Vote Information for Saturday 12 May 2007


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22:58301??22217.145.208.*InvesBestThis is totally fucking scam hyip!!!
22:37382??30196.202.47.*EarningGainReally paying !! Paid me May 12, 2007 to e-gold 3824xxx Batch id =80625279. Thanks Admin
22:20394??9838.100.133.*Aston Prosperityalways paying until today, great program. thanks!!
22:13 4432348 PROXY FutureHyip[Program Admin]> got back 1500$ today;thanks adim;keep your working
22:11 4321610 PROXY FutureHyip[Program Admin]> Very solid program. Recommend for everyone !
22:10 4405987 PROXY FutureHyip[Program Admin]> Splendid HYIP ! Just paying, paying and paying every trading day ! Recommend !
22:00428??1461.47.19.*GIGA-Tradebest , paid to me today
21:58425??53 83.238.44.* is a Hot Investment, i received my withdraw directly to my e-gold
21:53424??38195.175.37.*GIGA-Tradegood project , paying to me instantly
21:33423??14206.222.8.*GIGA-TradeHonest admin. Great program!
21:30422??7985.185.85.*GIGA-Tradepaid , cool
21:22423??14 60.173.7.* INT-ProfitGood admin Got paid from this one by deposit 500$ , 980$ , honested and rich admin .
21:15424??48206.222.8.*INT-ProfitExcellent program
21:14425??53206.222.8.*INT-Profitpaid me too , i not wrong , paying , tanks.
21:13431??68206.222.8.*INT-Profitvery very good , payments ,
21:12431??87206.222.8.*INT-Profittank you
21:12431??76206.222.8.*INT-Profitgot paid
21:11438??6872.36.230.*INT-Profitbest invest
21:08438??8872.36.230.*INT-Profitcool , paid me a large amount , tank you
20:42135??4280.252.249.*HyipChicPayment received. Its great investment program.
20:41135??4280.252.249.*Spring SpellPayment received. Its great investment program.
20:39135??4280.252.249.*Gold Star HyipPayment received. Its great investment program.
20:38135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdPayment received. Its great investment program.
20:37135??4280.252.249.*RustataPayment received. Its great investment program.
20:35135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestPayment received. Its great investment program.
20:35215??8491.124.223.*Gold Star HyipPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
20:34215??8491.124.223.*RustataPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
20:32215??8491.124.223.*GoldTradeLtdPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
20:31215??8491.124.223.*PrettyInvestPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
20:07326??4587.248.165.*Gold Star Hyippaid
19:21407??48 216.69.157.* Dividend, Ltd.Paid to my balance - requested cashout yesterday to return with more when paid. Will vote when I got paid to my egold account. Good Support
19:09 408??26 72.249.44.*Dividend, Ltd.I made successful investment and now I'm receiving stable procentage Superb! Very honest and profitable
19:03 408??44 208.101.35.*Dividend, Ltd.instantly-cash is paying!! I just got paid again!!really that programe is very good and works for along time Looks like they are still paying.
18:53 415??26 68.72.83.* Better Luckwas paying at first, but no longer paying. no responses from admin. withdrawals are processed, but they are not showing up in my e-gold account. would not recommend to anyone.
18:45314??7324.195.215.*LargeSUMAll time paid!
18:43260??6968.52.101.*LargeSUMkeep up the good work!
18:38360??4567.86.105.*LargeSUMWhat a great project!
18:35271??4076.175.128.*LargeSUMThe best program! I'm in profit!
17:59348??9724.201.37.*LargeSUMYou are the best
17:55280??15 70.249.144.* LargeSUMMy favourite invest program
17:52319??9262.205.194.*Rustatapaying program!
17:51319??9262.205.194.*PrettyInvestpaying program!
17:51339??4671.234.249.*LargeSUMPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:51319??9262.205.194.*Gold Star Hyippaying program!
17:50319??9262.205.194.*GoldTradeLtdpaying program!
17:47375??44 71.140.126.* LargeSUMAll in time. Super project!
17:46360??6368.200.49.*LargeSUMExsellent! Paid! super program!
17:38335??46 83.237.181.* LargeSUMThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
17:00 425??70 91.149.76.* Nero InvestmentDon't pay on e-gold after 1 day
16:35362??40193.151.57.*HyipChicBest program!!!
16:35362??40193.151.57.*Spring SpellBest program!!!
16:24379??49 86.34.61.* PrettyInvestpaid
16:01 442??42 66.199.184.*HK HYIPthe best - thanks !
15:53 428??52 210.213.170.* Rustata100% scam!!! coz' I invest $20 and until now they are not paying!! DONT INVEST HERE!!!
15:00375??43 125.160.98.* Wellington FXPaid 1-2/5 ! Thanks Admin !
14:45347??29 125.120.131.* Stock-XPAutopayout. Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 80615225
14:12357??18 125.162.189.* EarningGain2 weeks I can't withdrawals
13:18347??7368.178.229.*InvestActivelynice site and paying to me
12:52440??78 60.53.203.* AsianaGoldInvestNEVER MISS NO QUESTION ASK, NEVER STUCK, JUST INSTANT!!!
12:15401??1461.178.233.*Wellington FXPaid on time , good program !
11:19242??26193.93.13.*East Trade Investmentgot paid again
9:53256??3541.204.243.*Swell ProfitIT HAS NOT WORKFOR ME FOR A DAY "they 'll accumulate your earnings for just accumulating sake - the withdrawal is always PENDING till tommorrow
9:45256??3541.204.243.*Number One Hyipmoney withdrawed doesn't get to my egold account but will effect "paid" in their statistics...too bad
8:56 372??32 125.161.199.* OffshoreInvdo not invest more, your email will be delete by admin and your money will be lost, after i add my invest for 40, 50 and 943 usd the admin was delete my email and they will not to answer my email, this is a spam!!!!!
8:10326??1072.224.168.*Oil and Gas InvestmentThis program is the best of all
8:09260??5412.214.169.*Oil and Gas InvestmentI got my 1st interest
7:42387??21 60.53.58.* Vista Hyipspend $1 u'll get 1600% profits..amazing
6:35434??0761.6.229.*Swift Fundmy withdraw is still pending more than 1 week
6:31434??0761.6.229.*Vista Hyipnot paying, 1 week pending withdraw
6:02416??96195.112.239.*Junior Incomepaid
5:55270??8790.150.117.*Gold Star Hyipgood admin response
5:54270??8790.150.117.*GoldTradeLtdgood admin response
5:51270??8790.150.117.*Rustatagood admin response
5:48270??8790.150.117.*PrettyInvestgood admin response
5:47270??8790.150.117.*HyipChicgood admin response
5:45270??8790.150.117.*Spring Spellgood admin response
4:40 410??24 61.6.192.* ActualBANKpaid
3:48 431??55 60.48.255.* IntForexGroupno paying anymore
3:32408??71202.152.79.*INT FundAlaways paying. Thanks Admin.
1:48346??2458.65.237.*InvestActivelyReceive to pay for the second time
0:43423??89199.126.252.*Instantly-Cashscam.looser program.pending withdrawals support at all
0:02429??42219.93.152.*AsianaGoldInvestHave not miss payment. Congrats for launching of new plan and bonus.
23:42441??7361.91.190.*Vista Hyipmy money has no return !!!!
23:40441??7361.91.190.*Roman Hyipnot paid me !!!! i still wait .... -*-
23:39441??7361.91.190.*Attract Investnot paid me !!!!
23:38441??7361.91.190.*Quickly500Dailynot paid me !!!!