Vote Information for Friday 4 May 2007


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23:06214??7589.123.123.*PON Investmentpaid me today
23:04214??7589.123.123.*Rustatapaid me today
23:03214??7589.123.123.*Invest Monsterpaid me today
22:59214??7589.123.123.*US Special Fundpaid me today
22:57214??7589.123.123.*GoldTradeLtdpaid me today
22:52214??7589.123.123.*PrettyInvestpaid me today
22:51214??7589.123.123.*Marwin Capitalpaid me today
22:13408??7161.6.214.*UK-FundsDear 423**89, I've received my payment saying this batch number, and guest what? very unlucky for me. SCAM!
21:42135??4280.252.249.*RustataGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:41135??4280.252.249.*Invest MonsterGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:40135??4280.252.249.*US Special FundGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:38135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:36135??4280.252.249.*Prime IncomeGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:34135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:33135??4280.252.249.*Marwin CapitalGot payment! Thanks admin!
21:23 4321610 PROXY HotInvest[Program Admin]> Always paid! THANKS!!!
20:43 399??64 195.71.90.*Cambistex23.04.07 I've invested 500$-but they don't pay me since than.they don't respond me . I think-it's scum
20:30326??4587.248.165.*Invest Monsterpaid
20:30326??4587.248.165.*US Special Fundpaid
20:28326??4587.248.165.*Prime Incomepaid
20:25326??4587.248.165.*Marwin Capitalpaid
20:23422??19 81.39.143.* ForexInvestorClubpagando!!
20:20 431??02 72.130.90.* Oil and Gas InvestmentNot paid for 9 days whats up you got me down 300 dollars
19:42296??6283.237.231.*Oil and Gas Investment:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
19:39348??1070.45.6.*Oil and Gas InvestmentWhat a great project!
19:37272??9767.165.158.*Oil and Gas InvestmentExcellent program! Never misses payment.
19:33271??4271.206.162.*Oil and Gas InvestmentPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
19:27270??6383.237.231.*Oil and Gas Investmentgot paid
19:04 440??80 60.52.3.* Happy Timespayment on time..just received my first payment
18:47319??9262.205.194.*Rustatapaying hyip!!!
18:47319??9262.205.194.*Invest Monsterpaying hyip!!!
18:46319??9262.205.194.*US Special Fundpaying hyip!!!
18:45319??9262.205.194.*GoldTradeLtdpaying hyip!!!
18:44319??9262.205.194.*Prime Incomepaying hyip!!!
18:43319??9262.205.194.*PrettyInvestpaying hyip!!!
18:41319??9262.205.194.*Marwin Capitalpaying hyip!!!
18:34372??3287.238.119.*Marwin CapitalMy favourite invest program
18:33372??3287.238.119.*Prime IncomeMy favourite invest program
18:33372??3287.238.119.*US Special FundMy favourite invest program
18:32372??3287.238.119.*Invest MonsterMy favourite invest program
18:32372??3287.238.119.*RustataMy favourite invest program
17:28326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Paid again, May 4....$0.63…TY!!
16:1375??47 75.1.5.* UltimateTargetI received my payout of $1.49 for today. Thank You Jackson.
15:45423??30 60.51.11.* Oil and Gas Investmentstill pending pending pending...why admin??????
15:40 431??57 202.146.241.*Make Money Nowbullshit, instant withdraw??? Where's my money???
15:06401??1461.178.233.*Dividend, Ltd.Got paid from the fee bonus several times , good site like OC !
14:35261??1558.3.129.*UIB Investmentpaid!
14:18261??1558.3.129.*Spring Spellpaid $5.6 in 4 minites!
14:10439??95 60.48.65.* ForexInvestorClubThank i have payment but 2 pending
13:39348??5576.109.11.*DayTradeProspaying always
13:33 403??03 217.218.251.*Oil and Gas Investmentwhy fake vote ? paid again
13:22431??24 85.114.185.* Rustatadoes not pay!!! fuck scam
12:48411??15208.110.21.*Oil and Gas Investmentbeen asking for withdrawal everyday but none received until deposit already matured and now still waiting for payments. 3 days lapsed with no news even though i sent them an email.
12:45428??15 58.69.66.* InvestForProthis is my 2nd rate, hope you'll get notice of my request
12:10434??88130.36.87.*Stock-XPPaid me instantly.Very Good Program.I will re-invest.Thanx Admin:D
12:05360??45 88.166.18.* LargeSUMVery Stable and Professional
12:04280??15 70.250.37.* LargeSUMRight choice to invest
12:03339??4674.117.56.*LargeSUMIt is really greate. Paid Me
12:03 241??79 87.109.37.* Eximal Fund
12:02375??44 82.166.136.* LargeSUMAlways paid - no problem
12:02438??12 60.50.174.* Innova Gold Investonly paid for 2 days.. invest $5 return 0.50
12:02360??63 24.186.181.* LargeSUMExcellent programm
12:01408??7161.6.214.*Spring SpellI'm Paid.
12:01335??46 83.237.228.* LargeSUM***PAID & PAID***
11:51296??62 66.235.7.* LargeSUMPaid, pay and continue to pay
11:47326??1076.22.113.*LargeSUMGood work!
11:45260??5467.165.158.*LargeSUMpaid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
11:43348??10 85.140.80.* LargeSUMGood admins
11:38338??85 200.88.193.* Daytona Group Int.5 ESTRELLAS PAGA QUE PAGA Y UN ADMINISTRADOR MUY SERIO
11:31402??62 190.30.4.* Oil and Gas Investmentthey paid me a part, th adm
11:30246??58194.145.216.*RustataThe Good fund... simply super!
11:29246??58194.145.216.*Invest MonsterThe Good fund... simply super!
11:27246??58194.145.216.*US Special FundThe Good fund... simply super!
11:26246??58194.145.216.*GoldTradeLtdThe Good fund... simply super!
11:25246??58194.145.216.*Prime IncomeThe Good fund... simply super!
11:24246??58194.145.216.*PrettyInvestThe Good fund... simply super!
11:23246??58194.145.216.*Marwin CapitalThe Good fund... simply super!
11:13284??27 209.51.197.* Oil and Gas Investment! ! ! Considerable ! ! ! Oil&Gas Investment have some fake voters analogue (124.82.72.* ),(60.53.68.* ) and ... for trust please visit this page http :// , Oil&Gas Investment until now paid me on time ($1425).
10:40 438??84 89.250.213.* Prime Incomenot paid me. My investments 100 USD.
9:33438??88206.222.8.*INT-ProfitPAID ME A LARGE MONEY
9:22431??1484.19.176.*INT-ProfitReally PAYING ,wow , tanks
9:12422??79 203.150.131.* INT-Profityou can invest in this hyip , they are very rich and they has got a big award to my friend , hotest program
9:08423??14130.36.87.*INT-ProfitHOT PEOGRAM , PAID MY PROFITS X 2 , MY FAVOURITE
9:06424??38195.175.37.*INT-Profitfast and really instant , paid instantly
9:04424??48 60.208.64.* INT-Profitexcellent program , well done.
9:02425??53210.212.95.*INT-ProfitCOOL , PAID A LARG MONEY!
9:00428??14218.7.48.*INT-ProfitBest Investment That I Has Saw Till Now , Instantly payments without delay! , tanks
8:57431??68 200.159.127.* INT-ProfitVery Good , and best support
8:53431??87201.45.178.*INT-Profitgood project , paying to me instantly
8:50431??76219.94.87.*INT-ProfitPAID , GOOD
7:41436??67124.82.72.*Oil and Gas Investmentstill pending 2week email ask not respon...
7:10428??83219.93.60.*WorldInvestmentAllianceWow,,this site paid me again.this site is realy great.keep up the great work admin.I surely will invest at your site again.This is a prove that this site is paying,Batch ID Number=80245387
5:52427??3380.191.105.*Oil and Gas Investmentwhy fake vote ? paid on time , without any problem, thank oil and gas investment
5:15295??4877.45.156.*DayTradeProsAnother payment received!
5:14 403??06 202.65.237.* Foex-BankMy username goldmonitor. I invested U$500 and they bloked my account. Beware of them because they scammer. Not paying for 3 days.
3:31408??7161.6.214.*Private-FinanceExcellent. Paid on time.
1:10428??31124.82.72.*Oil and Gas InvestmentONG pay only once $2 next payment pending and never pay again 12daypending..that vove say pay is admin them self..don invest scam
0:22293??03195.151.204.*Active-PaymentPaid instantly again! Thanks! #id1276(!)