Vote Information for Sunday 6 May 2007


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23:45293??03195.151.204.*High Experience Co.Payment 10/100 received instantly as always! Thank you, Admin!
23:06373??23202.146.241.*AsianaGoldInvestGreat program! Paid instantly.
22:39 440??72 202.190.152.*Better Luckcan withdraw instantly..very fast to ur egold acc
22:00382??18125.3.60.*InvesBestnot Paid!! 3days
21:47382??18125.3.60.*ActualBANKGood Paid Thanks
21:21382??18125.3.60.*Deutsche-FinanceGood Paid Thanks
20:11293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPaid again today! Thank you,Admin! #bestHyips
19:59440??73209.190.35.*TargetEarningvery fast pay paid me 200$
19:01326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Paid again, May 6....$0.63…TY!!
18:56382??22 209.51.197.* Dividend, Ltd.Paid again. Thanks...
18:48379??7385.178.116.*WideManageMoneypayment received. Great !!!
18:27372??3287.238.119.*RustataPays without problems
18:26372??3287.238.119.*GoldTradeLtdPays without problems
18:20372??3287.238.119.*Dollar InvestmentPays without problems
18:20372??3287.238.119.*Number One HyipPays without problems
18:10260??19 84.131.196.* LargeSUMNo problems with payouts. Thanks
18:06339??70 88.245.40.* LargeSUMPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
18:03260??69 200.56.168.* LargeSUMPaid every day. Nice.
17:57314??7387.69.235.*LargeSUMI recomend this HYIP!
17:57314??7387.69.235.*Oil and Gas InvestmentReceived your paiment
17:54314??6577.193.169.*LargeSUMGood program! Great support!
17:53314??6577.193.169.*Oil and Gas Investment:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
17:50271??40213.250.23.*LargeSUMthe best HYIP!nice!
17:50271??40213.250.23.*Oil and Gas InvestmentA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
17:48360??4562.141.248.*LargeSUMStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
17:47360??4562.141.248.*Oil and Gas InvestmentWhat a great project!
17:44348??9770.247.216.*LargeSUMExcellent program! Never misses payment.
17:44348??9770.247.216.*Oil and Gas InvestmentGreat invest program
17:41280??1562.21.74.*LargeSUMPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:41280??1562.21.74.*Oil and Gas Investmentpaid! SuperHYIP!!!
17:39339??4683.237.239.*LargeSUMPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
17:38339??46 88.77.22.* Oil and Gas InvestmentThanks for good program.
17:28242??79151.37.101.*ActualBANKPaid again in few time !!! Thank you Admin.
17:27360??63 76.98.98.* Oil and Gas InvestmentMy favourite invest program
17:25335??46 89.161.31.* Oil and Gas InvestmentVery-very good. I really like it !
17:22375??1383.237.239.*Oil and Gas Investmentpaid today again...
17:19297??53151.37.101.*UltimateTargetPaid again instantly. Thank you mr. Jackson, and good work. ( goldfile )
17:13 199??59 87.196.2.* TargetEarningNo payment! my user was banned! my user it's not in deposit or withdraw lists!
16:35 4363659 PROXY INT-Profit[Program Admin]> Be aware : This BAD Vote Is from another hyip admin. it is Wrong , we are Rich and can Help you For making money , goodluck / admin of:
16:34 4363659 PROXY INT-Profit[Program Admin]> Be aware : This BAD Vote Is from anothe hyip admin. it is Wrong , we are Rich and can Help you For making money , goodluck / admin of:
16:23208??9681.7.88.*3-MegaPlansGot paid again.
16:22407??8871.244.28.*INT-Profiteveryones balance suddenly disappeared.
16:04362??40193.151.57.*GoldTradeLtdBest program!!!
16:01362??40193.151.57.*RustataBest program!!!
15:59362??40193.151.57.*PrettyInvestBest program!!!
15:40362??40193.151.57.*Dollar InvestmentBest program!!!
15:39362??40193.151.57.*Number One HyipBest program!!!
15:27 392??53 209.74.0.* Green Biz Hyipnothing yet 2 days
15:14402??7387.236.197.*ActualBANKvery good
13:19408??7161.6.214.*Spring SpellPaid Again. Thanks Admin.
9:37438??12 124.82.29.* 2000DailyOnlinewait for 3 days still not pay.... scammmmmmmerrrrr!! dun trust them.. there scammer...
9:31416??43 60.53.198.* Private-FinanceWhat the hell r u waiting for ? It's great HYIP. Very pro. No doubt. Paid Instantly. Solve my problem fast. :):):)
9:16355??38195.93.60.*SavingFlyPayment received x 3, thanks admin!
9:11355??38195.93.60.*Fultur FinancePayment received x 3, thanks admin!
9:06355??38195.93.60.*Tribal InvestPayment received x 3, thanks admin!
8:52379??7385.178.116.*Aston Prosperitypaying, thank you !
8:16428??31 60.50.172.* Oil and Gas Investmentwasalam wahai warga indonesia malaysia brunai singapore..ini penggalaman saya ada unsur penipuan dulu memang bayar tapi apabila duit anda banyak kerap duit tak masuk harus jaga
8:02319??9262.205.194.*GoldTradeLtdpaying program
8:02319??9262.205.194.*Rustatapaying program
8:00319??9262.205.194.*PrettyInvestpaying program
7:59319??9262.205.194.*Marwin Capitalpaying program
7:35423??8987.48.249.*3-MegaPlansrecieved my first payment instant, thanks admin
7:32261??1558.3.129.*UIB Investmentpaid again!
7:14261??1558.3.129.*INT Fundpaid!
7:05284??2772.36.230.*Oil and Gas Investmentpaid
7:00261??1558.3.129.*DigitalCreditBankpaid again!
6:57261??1558.3.129.*Elhyippaid again!
6:48261??1558.3.129.*Private-Financepaid again!
5:17330??78 219.95.3.* AsianaGoldInvestPaid hyip./Bayar sokmo..comel lote.
4:27 406??79 60.53.53.* UK-FundsBIG SCAMMMMM never paid to members these are the lists that i have made Type Amount Date
3:37436??2261.6.35.*Private-FinanceVery Good - paid as promised- keep going admin
2:12441??0982.205.32.*PON InvestmentGreat HYIP
2:08441??0982.205.32.*GoldTradeLtdGreat HYIP
2:08441??0982.205.32.*Prime IncomeGreat HYIP
2:05441??0982.205.32.*PrettyInvestGreat HYIP
2:02441??0982.205.32.*Marwin CapitalGreat HYIP
0:51 438??61 210.187.240.* UK-Fundsvery bad..i lost USD 500 for this msg saying they already paid me but none recieved..i check the batch number with e-gold admin they said the batch number is fake....
0:13214??7589.123.123.*Marwin Capitalpaid me today
0:12214??7589.123.123.*PrettyInvestpaid me today
0:11214??7589.123.123.*Prime Incomepaid me today
0:10214??7589.123.123.*GoldTradeLtdpaid me today
0:09214??7589.123.123.*Rustatapaid me today
0:08214??7589.123.123.*PON Investmentpaid me today
0:07214??7589.123.123.*Swell Profitpaid me today
0:03382??0089.34.52.*Swell ProfitPaid as always
0:02382??0089.34.52.*PON InvestmentReceived payment