Vote Information for Tuesday 24 April 2007


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22:51 4321610 PROXY HotInvest[Program Admin]> Best program around!
22:51436??3472.232.94.*HotInvestgot back 140$ again;reinvest again
22:02242??26193.93.13.*Nams-Investgot paid here again..thanks
21:55180??15146.115.127.*UltimateTargetMade a withdrawal today and was paid instantly to my egold account.
21:42 417??75 124.82.107.* ForexInvestorClubgood job!! i got paid
21:15401??2724.81.37.*InvesBestcan't get any better/#1 Hyip I think/Top 100 - why don't you rank it 4 or 5 star? and why not shown in your top25 list?
21:04135??4280.252.249.*Invest MonsterPaid on time. Thanks.
21:03135??4280.252.249.*Happy CadyPaid on time. Thanks.
21:01135??4280.252.249.*GerpertiPaid on time. Thanks.
21:01135??4280.252.249.*Gamma InvestPaid on time. Thanks.
21:00135??4280.252.249.*GoldTradeLtdPaid on time. Thanks.
20:59135??4280.252.249.*Light LifePaid on time. Thanks.
20:58135??4280.252.249.*Origin InvestPaid on time. Thanks.
20:56135??4280.252.249.*PrettyInvestPaid on time. Thanks.
20:55135??4280.252.249.*Marwin CapitalPaid on time. Thanks.
20:54135??4280.252.249.*FlyInvestmentPaid on time. Thanks.
20:40401??2724.81.37.*GerpertiI have not received my payment/e-mailed them/wait for answer/for now I rate them neutral
20:33 303??31 64.203.202.* Private-FinanceSUPER PUPER MEGA GIGA TERA HYIP ! I REINVEST
20:32283??39194.143.136.*Gamma Investpay!pay!pay!
20:31413??1785.25.148.*FXgrowTwo days ago has translated(transferred) them of money, and from them not translation(transfer) on e-gold.
20:30283??39194.143.136.*Light Lifepay!pay!pay!
20:30283??39194.143.136.*Origin Investpay!pay!pay!
20:29283??39194.143.136.*Marwin Capitalpay!pay!pay!
20:27283??39194.143.136.*Invest Monsterpay!pay!pay!
20:18419??9624.2.159.*Gamma Investpaid again on time. great job!
20:09293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPaid instantly as always. Thank you, Admin! id#bestHyips
20:05339??2466.90.118.*AliativaPaid! thanks Admin!
20:01339??2466.90.118.*US Special FundPaid! Many thanks Admin!
19:12382??85 91.124.103.* EU-FundGood hyip!!!
18:45 433??15 24.46.242.* USADayTradeInvested on 4/21/07, have not recieved direct daily payments as of 4/24/07 & no reply to my email requests for info.
18:10333??62203.92.154.*UK-FundsPaid instantly . Good site. Reinvest.
17:46372??3281.176.68.*Happy CadyPaid on time as usual!!
17:45372??3281.176.68.*Invest MonsterPaid on time as usual!!
17:43372??3281.176.68.*FlyInvestmentPaid on time as usual!!
17:12433??11219.93.152.*InvestForProsuper program
17:10 409??48 213.179.251.* HOP Investmentno pay for my first withdrawal 3 day already!!!!!
17:05355??38195.93.60.*Masque EarnPayment received x 3, thanks admin!
16:38326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…I was paid, April 24....$3.07…TY!!
14:29 356??78 85.182.5.* Gamma InvestSTOP TO INVEST NOT PAYING ONLY SCAM SIDE
14:25 430??26 202.133.97.* Egold MoneyScam...did not get paid !!! All accounts reset to ZERO! !!!
14:06 429??76 202.188.155.* UK-Fundspay
13:50 36??64 213.47.251.* Cubex Financeno payout for me so far
13:45435??8761.6.214.*InvestForProreally good earnings!!!
13:34421??30 124.82.9.* EarningGainrequest my 2nd payment..and receive less then minute..very good admin..tq
13:27412??6560.53.90.*Hourly-Centera got paid-aminkj
13:19 425??32 60.53.90.*AFX Trading Centerdid not pay-nnadia..all deposit usd20 gone
12:34164??16 121.32.45.* UltimateTargetGot paid instantly again
12:08 436??22 60.48.116.* Hourly-Center
12:06347??29125.120.135.*UltimateTargetwindos8, $3.44, I have received payment from www.ultimatetarget.NET to my E-Gold account. 24 Apr 2007
11:54246??58194.145.216.*Happy CadyPays constantly... I like!
11:50246??58194.145.216.*GerpertiPays constantly... I like!
11:46246??58194.145.216.*Gamma InvestPays constantly... I like!
11:26246??58194.145.216.*GoldTradeLtdPays constantly... I like!
11:25246??58194.145.216.*Light LifePays constantly... I like!
11:23246??58194.145.216.*BeboloPays constantly... I like!
11:21246??58194.145.216.*Origin InvestPays constantly... I like!
11:20431??50 60.50.232.* Gerpertie-gold no. 4316950 paid $25 on 22.04.2004 with batch no. 79675068 but still i dnt received my payment plz pay me!!!
11:19246??58194.145.216.*PrettyInvestPays constantly... I like!
10:10347??29125.120.135.*IntForexGroupGot paid. thank admin.
10:02347??29125.120.135.*Western-ProfitGot paid. thank admin.
10:02436??32 59.94.144.* UltimateTargetmohan2007 - Paid $.30 Instantly, Thanks Admin
9:55325??2262.178.208.*WideManageMoneyAlways these pay on time for small and big investments. I wish you a long long live. Thank you!
9:53428??15 124.106.150.* InvestForProyou're the best of them all...
9:48382??30 196.218.31.* UltimateTargetKirelos, I have Joined recently. I feel like this program because it looks promissing.
9:48144??8987.247.69.*E-RingGot paid! Very good project! Thanks!
9:03375??43 125.160.97.* Innova Gold InvestPaid 3/200 & rated ! Thanks admin !
8:49422??8960.51.171.*UltimateTargetguailow83, got paid $5.80 instantly as usual! 10q 10q Mr.JacKsoN ^^
7:27363??58 222.132.142.* MotafundMotafund----thanks!paid!paying!good site
7:22177??1366.142.151.*UltimateTargetPaid again; Re-Invested!!!
6:51268??4682.200.22.*UltimateTargetinfolist, $3.90 received instantly! Thanks admin
6:20428??83219.93.60.*WorldInvestmentAlliancePaid Me,Nice HYIP!.
5:11270??8789.20.126.*GerpertiPaying... Best wishes
5:10270??8789.20.126.*Gamma InvestPaying... Best wishes
5:10270??8789.20.126.*GoldTradeLtdPaying... Best wishes
5:09270??8789.20.126.*Happy CadyPaying... Best wishes
5:08270??8789.20.126.*Origin InvestPaying... Best wishes
5:08270??8789.20.126.*BeboloPaying... Best wishes
5:07270??8789.20.126.*Light LifePaying... Best wishes
5:06270??8789.20.126.*PrettyInvestPaying... Best wishes
4:30 418??14 125.163.74.* Daytona Group Int.Paid automatic everydays ... good payment system ... thx admin ...
3:51309??80 218.59.81.* Hourly-CenterI have got paid,very good!
3:46339??52202.59.196.*Profit on CapitalPAID & RATED!......THANK!!
3:41 430??64 59.92.60.* Gerpertipaid $20 on 21.04.2004 with batch no 79612842 but still i dnt received my payment plz pay me
3:25339??52202.59.196.*Innova Gold InvestGood paid & reinvest thank
1:22261??1558.3.129.*UK-Fundspaid instantly!
1:20276??22 220.176.68.* UltimateTargetwzgdy66 withdraw 2.46$ very good paying, thank jackson
0:52 428??40 203.92.154.*InvestForPro
0:33401??1461.178.233.*N1-HyipGot 2 times paid !
0:22330??78 219.95.6.* AsianaGoldInvestAs usual, got paid instantly....thanks admin.
0:10248??20218.57.140.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.80$, paid instantly...New address of ultimatetarget is www.ultimatetarget.Net