Vote Information for Thursday 3 May 2007


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23:38440??8772.36.230.*HotInvestVery solid program. Recommend for everyone !
22:23214??7589.123.123.*Prime Incomepaid me today
21:32163??93 172.133.83.* Lucky PegasusNot paid since 3 days and not answering emails too. SCAM ?
21:18355??38195.93.60.*GrouprichPayment received x 6, thanks admin!
21:14382??30 196.218.31.* UltimateTargetkirelos, Really this is an honest work
21:14355??38195.93.60.*Tribal InvestPayment received x 1, thanks admin!
21:11355??38195.93.60.*Fultur FinancePayment received x 1, thanks admin!
21:08355??38195.93.60.*SavingFlyPayment received x 1, thanks admin!
20:52293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPayout #73/100 - received INSTANTLY. Really paying me for 73 days! id#bestHyips
20:48355??38195.93.60.*SkyenergePayment received x 1, thanks admin!
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20:04169??1669.21.141.*Private-FinancePLEASE STAY IN BUSINESS FOREVER! PAYS!! PAYS!! PAYS!!
20:01135??4280.252.249.*RustataExcellent program! Paid!
20:00135??4280.252.249.*Invest MonsterExcellent program! Paid!
19:59135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdExcellent program! Paid!
19:58135??4280.252.249.*Prime IncomeExcellent program! Paid!
19:57135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestExcellent program! Paid!
19:56135??4280.252.249.*Marwin CapitalExcellent program! Paid!
19:17114??13 80.134.68.* Foex-BankReceived payment within 7 hours!
19:01322??44 84.240.14.* TargetEarningPayment Received 80209089 8.07 USD
18:54372??59 217.231.93.* UltimateTargetAbacus, today 0.61$ instantly, not bad... ,-)
18:34423??8987.48.249.*UK-FundsDear 408**71, I just got lucky and recieved a small payment, now instant payment not working for me too. My son is on the paymentlist fr today, but he never recieed anything.
17:45281??54 59.94.138.* UltimateTargetshahab, got paid $.30 instantly, today
17:35372??3287.238.119.*Marwin CapitalI made second investment today
17:34372??3287.238.119.*Prime IncomeI made second investment today
17:33372??3287.238.119.*GoldTradeLtdI made second investment today
17:32372??3287.238.119.*Invest MonsterI made second investment today
17:32272??52 71.131.131.* LargeSUMkeep up the good work!
17:32372??3287.238.119.*RustataI made second investment today
17:30280??5424.201.37.*LargeSUMWhat a great project!
17:28272??9712.214.169.*LargeSUMPaid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
17:26271??42 76.173.234.* LargeSUMThe best program! I'm in profit!
17:24270??6376.22.113.*LargeSUMYou are the best
17:22273??82 24.192.67.* LargeSUMPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:18326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Paid again, May 3....$0.81…TY!!
17:17404??38 71.201.228.* LargeSUMgreat program, good paid!
17:15260??7768.146.44.*LargeSUMThis program is the best of all
17:10260??19 83.237.180.* LargeSUMI got my 1st interest
16:53430??9581.30.232.*Stock-XPgreat program ! on-time paying, and trustworthy. got paid again !
16:47213??42 200.108.39.* UltimateTargeteluv007 Paid and Withdrew $0.74 Instantly! U.T. is the BEST! 5/3/2007
16:11434??5162.16.120.*Make Money Nowpavelelf - see on the site - not pay, scam !!!
16:09422??8960.51.171.*UltimateTargetguailow83, got paid $2.50 instantly! My prayers with you too.
16:0775??47 75.8.101.* UltimateTargetThanks for the instant payment of $1.48 to my Eagle 1 account.
15:00265??82 209.120.245.* Invest Pro Now$550 payout received! Best HYIP
14:48401??1461.178.233.*InvestForProPaid no problem
14:47347??29 125.120.138.* Stock-XPPaid instantly. cool site.
14:41430??48 60.53.55.* Private-FinanceAvery good programme, never miss payment & pay on time to me few times ready. Thanks P-F
14:34436??4472.36.230.*INT-ProfitFast replying to mails . Very Good
14:04433??11219.93.152.*InvestForPro1st program (i.d. diana)
13:09438??12 60.50.166.* 2000DailyOnlinepls dun wait.. pay me now!!
13:04428??15 124.106.150.* InvestForProalways good
12:58200??57217.119.145.*INT FundHost problems resolved, site secured SSL, paid again, great Admin! 'Goodlooking'
12:25413??23195.245.119.*Oil and Gas InvestmentThey paying regular. I received money every 4 days. Sorry for my fake vote 25 Apr.
12:23345??35 125.234.77.* UltimateTargetngocan1753 Withdraw $2.70 and was paid instantly to my egold account.
12:11416??92 60.50.173.* AsianaGoldInvestVery Good !!!!
12:10268??4682.200.22.*UltimateTargetinfolist, $0.85 received instantly! Thanks admin
11:51406??78202.197.35.*UltimateTargetaccount huazi817, i withdraw 0.6$, i was paid instantly
11:38 376??52 212.7.170.* HotInvestI got no payments since beginning! Lost 1000 bucks of invest!
11:27319??9262.205.194.*Invest Monsterpaying program
11:26319??9262.205.194.*Rustatapaying program
11:26319??9262.205.194.*US Special Fundpaying program
11:25319??9262.205.194.*GoldTradeLtdpaying program
11:24319??9262.205.194.*PrettyInvestpaying program
11:23319??9262.205.194.*Marwin Capitalpaying program
10:55426??06 213.41.106.* e-gold-IncomePaying very fast ! Thanks !
10:30440??73209.190.35.*RemyHyipvery fast pay paid me 200$
9:49 430??39 218.208.74.* Rustatafuck scam
8:36337??35 85.94.226.* UltimateTargetsweety was paid INSTANTLY AGAIN 0.72$ Thanks
8:04177??13 66.142.149.* UltimateTargetPaid again!!! Thanks!
5:19433??17 60.48.243.* GetProfitsFundbeware real scam. same company same website. not paying.n close anytime n open back with new
4:58295??4877.45.156.*DayTradeProsExcellent work, admin! Thanks for payment!
4:52284??27209.51.197.*Oil and Gas InvestmentPaying, today 3 of May 2007. IN PROFIT. oil and gas investment paynig me since oct 2005,until now no problem. they have many fake voters, for example someone from IP, please see: d=222#vote (Admin note)
1:56428??31 60.53.68.* Oil and Gas Investmentnot pay dont invest