Vote Information for Thursday 26 April 2007


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23:33295??9086.125.75.*Happy Cadypaid
23:29295??9086.125.75.*Marwin Capitalpaid
22:56 4321610 PROXY HotInvest[Program Admin]> Always paid!!!
22:54436??3472.232.94.*HotInvestVery solid program. Recommend for everyone !
22:33213??42 200.108.43.* UltimateTargeteluv007, Paid and withdrew $1.00 Instantly. U.T. is the Best! 4/26/2007
21:38293??03195.151.204.*High Experience Co.Paid first time instantly! Go on for a long time!
21:35180??15146.115.127.*UltimateTargetif6was9: Withdrew $1 and was paid instantly to my egold account.
21:06135??4280.252.249.*Invest MonsterPaid on time. Thanks.
21:04135??4280.252.249.*Days HyipPaid on time. Thanks.
21:03135??4280.252.249.*US Special FundPaid on time. Thanks.
21:02135??4280.252.249.*Happy CadyPaid on time. Thanks.
21:01135??4280.252.249.*GerpertiPaid on time. Thanks.
21:00135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdPaid on time. Thanks.
20:59135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestPaid on time. Thanks.
20:56135??4280.252.249.*Marwin CapitalPaid on time. Thanks.
20:14293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPayout #66/100 for April 26 - received $0.3 INSTANTLY. Thank you, Admin! id#bestHyips
19:37433??4872.232.94.*Riant HYIPPAID!!... Batch 975574711
19:31435??55195.175.37.*Riant HYIPpaid again
19:17283??39194.143.137.*Invest Monsterpay!pay!pay!
19:17283??39194.143.137.*Days Hyippay!pay!pay!
19:15283??39194.143.137.*US Special Fundpay!pay!pay!
19:15283??39194.143.137.*Happy Cadypay!pay!pay!
19:10283??39194.143.137.*Marwin Capitalpay!pay!pay!
18:08372??3281.176.68.*Happy CadyReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
18:08372??3281.176.68.*US Special FundReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
18:07372??3281.176.68.*Days HyipReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
18:06372??3281.176.68.*Invest MonsterReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
17:54417??8981.198.30.*Gerpertibig scam!
17:03347??29125.120.135.*IntForexGroupPaying. good site.
16:07326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Paid again at UT, April 26....$0.63…TY!!
16:0684??95 89.242.156.* Private-FinanceVery Good - paid as promised- keep going admin
15:59382??18125.3.60.*Deutsche-FinancePaid!! thanks admin
14:51375??43125.160.98.*MotafundPaid 4/50! Thanks admin! Batch 79658669
14:44375??43125.160.98.*InvesBestOne of the Best! Spend # 4 paid 25/30! Thanks admin!
14:32375??43125.160.98.*Innova Gold InvestPaid 5/200 & rated ! Thanks admin !
14:15382??18125.3.60.*ForexInvestorClubPaid!! Paid!! thanks
14:04375??84195.202.172.*UK-Fundspaid only small amounts, i lost US$100---big scam
14:01 423??94 91.124.190.* UltimateTargetSadivnuk, $1.50 received instantly! Thanks admin
13:56281??54 59.94.147.* UltimateTargetshahab - paid $3.6 instantly, Long Live UT
13:37375??84195.202.172.*TradingFundtop program, i am in since 4 months, excellent support
13:04 389??69 220.188.44.* UltimateTargetbest, i have received the 0.3,thank you
12:56295??4877.45.155.*DayTradeProsI received another payment. Thanks!
12:53270??8789.20.120.*Days HyipPaid. Thanks Admin
12:51270??8789.20.120.*US Special FundPaid. Thanks Admin
12:49270??8789.20.120.*Happy CadyPaid. Thanks Admin
12:47270??8789.20.120.*GerpertiPaid. Thanks Admin
12:45270??8789.20.120.*PrettyInvestPaid. Thanks Admin
12:43270??8789.20.120.*GoldTradeLtdPaid. Thanks Admin
12:40270??8789.20.120.*Marwin CapitalPaid. Thanks Admin
12:37347??29125.120.135.*UltimateTargetwindos8, $1.8, I have received payment from www.ultimatetarget.NET to my E-Gold account. 26 Apr 2007
12:12430??61217.23.83.*Private-FinanceReal paid!!!
11:40335??41 84.179.82.* Invest MonsterUnfortunately, still no money back
11:34352??25124.81.124.*Go Investor SuccessPayment received...thanks!
11:26352??25124.81.124.*Innova Gold Investpayment received,thank you admin!
10:32 4314768 PROXY Forex Honest Group[Program Admin]> I'm admin of and we are started for paying since 23 april please join us and try our program, i hope we see you in our member list and our forum... good luck
10:14428??7680.191.105.*Oil and Gas InvestmentWow..i just got paid again $223 .Today 26 of Apr .Very Good Job.Thx Honest Admin
9:57422??89 60.50.140.* UltimateTargetguailow83, got paid $1.60 instantly! Thanks Admin ^^
9:51246??58194.145.216.*Invest MonsterThe Good fund... simply super!
9:50246??58194.145.216.*Days HyipThe Good fund... simply super!
9:49436??32 59.94.148.* UltimateTargetmohan $.30 paid instantly again, HURRAY!!
9:49246??58194.145.216.*US Special FundThe Good fund... simply super!
9:47246??58194.145.216.*Happy CadyThe Good fund... simply super!
9:45246??58194.145.216.*GerpertiThe Good fund... simply super!
9:44246??58194.145.216.*GoldTradeLtdThe Good fund... simply super!
9:43246??58194.145.216.*PrettyInvestThe Good fund... simply super!
9:29261??96213.128.220.*ActualBANKGot payment again! Thanks admin!
8:13317??6985.17.2.*Invest MonsterPay without problems
8:12317??6985.17.2.*Days HyipPay without problems
8:11317??6985.17.2.*US Special FundPay without problems
8:09317??6985.17.2.*Happy CadyPay without problems
8:08317??6985.17.2.*GerpertiPay without problems
8:06317??6985.17.2.*GoldTradeLtdPay without problems
8:05317??6985.17.2.*PrettyInvestPay without problems
8:03317??6985.17.2.*Marwin CapitalPay without problems
7:54395??6862.112.223.*DreamHyipInt#pozsi - Not paid since 23/04
7:46415??62 66.152.177.* Oil and Gas InvestmentExcellent program! Never misses payment.
6:49268??4682.200.22.*UltimateTargetinfolist, $0.60 received instantly! Thanks admin
6:30382??85 91.124.220.* EU-FundPaid me today again!
3:57422??15 124.130.180.* Motafundthanks,paid,support!
3:52 423??79 219.95.158.* High FundsIts good site ? hmm i dont think so, coz my Withdrawal still panding even its only $1.00, if they pay me i will say very good
2:33299??2368.178.229.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.60$, paid instantly...New address of ultimatetarget is www.ultimatetarget.Net
1:41330??78 219.95.7.* AsianaGoldInvestRecieved payment again, probably the best programme now!
0:29 273??24 61.6.210.* Wealthy Investit has not paid me at all. Dishonest people!