest program
17:26372??3287.238.119.*OBC HyipGreat invest program
17:25372??3287.238.119.*GoldTradeLtdGreat invest program
16:44362??40193.151.57.*GoldTradeLtdBest program!!!
16:44362??40193.151.57.*Lex51Best program!!!
16:43362??40193.151.57.*PrettyInvestBest program!!!
16:42362??40193.151.57.*OBC HyipBest program!!!
16:30326??4587.248.165.*OBC Hyippaid
16:13260??7771.234.249.*FX Line Corp.Exsellent! Paid! super program!
16:13260??7771.234.249.*Elite gold GroupThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
16:12260??7771.234.249.*Swiss GoldGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
16:12260??7771.234.249.*United Gold EmpireGot my withdrawal
16:12260??7771.234.249.*AFX Trading Centerpaid and reinvested.
16:11260??7771.234.249.*Stable Forex IncomeNise hyip. Paid!
16:11260??7771.234.249.*Money Lounge Corp.Thanks for paid!
16:11260??7771.234.249.*IFX Gold BankExcellent program !
16:10260??7771.234.249.*500 Forex Clubalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
16:10260??7771.234.249.*VIP Profit ClubAll right. The best invest program
16:09260??7771.234.249.*EGold Profit Clubgot paid again
16:09260??7771.234.249.*Spencer Financial Clubreceived the second payment. very good and stable program.
16:05272??3976.175.128.*FX Line Corp.I got paid today. Thanks admin.
16:04272??3976.175.128.*Elite gold GroupPayment received, very good :-)
16:04272??3976.175.128.*Swiss Goldgot paid just in time, very good program.
16:03272??3976.175.128.*United Gold EmpireThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
16:03272??3976.175.128.*AFX Trading CenterGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
16:02272??3976.175.128.*Stable Forex Incomevery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
16:02272??3976.175.128.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
16:02243??9688.205.132.*GotoInvestDo not pay. They are swindlers. Be cautious
16:01272??3976.175.128.*IFX Gold BankPAID AGAIN!
16:01272??3976.175.128.*500 Forex ClubGreat invest program
16:01272??3976.175.128.*VIP Profit ClubYou are the best
16:00272??3976.175.128.*EGold Profit ClubPaid, long time in profit !
16:00272??3976.175.128.*Spencer Financial Clubstill paying!!!
15:50288??97 210.237.3.* InvestForPropaying site!!! thanks.
15:50260??1975.13.19.*FX Line Corp.Thank you Admin!!
15:49260??1975.13.19.*Elite gold GroupVery stable ...
15:49260??1975.13.19.*Swiss GoldPaying... Best wishes
15:48260??1975.13.19.*United Gold Empirepaid and rate :) thanks admin
15:48260??1975.13.19.*AFX Trading CenterVery Stable and Professional
15:47260??1975.13.19.*Stable Forex IncomeI recomend this HYIP!
15:46260??1975.13.19.*Money Lounge Corp.No problems with payouts. Thanks
15:46260??1975.13.19.*IFX Gold BankPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
15:45260??1975.13.19.*500 Forex ClubPaid every day. Nice.
15:45260??1975.13.19.*VIP Profit ClubI recomend this HYIP!
15:44260??1975.13.19.*EGold Profit ClubReceived your paiment
15:44242??26193.93.13.*East Trade Investmentpaid again
15:43260??1975.13.19.*Spencer Financial ClubGood program! Great support!
15:29339??7076.172.106.*FX Line Corp.Very trustworthy a serious investment program.....
15:29339??7076.172.106.*Elite gold Group:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
15:29339??7076.172.106.*Swiss GoldA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
15:28339??7076.172.106.*United Gold Empirethe best HYIP!nice!
15:28339??7076.172.106.*AFX Trading CenterStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
15:27339??7076.172.106.*Stable Forex IncomeWhat a great project!
15:22441??08202.189.57.*GoldTradeLtdI posted the complain on 16th May - ADMIN was very fast to help solve the login problem - ADMIN was helpful and very honest. Also paid straightaway - ADMIN seems genuine!!
15:18339??7076.172.106.*Money Lounge Corp.Excellent program! Never misses payment.
15:17339??7076.172.106.*IFX Gold BankGreat invest program
15:16339??7076.172.106.*500 Forex Clubpaid! SuperHYIP!!!
15:16339??7076.172.106.*VIP Profit ClubPaying on time and great e-mail support.
15:16339??7076.172.106.*EGold Profit ClubPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
15:15339??7076.172.106.*Spencer Financial ClubThanks for good program.
15:14 442??97 121.120.45.* Great Invest GroupPAID AS ADVERTISED! I got my money after 1 day invested in the program automatically.
15:10260??6974.115.23.*FX Line Corp.My favourite invest program
15:09260??6974.115.23.*Elite gold GroupVery-very good. I really like it !
15:09260??6974.115.23.*Swiss Goldpaid today again...
15:09260??6974.115.23.*United Gold EmpireCOOL !!!
15:08260??6974.115.23.*AFX Trading CenterPaid Good!!!
15:08260??6974.115.23.*Stable Forex Incomegot paid
15:07260??6974.115.23.*Money Lounge Corp.Yes... it paid me
15:07260??6974.115.23.*IFX Gold Bankrealy paid !!!
15:06260??6974.115.23.*500 Forex Clubvery good and fast. Thanks
15:06260??6974.115.23.*VIP Profit ClubPaid. good
15:06260??6974.115.23.*EGold Profit Clubpaid on all spends
15:05260??6974.115.23.*Spencer Financial ClubBest! best..
15:00314??7312.214.169.*FX Line Corp.Good hyip...paid!
14:59314??7312.214.169.*Elite gold Grouppaid, thanks. Good program!
14:58314??7312.214.169.*Swiss Goldpaying program
14:58314??7312.214.169.*United Gold Empirealways paid, today too
14:57314??7312.214.169.*AFX Trading CenterVery good program
14:57314??7312.214.169.*Stable Forex IncomeS U P E R : Paid and Paid
14:56314??7312.214.169.*Money Lounge Corp.My first withdrawal received!
14:56314??7312.214.169.*IFX Gold Bankgreat program, good paid!
14:55314??7312.214.169.*500 Forex Clubpaid! very good
14:55314??7312.214.169.*VIP Profit ClubThanks Admin ...Paid!
14:54314??7312.214.169.*EGold Profit ClubThis program is the best of all
14:53314??7312.214.169.*Spencer Financial ClubGoody-Good!
14:43314??6524.200.80.*FX Line Corp.My favourite invest program
14:42314??6524.200.80.*Elite gold GroupMy favorit HYIP
14:42314??6524.200.80.*Swiss GoldGood hyip...paid!
14:41314??6524.200.80.*United Gold EmpireGood Admin Response.
14:41314??6524.200.80.*AFX Trading CenterGreat Hyip!!!
14:40314??6524.200.80.*Stable Forex IncomePaying well
14:40314??6524.200.80.*Money Lounge Corp.Thank you admin
14:39314??6524.200.80.*IFX Gold BankI got my 1st interest
14:39314??6524.200.80.*500 Forex Clubbeen paid today!
14:38314??6524.200.80.*VIP Profit ClubI think it's the BEST!!!
14:38314??6524.200.80.*EGold Profit Clubvery good
14:37314??6524.200.80.*Spencer Financial ClubVery Stable and Professional
14:28 327??34 71.3.16.* Marvel HYIPThey paid on my first withdraw and since then when I ask for a withdraw they take forever and its only a small portion. They now say I have withdrew all funds but nothing in egold yet.
14:17 419??53 85.112.57.* Lex51Суки верните мои 20$, народ не ведитесь на этих пидорасов, здесь наверника писали подставные
13:49271??4069.229.212.*FX Line Corp.Paid on time as usual!!
13:48271??4069.229.212.*Elite gold GroupPaid and rated again..
13:47271??4069.229.212.*Swiss Goldpaid and rate :) thanks admin
13:46271??4069.229.212.*United Gold EmpirePaying... Best wishes
13:45271??4069.229.212.*AFX Trading CenterGood And Honest.
13:45271??4069.229.212.*Stable Forex IncomePaid....THANKS!
13:43271??4069.229.212.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid me again
13:43271??4069.229.212.*IFX Gold BankVery stable ...
13:42271??4069.229.212.*500 Forex ClubThank you Admin!!!
13:42271??4069.229.212.*VIP Profit ClubAlways paid! THANKS!!!
13:42271??4069.229.212.*EGold Profit ClubGood And Honest.
13:41271??4069.229.212.*Spencer Financial ClubGreat invest program
13:41439??03202.146.241.*Advance HyipStill waiting 4 payment ...
13:34104??3583.215.80.*Active-PaymentPaid again thank you Admin, blacky
13:31408??7161.6.214.*Open TradeNever fails as always. Thanks Admin.
12:32317??53 124.81.151.* AsianaGoldInvestGreat !!
12:11 386??91 60.48.45.* Advance Hyipstill pending after 2 day waiting..
12:00360??4566.227.155.*Oil and Gas InvestmentIt is really great program!!!
11:16425??00 70.84.208.* Acker InvestPaid me! WOW, So Quick and directly to my e-gold account! THANK YOUUU!!!!!
11:03401??46 74.52.217.* ActualBANKPERFECT! I've got my $500 dollars back!
9:36 293??36 69.235.199.* Lex51I invested last monday $100, and still have not received my money or a reason why.
7:38401??1461.178.233.*Deutsche-FinancePaid as usual .
7:05438??05125.162.120.*Hunter GoldPaid This Weeks. Thanks
5:44439??03202.146.241.*Sector Online Fundnice instant payment...i am very happy .. thanks admin
3:59417??89 84.237.188.* USA Tradepaid,thanks
3:51382??18125.3.60.*Deutsche-FinanceGood Paid Thanks
3:09288??97133.71.67.*OffshoreInvpaid instantly!!! thanks.
3:06414??86195.22.112.*OBC HyipPaid. Thanks admin
3:05414??86195.22.112.*PrettyInvestPaid. Thanks admin
3:05414??86195.22.112.*Lex51Paid. Thanks admin
3:03414??86195.22.112.*GoldTradeLtdPaid. Thanks admin
2:30317??6985.214.73.*Lex51good site, paid
2:29317??6985.214.73.*OBC Hyipgood site, paid
2:28317??6985.214.73.*PrettyInvestgood site, paid
2:27317??6985.214.73.*GoldTradeLtdgood site, paid
2:01137??9681.169.187.*Lex51Paying program
2:00137??9681.169.187.*OBC HyipPaying program
1:59137??9681.169.187.*PrettyInvestPaying program
1:58137??9681.169.187.*GoldTradeLtdPaying program
1:29443??5791.121.10.*GoldTradeLtdgood interests
1:28443??5791.121.10.*PrettyInvestgood interests
1:28443??5791.121.10.*OBC Hyipgood interests
1:27443??5791.121.10.*Lex51good interests
1:19325??3491.121.13.*Lex51Pay without problems
1:18325??3491.121.13.*OBC HyipPay without problems
1:17325??3491.121.13.*PrettyInvestPay without problems
1:16325??3491.121.13.*GoldTradeLtdPay without problems
1:05443??95193.37.152.*Lex51Excellent! Paid!
1:04443??95193.37.152.*OBC HyipExcellent! Paid!
1:02443??95193.37.152.*PrettyInvestExcellent! Paid!
1:01443??95193.37.152.*GoldTradeLtdExcellent! Paid!